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How to Disable Download Option on YouTube Video

    Then, we discovered that the Smart Downloads opportunity was the cause, and it’s activated as a default. The possibility is that it will also eat up your storage space. Therefore, we’ll show you the method to disable Smart Downloads from YouTube and YouTube Music.

    They downloaded their videos from a few users together websites and tools and then distributed them to other users. Since it was a well-known course, it was highly sought-after and kept being shared and downloaded by users. The result was a continual sequence of sharing videos because one person shared it with others and on. It affected their future views, and they signed up for specific courses. In the end, it was to the point that the interest in the course’s website was reduced.

    It’s not the first time we’ve seen the application’s well-known auto-downloading behavior. Apple’s podcast application was also guilty. In this post, we’ve provided a method to remove Smart Downloads from both YouTube and YouTube music. It will clear some areas on either the Android or iPhone when you’ve completed this. Let’s begin.

    What Is YouTube’s Smart Downloads Feature?

    When you would like to stream videos offline on YouTube, you need to download the videos by hand. Although this allows you to choose what is downloaded, it could take a long time, and sometimes, you’ll be left out of great suggestions. That’s why the feature Smart Downloads from YouTube Premium can help.

    YouTube’s Smart Downloads feature automatically downloads videos that can be viewed offline, depending on your preference. It examines your watching history, subscribed channels, and saved ones to anticipate what material you’ll like. This ensures you’ll always have something interesting to look forward to, even when you’re off.

    The most important thing to remember is that you need to connect to Wi-Fi at least once every 30 days to upgrade your downloads; otherwise, they’ll all be erased.

    How to Enable/Disable Smart Downloads on YouTube

    The Smart Downloads feature is only available for Android, iOS, and iPadOS. It isn’t accessible on the Internet yet, which applies to YouTube and YouTube Music.

    1. To begin, launch first the YouTube application on your smartphone. Next, click on the profile icon in the upper-right corner.

    2. Select from the Settings choice in the menu to launch YouTube Settings.

    3. Within the settings, choose the Background and Downloads feature.

    4. You should now see that you can select the Smart downloading feature. Toggle it, and you will be able to use the Smart downloads function. If you want to disable it, you have to disable it.

    5. If you’re not looking to utilize the data on your smartphone, turn off the option to download via Wi-Fi exclusively. The same setting can be used to download manually. By enabling this setting,’ll be unable to download video files even if they are being downloaded manually.

    6. There is also the quality of download; choose the resolution of your video. Because videos are downloaded into the background in a way that is automatic ,you don’t get a prompt, even if you click Ask repeatedly. Furthermore, this feature will assign the default quality of the videos that you intend to download by hand. The setting is also able to override the settings for data savings on YouTube.

    When enabled, YouTube will download around ten videos through intelligent downloads. The video files it downloads are typically between 8 and 40 minutes in length.

    How to Turn Off Smart Downloads in the YouTube Music App

    Start YouTube Music on your smart device. YouTube Music app on your smartphone.

    Select your profile image at the top left.

    Tap on ‘Downloads.’

    Click on the gear icon that says ‘Settings at the top of the page.

    Toggle off ‘Smart Downloads.’

    YouTube Music also offers the option of downloading up to 200 previously played tracks. You can turn off or enable the feature by clicking on the smart downloads. You can also adjust the amount of storage YouTube Music is allowed to download songs from this page for settings. Selecting ‘audio only’ can stop the app from downloading the accompanying music video, thereby saving space when there is no intention to stream the video.

    Willving downloads will t my channel’s viewership or engagement?

    Deleting downloads will not significantly influence your channel’s popularity or viewership since most viewers consume material via streaming online.

    Can I change the download settings for YouTube Studio?

    There is no need to change the download settings for YouTube, which cannot be altered by using the YouTube application or the website settings.

    How do you create an audio description to be used on YouTube?

    When writing audio descriptions to accompany YouTube videos, it is essential to remember what viewers must be able to hear to comprehend the details. Talking in the past tense and explaining what happens in the video is recommended. Additionally, you should use simple sentence structure and language to aid in better understanding. Additionally, you can add a couple of pauses to keep the reader’s attention.

    What are the reasons audio description captions are employed to describe audio descriptions in YouTube videos?

    Audio descriptions help ensure material’s accessibility and comprehension to visually impaired or blind people. Content creators can add audio descriptions that describe the actions that occur in the video so that blind users can enjoy the material without constraints.

    Can you determine who downloaded my videos before I turned off the feature?

    YouTube doesn’t allow you to track downloads by individual. However, you can examine your account’s statistics for significant shifts or differences regarding engagement and views.


    At present, YouTube has 3 billion active monthly users. Google says that YouTube users are watching more than 180 million hours of shows on television screens every month. Google also provides exclusive programming to various countries, including India.

    Recently, the streaming platform has announced several improvements to its application. Creators can now include hashtags within the description and titles of their videos. The dark mode’ is to ease the pressure on your eyes. Google is also working on an updated Explore tab that will be in the Trending section of the website.

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