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how to connect apple tv to wifi without remote

    Apple TV is an all-inclusive entertainment center for most of those connected to Apple’s Apple ecosystem.

    Making the connection to the Apple TV to WIFI with the remote is an easy process and doesn’t require any technical skills.

    The situation gets complicated when you don’t have a remote and need a remote connection to the new WIFI network.

    We have therefore included all the ways you can utilize to connect your Apple TV to WIFI without the need for the use of a remote.

    So, let’s begin by getting right into the subject.

    Share Passwords for another iOS Device:

    Suppose you do not own an Apple TV remote. In that case, you cannot access an Apple TV since you don’t have a remote to input WiFi credentials if you are running the most recent version of iOS 9.0 or greater and want to transfer WiFi network SSIDs, passwords and Apple ID credentials to Apple TV.

    Ensure each Bluetooth or WiFi is enabled on your iOS device to check this. When the screen for a startup is displayed on the Apple TV, connect your iOS gadget to your Apple TV box and follow the on-screen instructions for both devices. You’re Apple TV can now access the brand-new WiFi network. If your Apple TV is connected to WiFi but isn’t working, look for interruptions in service or service interruptions, then upgrade and reset your devices.

    Use Another iOS Device By Temporarily Connecting Apple TV via Ethernet Cable.

    You must join your Apple TV to the same Network as your iOS device. Connect an Apple TV to the router with an Ethernet cable and connect it to an iOS device via WiFi.
    Connect on one side of an Ethernet cable to an Apple TV and the other end to the router.
    Start your iOS control panel.
    For most modern iOS devices for the most recent iOS devices, the Apple TV remote activates automatically. If you have older iOS models, you need to enable an Apple TV control. Go to Settings > Control Center—press”+” to link the Apple TV control to the Control Center of your iOS device.
    Please search for the remote icon and then click it to open it. Apple TV Remote.
    Find Apple TV and click on it.
    Enter the passcode displayed by the TV’s screen on the screen of your iOS device.
    Browse through Apple TV settings and look for Network settings. Make sure you connect the Apple TV to WiFi.
    Unplug the Ethernet cable because you’re not using it anymore.
    You can now connect your Apple TV to WiFi without using the remote.

    Using Apple TV Remote App

    Apple TV remote application will assist you in controlling your Apple TV and connecting your device to WiFi.

    1. Using an iOS device, go to Control Center. Open Control Center and tap the Apple TV remote icon.

    Be aware that if there’s no remote icon, go to Settings, Control Center, and Customize Control Plus button next to Apple TV Remote.

    1. Connect your Apple TV to the internet using the Ethernet cable.
    2. Open Settings, then choose Network> WiFi> Select any WiFi network. Configure your WiFi.
    3. Completely set up WiFi using the password on your iOS device.

    Make use of a Bluetooth Keyboard to connect Apple TV to WiFi.

    This should be an easy choice because it’s a straightforward procedure. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth keyboard and then keep it close to Apple TV. Apple TV. The Apple TV should be able to recognize and attempt to connect with your Bluetooth keyboard. If you notice an image appearing on your Apple TV, you must type it in with Bluetooth Keyboard. Bluetooth Keyboard. The keyboard has been connected to Apple TV. Apple TV, and you can navigate around the room and link to connect your Apple TV to the WiFi network.

    What is the best way to connect my Apple TV to hotel WiFi?

    Traveling using your Apple TV and connecting to the hotel’s WiFi is difficult because it needs an inbuilt web browser. Navigate to Settings > Network > WiFi and check if it can detect a public network. If it does, follow the steps for the iOS device. The hotel’s tech department might be willing to connect the Apple TV on the same Network using only the MAC address.

    What can I do to change the WiFi on my Apple TV?

    To switch the WiFi connection on your Apple TV, Open Settings and choose WiFi> Network. If nearby networks are displayed, you can select a different WiFi network. Enter the password for the new Network and then select”Done”. Click OK.

    How can I get rid of the WiFi network on my Apple TV?

    To forget a WiFi connection in your Apple TV, open Settings and select Network > WiFi. Select the WiFi network you wish to erase and click Forget Network. The Apple TV will no longer automatically connect to the Network shortly.

    Using an Alternate Apple Remote

    If you have an alternative Apple TV remote, you can use it to manage the present Apple TV. To accomplish this, unlink your remote to the original Apple TV by holding down the “Menu” button and leaving the arrow for 6 minutes. If the remote’s icon appears on the display of the TV your remote was connected to, that means it was unlinked.

    If you’d like to connect the new remote to your existing Apple TV, press the menu and right buttons for about six minutes. If you see a remote icon at the top of your screen, it signifies that your new device is successfully paired with it. Using the initial procedure I discussed here, it is now possible to utilize the remote to configure WiFi.

    How do I pair my iPhone to Apple TV?

    When you’re on the most recent version of iOS, you can connect an Apple TV and pair it with your iPhone. You’ll also require a WiFi connection as well as an HDMI cable. For more details, look up our article on how to set to connect your iPhone using an Apple TV.

    After connecting the iPhone and TV, you can use the remote to navigate your television screen. You can adjust the volume, play and pause videos, and even fast forward. The remote on the TV isn’t able to perform specific video-related tasks.

    If you’re having difficulty getting your iPhone and television, change your WiFi connection or increase the signal. Connecting your iPhone with an older television with a VGA adapter is also possible. Lightning adapter. It is necessary to connect both ends of the cable to the TV’s USB port and the other end to the phone’s charge port.

    Using an Alternate Apple Remote

    If you own an alternative Apple TV remote, you could use it to control the existing Apple TV instead. For this to happen, disconnect your old remote from your Apple TV by holding down the Menu button and the left arrow for 6 minutes. If a remote’s icon appears on the TV screen, the remote was connected to; it means that it was unlinked.

    To pair that remote with your present Apple TV, Press the Menu button, followed by the right button, for about six minutes. A remote icon at the top of your screen will signal that the remote is successfully paired. Using this remote to set up WiFi is now possible using the steps outlined in the directions above.

    Replace your broken or lost Apple TV remote.

    You can fix this issue by purchasing an alternative Apple TV remote. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you can get one delivered tomorrow to your home at a low cost. However, you should take advantage of this opportunity and buy your hands on the Apple TV remote replacement.


    The process of connecting to connect the Apple TV to the WIFI network with a remote could be a lot of work. Therefore, we’ve put together this thorough guide that outlines several methods you can use to connect your Apple TV to WIFI without needing a remote.

    If you still need help connecting the Apple TV to WIFI without the remote, let us know in the comment section below.

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