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How to delete downloads on mac?

    All the files and apps downloaded onto your Mac are saved to the Downloads folder unless you specify a different location or, in some instances, it isn’t an option.

    Even if you use them and store the edited versions in a separate folder, they may leave a copy in the Downloads folder, which can eat up space and slow down the performance.

    If you’ve not cleaned the Download folder for an extended period, you will pile many useless downloads on your Mac. It’s been a while since you downloaded and installed an application from Safari, and the installation program (the .dmg files) is no longer required. But the .dmg file will be saved to your Mac and will occupy valuable storage space.

    Where do I locate your Downloads folder on Mac?

    The Downloads folder will typically be visible in the sidebar of the Finder. If you’ve removed it from there due to a reason or simply by accident, Here’s how to locate it:

    Open Finder.
    In the menu for Finder, click Go and then select Downloads. You can also use an Alt+Command+L shortcut. delete downloading from Mac
    You can also download the Downloads folder from this directory of your hard drive:

    Macintosh HD – Users – Current User – Downloads

    How do you clear downloads from Google Chrome and Safari on Mac?

    As a default, any files downloaded to your Mac from the internet will be placed in the Downloads folder. It’s located in the upper right corner of your Dock near the trash bin or the sidebar of Finder, located under Applications and Desktop. If you’ve previously changed the location in which your downloads are saved, and then you aren’t sure where they’re located, you should open the preferences menu of your browser to locate them.

    Google Chrome Downloads

    To alter the location of downloads to a different location from the Google Chrome browser, you have to change the settings.

    • Open Google Chrome.
      Go to the Chrome Preferences. To do this, click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Or navigate to the menu bar and then select Chrome Preferences.
      In the newly-appearing tab, go to the Advanced section on the sidebar and choose Downloads.
      In the section Downloads, you’ll be able to configure the location of files downloaded via the browser. You can also create an option asking where to save downloads every when you download a document.
    • Open the Google Chrome browser.
      Click on the Chrome menu, then click on Window.
      Select Downloads.
      It will then open in a new tab where you can view the listing of all downloads. Click on Show in Finder to open the downloaded file. The files you’ve removed from your drive are identified by an arrow that indicates a strikethrough.

    Clear Safari Downloads on Mac:

    • Open Safari on the Mac.
    • Select the gear symbol in the middle of the bar for searching.
    • In the drop-down menu, select “Downloads.”
    • Click the “Clear” button on the left side of the screen to clear all downloads.

    How to Delete Downloads on Mac

    The easiest method of clearing downloading on Mac is to use Finder. Although there are various ways to clear downloads from Mac, these steps are the easiest. Join the Tip of the Day newsletter for more information on using your Mac or other Apple devices.

    Start the Finder application

    • Open Finder
      Click on Downloads from the menu on the left. This will display the downloads list.
    • Click on Downloads
      Select the file you’d like to erase. If you’d like to delete all files within The Downloads directory, use key shortcut commands + A to choose all the files in the folder at one time.
    • Select files to delete
      Right-click on a file you want to delete and select Move to Trash.
    • Move to Trash
      You can also select and drag the documents to the trash container on the Dock.


    You now know where to locate the Downloads folder and how to change the location used for downloads of different applications. Because many files in the Downloads folder may be unnecessary, we recommend you periodically clean the folder. This can be done by hand or with MacCleaner Pro to save patients and your nerves.

    Are you aware of clearing downloads on Mac today? If you find this tutorial useful, don’t hesitate to share this guide with your friends and your family! If you’re still having difficulties deleting downloaded files on your Mac, Please post a comment to inform us of your issues.

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