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how to change instagram icon

    Have you ever thought about what you can do to change the Instagram image on your phone? It would help if you were one of those who care about your appearance on Instagram. Instagram profile.

    If you’re a regular Instagram user, it’s unusual to seek out different ways to make your Instagram page more appealing page on Instagram.

    In addition, you’ve probably been aware of the feature that was rolled out by Instagram, which allows users to alter the Instagram icon in the app. You can change it to the last Instagram icon, the gold Instagram icon, or another of the different options you’re presented with.

    In this post, we will talk about the best way to change the Instagram icon on the app, both on Android and iOS.

    Learn How to Change the Instagram’s icon for the app both on Android and iOS

    Then, they discovered that the number of downloads was more significant than 1 million times in just an hour. The Instagram platform, which is currently trending and one of the most widely used social media applications, is operated by Facebook. Instagram provides us with various options like photo sharing, posting photos, commenting, liking, and sending text messages (DM), and Instagram story filters. Instagram has recently provided the latest information on how to modify your icon’s appearance. The feature was made available to users to mark the long-term celebration of image transmission via the internet.

    Explore the old and original Instagram icons dating from when it was essentially a Polaroid camera. According to the most recent updates regarding how to change the Instagram icon on Instagram, it has been demonstrated that they are far above any expectations set by their customers with the ability to alter the Instagram icon color on Android and iOS devices by simply changing the Instagram application.

    The reasons why you may want to alter your Instagram icon for the app

    There are many reasons why you may want to alter the appearance of your Instagram icon on your Instagram app. Change the app to a new build or create a more personal experience. You may be looking to distinguish yourself from other Instagram users! Whatever the motivation, changing your application’s icon is simple.

    If you want to change your Instagram app’s icon, visit the settings of your Instagram app and click “Change Icon.” From there, you’ll have the option to choose a new hero for your application. You’ll be able to select from a range of icons or upload your photo. After choosing an icon you like, click “Save,” and the changes will be made.

    It’s that simple! It! Changing your Instagram icon for your app is a fast and straightforward method to give your app a new appearance.

    How to Change Instagram Icon on iPhone and Android

    Navigating through your phone’s home screen and getting the app you want is a breeze once you’ve committed the icons of your apps to memory. If you’re looking to change the look of your apps to give them a new appearance and give the home screen a different personality, You’ll be glad to know there’s a way to accomplish it! For all Instagram followers, This is how you can change the appearance of your Instagram icon for your app.

    How to Change Your App Icons on iPhone or iPad

    1. Download Shortcuts and make an additional shortcut for the home screen.

    2. Click “Open App Click ‘Open App’ and then click “Instagram.”

    3. Choose a picture to use to create the icon.

    The shortcut you choose will be displayed as the new icon for Instagram. Instagram app. You must hide the original app from the iPhone also to prevent confusion. Also, keeping the original app hidden and not deleting it is a must in this case too.

    Make sure you are running your device’s iOS version at 14 or above.

    2. Launcher

    A launcher not only assists with the icon but can also alter the look of your phone in general. In terms of themes and icons, a launcher can do everything. Launchers such as Nova Launchers, Niagara Launchers, or an in-built version in your device. One of these launchers is called ‘Smart Launcher.’

    1. Download Smart Launcher and run it.

    2. Locate an Instagram icon.

    3. Press it long, then click on the Edit icon.

    4. Choose any icon in the library that is default or your gallery, or choose an icon from the launcher’s ‘Icon Pack.’

    It is possible to find out what the new icon will appear under the heading ‘Icon appearance’ well. The final icon will appear like this.

    How to Change Your App Icons on Android

    Get and install X Icon Changer from Google Play.

    On the Home screen, hold and press the background—select Widgets.

    Scroll down, then click X Icon Changer.

    Hold and press and hold the X Icon Changer icon.

    When the Home screen is displayed, Drag the icon to where you’d like it to go and let it go.

    Find and tap on the Instagram app.

    Create a new shortcut and click OK. There are various options to choose from or make your own.

    The new icon will appear on the Home screen. To remove Instagram’s initial Instagram icon from the Home screen, press on and hold it until you choose to Remove from your Home or move it into the Trash.

    Where Do I Find Cool Instagram Icons?

    It’s as easy as Google the images. Use a web browser and type in “Instagram icon png.” If you’re looking for unique logos, you can add imaginative and excellent terms to your search. It is possible to download all these images by pressing and holding them.

    Tips: Don’t be concerned about your images’ image quality, as it will not affect the result.

    The Risks of Changing Instagram App Icon

    Making changes to your IG icons is enjoyable and exciting. However, you must be aware of the potential problems it can create.


    We hope you liked our post about how to change your Instagram icon. There are various methods for doing it, some of which are more difficult to accomplish than others.

    It is best to pick an option that is most suitable for you. In addition, the word “instagram” can mean “profile picture.” The Instagram icon may also refer to the “profile picture.”

    A new icon selection can be essential to one’s potential to gain more fans.

    Pick the one that is the most welcoming, and you’re ready to go!

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