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How to Factory Reset Android

    If your Android smartphone is having issues, and you cannot figure out what’s wrong, you might need to reset your phone factory. There are a variety of motives to reset your phone’s factory settings, such as when you’re looking to trade it in or sell the phone in exchange for a new upgrade.

    Resetting the phone restores it to its default settings and erases user-related data like photos, videos, call records, and browser cache information.

    It’s a relief to learn the factory reset won’t cause harm to your device. The magic happens when you hit Reset or erase. A factory reset may fix the issue if your device is too inefficient or frozen. You shouldn’t also want to transfer or sell your device to someone else without taking away any personal information.

    This article explains the different factory reset techniques and how to proceed. Also, Phonecheck’s sophisticated data eraser software.

    Important things to remember when factory setting your Android

    Factory reset erases all the information on your phone, including messages, contacts, settings, and other files. Setting up a new phone (or a similar one) could be a lengthy process that can take a long time. Before taking any action in the direction of wiping out your phone’s memory, It’s worth ensuring you’ve tried all options that may be less appealing.

    In this case, for instance, the device might be acting strangely due to its clogged memory. Removing a couple of applications or even restarting the phone doesn’t guarantee that it will feel fresh, but it will help solve the problem.

    If you’re also a user of Apple products, save our article on resetting factory settings on your iOS device.

    Make backups of your files before the factory reset.

    Before starting the process, it’s crucial to back up the data you’ve saved and ensure that any information you’d like to save doesn’t get erased when setting up your device. There are many options to back up your data that should be considered.

    Photos: You’ve probably taken a ton of photographs on your smartphone, and you don’t like to be able to lose your photos. Connecting your phone to your laptop or computer to back up your photos in this manner is possible. However, you could also make use of different cloud storage options in addition. If you don’t have them, you should look into Google Photos or Amazon Photos for cloud backups since it is possible to store lots of your images on the cloud for free in this manner and then access them at any time.

    Files: When you need to back up photos and other files you wish to back up, you could also use Google Drive. For just a few dollars cash, you can access several different storage options and back up your data using Google One for safekeeping.

    Apps: With the latest version of Android, there’s no need for backup applications. Once you sign in to your account, you’ll be asked to download any last-used apps. Android will prompt you to download these apps when transitioning to a brand-new Android phone. If the process does not work, visit your settings on Google Play and select the applications to download. It is necessary to log in once more.

    Factory reset Android through the Settings.

    If you’ve decided to do a factory reset of Android, the easiest method to accomplish this is via the Settings application.

    How can you reset factory settings on an Android phone by using the following settings:

    Ensure the device is powered into the power outlet or has sufficient battery to power the process of Reset.

    Launch the Settings application.

    Select System.

    Click on Reset to open options.

    Click Erase All Data (factory reset).

    Select Erase the entire data.

    Enter your PIN if prompted.

    Choose to erase all your data, then allow the phone to perform its job.

    How do you factory reset an Android phone from a Computer?

    It is common knowledge that a Factory reset for an Android phone is done through settings within Android. This is one of the most efficient and direct ways to resolve Android phones that freeze.

    Some people wonder if there is a method to reset factory settings on the settings of an Android phone via a computer. There are options to reset the Android phone back to its initial configurations using a computer.

    Factory reset refers to all files stored on the Android phone, such as photos, videos, download apps, and other data. It will be deleted. So, it is essential to ensure that you are backed up on your Android phone before doing so to prevent data loss.

    Reset Android Using Android Device Manager

    Android Device Manager is a useful tool to quickly locate, remote lock, and erase the data stored within your Android device. It’s a highly efficient way to wipe out data on your phone when the Android device is lost or stolen. Follow the following instructions to reset the factory settings of your Android phone.

    Your Computer:

    Visit Go to

    Log in to your Google account and select the device you want to reset the factory settings on. The device will show the Ring and Enable Lock & Erase options, after which you can.

    Click Ring makes your Android phone ring for five minutes, even when you’ve turned off the Android phone in vibrate or silent mode.

    Choose Completely Wipe the Data to restore your Android phone to its original settings.

    How can I deactivate Factory Reset Protection?

    Google has added the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) to Android with 5.1 Lollipop, which prevents anyone from accessing your phone in the event of theft. FRP is different on the latest Android versions. Regardless of the year of your phone, It’s a good idea to ensure that FRP is turned off since it is impossible to disable FRP at a remote location after selling an item. If FRP hasn’t been properly disabled and the phone is prompted to enter the passcode of your Google credentials to log in when started. That’s why resetting your factory settings to trade in your phone is necessary.

