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how to change username on tiktok

    At present, TikTok is taking the world to the streets. The network is not only increasing in size, but it’s also becoming controversial because governments worldwide are worried about its impact on their society. As marketers, this platform can be a great means to engage with younger population segments. Particularly, Gen Z spends a considerable amount of time on this platform. In the present, TikTok influencers are becoming more significant than ever.

    Even if you are a fan of TikTok, it is possible to switch your username. The username you choose is your TikTok account, regardless of whether your real name knows you. This is why you should only change it with a lot of thought. In certain circumstances, it is necessary to know how to change your TikTok username is crucial.

    What’s the point of what’s in a TikTok username?

    In the case of user names, TikTok makes the rules. If you’re brainstorming for a brand username, knowing what’s acceptable and prohibited is essential. The following are guidelines you should keep in mind.

    TikTok usernames come with a 24-character limit.
    Your handle will be automatically followed by the “@” symbol.
    Users’ names can be limited to characters like letters, numbers, and underscores.
    You can change your TikTok username up to every 30 days.

    How do you change your TikTok username?

    After creating a username that fits your style and is simple for your followers and family members to recognize, it’s time to change it. Editing your username is possible with any device by following these steps:

    Step-by-step Guide

    Changing your username on your Tiktok account is not difficult; nevertheless, be aware that your username is included in each blog post or video you upload on your account. Also, your username will become your official name for the content you upload to TikTok videos.

    1. Launch the TikTok application.

    Connect to the platform, and you’ll find the setting to change the configurations.

    Launch the TikTok application on your phone or tablet. Be sure to log in to your account for access to the user interface in general, where you’ll have access to the settings for changing the username.

    2. Visit the Profile page

    Find your account’s settings.

    The profile icon is located in the lower right bottom corner. You will be taken to the profile page, where all your personal account details, settings, and other options can be found.

    3. click on Edit Profile.

    If you press”Save”, you must get on the account page, which will display the username you have changed. If this does not happen, try repeatedly until you’ve succeeded in getting your new profile to appear on TikTok.
    Go to the menu where you can change your account details.

    In your profile, you can click on the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. It will display a menu that offers a variety of options, such as privacy settings and settings.

    4. Get inspired by Creative names and cool user names

    You are now aware of how to change your Tiktok username. However, can you provide suggestions about how you can proceed? There are a variety of tiktokers. Their passion is the main factor that makes the distinction. Below are a few fresh and interesting username ideas you could choose to create on them.

    If you’re motivating, consider Bean Secrets, the elite cubicle force of High-flying leaders, and the Open Book. To be a successful TikTok is the bridge connecting business lecturers, the capitalist crew innovators, and the geeks who are enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

    Are you an artist or music fan? Dream Makers, Icon Lover and Viola, crafts lady, and lasting beauty are a few possible usernames to consider, particularly for makeup tiktokers. Butterflies on roses, glistening gold, doll diamonds, and bubbles are all unbeatable.

    Regarding the most thumping game tiktokers available, some electric players are revolutionary, new and extreme since, never the game’s changing, life-racer without limits available.

    If you’re tired of having to think about a username, online generators of usernames, such as Jimpix and LastPass, can lend assistance.

    How to Choose the Perfect TikTok Username

    The TikTok username is among the most crucial aspects of your profile. The name is what people are likely to associate with you, and it’s essential to pick a memorable and memorable name that represents your personality or brand. This post offers suggestions for selecting the perfect TikTok username.

    • Tip 1: Make the tips short and simple.If you choose the TikTok username, keeping it simple and easy is crucial. This will make it easier for users to remember your username and find your profile. Be careful not to use complicated or difficult-to-spell words, as they can cause people to be unable to locate your profile.
    • Tip 2. Keep it in mindYour TikTok username needs to be distinctive and memorable. That means you should choose a unique name that stands out from other users. Think about using alliteration, puns or rhyming words to make your username unforgettable.


    If you’re trying to figure out what you can do to change your TikTok username before 30 days, there will be an unanswerable solution. It means TikTok will only allow the user to change their name after 30 days from the date of your previous modifications. TikTok may ban you permanently if you’re trying to go over the lines. Be wise and cautious.

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