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How to Change Your YouTube Profile Picture

    YouTube has become one of the top social media sites in recent times. With over 2 billion users worldwide, approximately 62 % of the world’s population, YouTube has become a popular source of information or details. Therefore, why not upload your YouTube profile image and begin your YouTube channel now?

    If you are the first to create a channel for your channel on YouTube, You can select the name of your channel, add the profile image, and then change your privacy. Even though the channel’s Google and YouTube accounts are connected, YouTube features allow you to choose a different picture and a channel name for your created channel.

    As your profile image is the primary thing viewers will likely see, it’s worth taking some time to select which you’d like to post. It is also a good idea to think about how you wish to run your YouTube channel if you would like it to appear enjoyable and friendly or informative and well-qualified.

    Why It’s Important to Have a Good YouTube Profile Photo?

    A great YouTube profile image is among the things that are often overlooked you can do for the YouTube channel.

    Although your YouTube channel focuses solely on the material you post, there’s more to it.

    Your channel’s appearance is a significant factor in the amount of attention you pay to it.

    If your channel appears unprofessional, viewers might think you don’t care about your channel, and your material could not be of low quality.

    Your profile picture on YouTube can be the first thing you see on YouTube. YouTube platform.

    Your channel’s icon is displayed to viewers whenever they type in your channel. They see it on top of each video within the results of search results beneath every video player and next to each comment you post.

    A well-designed profile picture helps brand your YouTube channel more noticeable, attracts more attention, and helps you grow your YouTube channel more quickly.

    People already familiar with their channel’s name are much more likely to view your material. If they see your image, new viewers are more comfortable when the logo conveys joy and high quality.

    What are the requirements for Changing the profile picture?

    To change your profile photo on YouTube, you must meet the following requirements: For the YouTube application, you have to satisfy the following conditions:

    Image Size: The image must not be larger than 15MB.

    Type of File: Your file must be saved in JPG, BMP, PNG, or GIF formats. But you can’t utilize animated GIFs for your profile image.

    Resolution of Images: Images must be displayed at 98 x the resolution of 98 pixels to warrant an optimal display on your platform.

    How to Change Your YouTube Icon (Desktop)

    1. Log into Your YouTube account. The homepage of your channel will appear. Choose your account’s profile picture.

    You will be taken to YouTube Studio: YouTube Studio, specifically the branding section on the customizing page.

    2. Then, next to the icon for your profile, Click”Change” next to your profile icon. Please use your browser’s file manager to pick a different photo for your channel (you may have to crop it for the perfect proportions).

    3. Press Publish at the top right-hand corner of the screen to save your modifications.

    Modifying your YouTube profile photo (Android and IOS)

    Start the YouTube application for the Android or iOS device. Tap your profile photo at the top left. On the following menu, you can choose Your channel.

    If you are on your channel, click the button that looks like a pencil.

    The camera icon is located above the profile photo. Choose to take a picture or choose from the images for a fresh profile picture, then hit SAVE.

    You’ll receive a Profile saved email successfully once you’ve updated the profile photo.

    Who Can See My YouTube Profile Picture?

    Anyone can see your YouTube profile photo.

    If you’re a YouTuber, there is a good chance you have your own public YouTube channel. That means that every YouTube person who views your channel can see the profile image you’ve put on your account. This means that everyone can view your YouTube profile photo.

    What are the hallmarks of a quality YouTube profile picture?

    YouTube is awash with visually stimulating information. Make sure to create images that stand apart yet are easy and don’t over-burst the visual stimulation already there. Always stay loyal to your image regardless of whether it’s private or competent.

    How can I update my profile picture to be different on YouTube?

    1. Log in to YouTube Studio

    2. Click Customization in the menu on the left

    3. Choose Upload to include an image. Make adjustments to the size, if needed, and then click OK.

    4. Click Publish.

    Can I Hide My Profile Picture On My YouTube Channel?

    It’s not possible to harm your profile photo on YouTube.

    YouTube cannot permit any material creators or YouTube to conceal their profile pictures from specific individuals. YouTube is not the case, and social media is a private messaging app. If you have put up a profile image on your YouTube channel, and it is a requirement, a YouTube user will not take it seriously. The non-subscribers and subscribers of your channel can view your profile photo.


    Today, we shared how to modify the profile picture of YouTube on smartphones quickly. This can be useful to the majority of users on mobile. We also provided accurate desktop software to help users effectively change their YouTube profile pictures. Compared to other applications, we strongly suggest the Fotophire Editing Toolkit. It can play music and is similar to mobile apps!

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