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how to charge airpods without case

    Some users have stated that they’ve discovered ways that allowed them to use their AirPods without a charging device, however, it’s very rare to come across these users, and often, they’re on unsavory websites.

    There’s no way you can recharge your AirPods with a non-case, so it’s best to buy a new case to ensure that you don’t damage the Airpods charging capability later on.

    In this post, I’ll go over some of the myths you might have encountered and hopefully help you avoid spending your time researching these methods.

    Why you Should not use Narrow Pin Charger for Airpods

    Utilizing a narrow-pin charger to charge AirPods is an effective method to charge AirPods with no case, however, further research has shown that this isn’t the case.

    The proponents of this technique will suggest using the narrow pin charger such as Nokia 3310 charger. Nokia 3310 charger and insert it directly into your Airpods and leave it for several minutes.

    However, it has been proved repeatedly that the method isn’t efficient, and it does not charge your AirPods. In some instances, it’s been proven to cause damage to the AirPods.

    How to Connect Your Airpods Without a Case

    Connecting Airpods with connecting them to your iPhone is a fairly easy and simple procedure. These are the steps to complete:

    1. Start your iPhone on the Home Screen.
    2. Unlock the AirPods case but don’t remove the Airpods. The case should be positioned close to the iPhone and if no prompt for setting up move the case closer.
    3. A setup animation will appear on the device when they’re within range of one another. A Connect button will appear on the screen.
    4. Let’s talk about those who own the premium Airpods Pro. If you have one of these models it is necessary to utilize Siri’s “Hey Siri!” function on your device. Simple and simple to use, it will assist in setup Siri to allow you to utilize Siri on Airpods Pro. Airpods Pro. The Done prompt will be displayed to inform you that you’ve completed the setup procedure.
    5. Note the fact that Airpods will be automatically set to work with other devices if they were connected to iCloud.

    After you take your Airpods from their case, they switch off and then connect with your iPhone. This makes them ready for use. They’ll begin playing music automatically after you insert them into your ears. They’ll stop after you remove them.

    Charging AirPods via an app

    Here’s a more absurd one numerous reports and videos are claiming that you can charge AirPods using this bizarre order of instruction:

    • Accessing a mysterious website
    • Information entry
    • Utilizing two different applications
    • Once you’ve done the above that you’ll be in a position to recharge your AirPods by using your phone.

    The adage goes in this manner:

    If it seems too amazing for it to be real, it’s too amazing to be real. Up-to-date for our digital age (and the “AirPods Hack”): If it seems too good for its good, it’s certainly the result of a virus.

    You can charge iPods inside another case

    Contrary to what many believe, AirPods won’t have any issues charging in another case. It’s simple to put them in a case. All you need to do is place the AirPods into the case you want to use. Although it’s simple, there are some things to consider when the use of a different casing for charging your AirPods.

    In the beginning, the case you plan to use has to be charged or connected the case to a device that charges. The devices that you can make use of for this purpose are the USB lightning cable as well as the Qi-certified charging mat or a USB-C-compatible charger.

    Can I charge my Airpods even without an accessory like a case or charger?

    It is impossible to charge your Airpods without a charging case and charger. It is necessary to buy an entirely new pair of Airpods from Apple in case you’ve lost the case as Apple doesn’t offer new cases. You will require both the case and charger to keep your Airpods running.

    Are you able to use Airpods on your smartphone without a case?

    Unfortunately, you will not be in a position to connect your Airpods if you don’t have the case. However, if the Airpods were linked to your device in the past, it may connect on its own, however when the connection is not paired then you’ll need to place them back into the case to reconnect.

    Are there ways to join Airpods in a different case?

    Connecting your Airpods via a different case is simple. All you need to do is insert your Airpods into the case, then press and hold the button that is located on the inside of the case for the AirPods settings to change. After the reset, you’ll then be able to attach the Airpods to any other device using the case.


    It’s that simple! It is impossible to use your AirPods without the case. Any claim you see on the internet is not going to perform, and in the end, it could harm the AirPods.

    If you have lost your AirPods case then the only way for you to recharge your AirPods is to buy a new case. You can borrow one from a family member or friend, or purchase a new case. AirPods case.

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