    If you’re one of the people who will use this device following the Reset, it is possible to bypass this step.

    Open Settings.

    Scroll to the bottom and then start Passwords and Accounts.

    android settings app

    Connect to the link to sign in with your Google account.

    Tap Remove account.

    Then, on the screen that follows, Click Remove the account.

    When the pop-up is gone, you should tap OK.

    Scan your fingerprint when it is asked.

    After removing your Google account, You’ll have to remove your lock from your screen.

    Open Settings.

    Scroll to the bottom, then click Security.

    Screen for the app’s pixel settings

    Scroll to the bottom and tap the screen lock. Be sure to tap on those words, not the cog in front of them.

    Tap None.

    The phone asks if you’re sure that you’d like to remove your lock screen. Tap Delete.

    Factory Reset

    Your data is now secure in the cloud, and you’ve confirmed that your Google account is gone. Then, you can proceed with the rest of your computer’s factory settings.

    Click on Settings, then ‘System Reset -> Factory reset data’. The procedure could differ slightly depending on the phone’s maker and the Android version.

    The screen will show a warning explaining the data that will be deleted. You must confirm that you wish to proceed using the factory reset.

    Click on Reset Phone to the left of the screen. You may need to input your phone’s password or PIN.

    Lastly, confirm your selection with “Erase Everything”. Your phone will start the process of factory setting. The process could take up to a couple of hours, so take your time and ensure you do not shut off your mobile during this procedure.

    After the procedure, your phone will turn on and display the same setup screen as when you bought the device. Now, you can set it up to work as new or sell it to someone else with no worries about the data you stored.


    Switch off your mobile.

    Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until you see an Android logo.

    Use the volume buttons to select to select the Recovery Mode menu option, after which hit the Power button to choose it.

    Press the Volume button to select the Wipe data/Factory reset option. Press the Power button in order to select the option.

    Utilize the buttons Volume and Power to pick and select Factory reset of data.

    The phone will show a message stating it’s time to wipe your data. Choose Reboot System now to start resetting your phone.

    How to Factory-Reset Your iPhone

    It’s recommended to remove the Apple Watch if you have it. This can be done in the Watch application on your iPhone through your My Watch section. Select All Watches, then click the Info button next to the watch you’d like to de-pair. Then tap Unpair Apple Watch.

    To ensure that you don’t miss messages, if you’re planning to move between iPhone to Android, go to Settings > Messages. Then, turn off iMessage. Once you have done that, take the SIM card out of the iPhone.

    It was our usual practice to turn off Find My iPhone and log out of your Apple ID. However, Apple has included this as an integral part of their Reset of the factory, and users with iOS 15 and later can avoid this second step.

    If you’re using iOS 14 or earlier, navigate to Settings and click on your name. Then, click Find My and turn off Find My iPhone. Click Apple ID at the top left corner, then go until you reach the bottom, where you can sign out. It is required to input your password before you can sign out again.

    It’s time to clean your iPhone. Navigate to Settings > General, then scroll down until it says Reset or Transfer iPhone. Tap Erase All Content and Settings. Then, you’ll have to confirm the process, which might require a couple of minutes to finish.

    What can you expect from a factory reset?

    “When you reset your factory settings on the phone Android phone, it will erase everything on the device and provide it with the chance to start over, as you bought it its first time.” Cyr explains. Data should be completely erased with all applications, including photos and messages, as well as files and video files.

    However, as Shotwell says, a factory reset does not necessarily erase all data. “It retains the information for the Google account which was signed into the phone prior to the reset,” he explains. “If you fail to log out from the Google account, it’ll need you to log in once the reset has been completed in order in order to complete setting up the phone’s backup.” This is why logging out of your account is crucial before performing the Reset and taking away the device.

    After completing your Reset, You’re now ready to put down the old device and start using your new device! Get started by enjoying the things Android does that iPhones can’t do.

    Does an Android factory reset erase the most recent software updates?

    While it’s true that it’ll delete data and apps, the phone will be reverted to the current version of Android and the app you’ve installed once it’s reset.

    What amount of battery power do you need to reset factory settings on Android phones?

    Most manufacturers recommend that users have, at minimum, a 70% credit before undertaking a factory reset.

    Are you able to recover your data following an unintentional factory reset?

    Suppose you have backed the data using a restore program in the device. If not, all applications and data are erased from the tablet or phone.

    Do you feel locked out of your device after doing the factory reset?

    It depends on the maker and the method by which the phone was set up. However, many phones require permission before you can return to using the phone.

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