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How To Connect Iphone To Tcl Android Tv?

    You can also share screen sharing on your iPhone screen directly to your television. This is the most recent highlight of the world of iPhone users and is an amazing feature. Fortunately, several apps and features built into the iPhone let you do this.

    In this post this article, you’ll be shown how you can replicate your iOS screen onto your TCL Smart TV. We’ll discuss simultaneously the different apps and phone features that you can utilize, along with the step-by-step procedures to go over each of them.

    How can you mirror your iPhone on the TV on my Android TV?

    There are several options to mirror the screen of your iPhone onto the Android TV. One option can be to utilize an application such as AirPlay as well as Google Cast. Another option is to use an adapter cable such as that of the Lightning Digital AV Adapter or the HDMI adapter.

    How Can I Mirror My iPhone to My Tcl TV?

    You are now able to access the iPhone’s Control Center.
    Make sure to tap Screen Mirroring after you’re done.
    Then, you’ll need to choose the Roku device.
    Your iPhone has to be connected to your TV to use the.
    Now you can mirror your iPhone onto the Roku device by pressing OK.

    How do I control the TCL Smart TV using the TCL App?

    After you’ve confirmed your version on your iPhone that you’re using can be used with the TCL app The following step will be to locate the application in the Apple Store. To download the TCL application via the Apple Store do the following steps:

    • Find the TCL application. To access the application in the Apple Store, put “Android TV by Google LLC” in the search engine.
    • Install the application on your smartphone. Click install and then follow the on-screen directions.
    • Join to connect your iPhone as well as TCL television to the exact wireless connection. Connecting both to the network, it will allow both devices to communicate once the two devices are linked.
    • Launch your Android TV Remote Control app. Do not worry about it – even though the application is labeled Android TV, it’s fully compatible with TCL. Another option is downloading Roku Remote. Roku Remote App, which is similar to. Because TCL is associated with Roku and some TCL TVs operate on the Roku operating system.
    • Find your TCL TV using the app. Your TCL TV should be displayed in the list of devices available within the app if both application and TV are connected with the wireless networks of your choice.
    • Find the PIN to the application. When you connect to your TCL TV via the app’s interface the PIN code should be displayed on the TV screen.
    • Connect your TV remote app and your TV. Enter the password displayed on the TV’s screen into your remote control application. This will pair both devices, making you able to manage your TV via your iPhone.

    There you go! After connecting with your iPhone and TCL TV, you’ll be able to control your TV from your phone at any time you’d like.

    ApowerMirror App

    In addition the documents you have such as your Docx documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, Spreadsheets, and so on. They can also be projected on your massive screen thanks to the application. With a USB cable or Wi-Fi, you can connect your mobile directly to your Mac PC remotely and use your phone via your computer.

    Here’s how to do this:

    • Install the application on your TCL and mobile.
    • Launch apps to these mobiles.
    • Go to the control center of your phone and then click Screen Mirroring.
    • Choose the device you want to use for your Roku TV on the screen of available devices.
    • You can now explore a wide range of content on your smartphone.

    How can I utilize AirPlay for my TCL Android TV?

    To enable AirPlay for the TCL Android TV, you’ll be required to ensure your TV is operating the most current software update. When your TV is updated, go to the Settings menu and choose System > Network > AirPlay. Then, you should be able to view the list of AirPlay devices that are available. AirPlay devices. Select the device you want to use and begin streaming!

    How do I hook up my phone to an Android TV?

    There’s no way for connecting the iPhone with an Android TV, however, you can utilize an application from a third-party such as AirPlay Mirroring. This application will enable users to stream wirelessly via their iPhone directly to the TV.


    The methods listed above can assist you to mirror your iPhone on any TV with a smart display, like the TCL Smart TV. You can test each method to find the one that best fits your requirements. In summary, ApowerMirror and AllCast are the most suitable options if you wish to stream your content without cables or dongles. However, Chromecast was created solely for the pleasure of streaming. But, we consider the ApowerMirror is the most suitable choice. This is due to it being simple to set up, compared to Chromecast.

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