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How to Bypass iCloud Activation with IMEI Free

    Are you blocked from accessing your iCloud account? If yes, you are; there are easy ways to help you escape the shackle.

    This guide will walk you through how to enable your iPhone without spending a cent with the help of your phone’s IMEI. If you’re stuck on that iCloud Activation page, we can assist you in figuring out a way to avoid the process.

    You’re likely in this situation because you’re experiencing difficulty finding a way to bypass the Activation Lock on your iCloud account. You need to know your Apple ID password. Using every iPhone and iPad, it is possible to utilize the IMEI (and get rid of the activation charge). To use this method, you’ll require access to a computer. We’ll offer detailed instructions for how you can do this. So sit back in your chair, unwind, and continue reading.

    What is what is an IMEI Number?

    IMEI is an abbreviation that stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a unique number given to electronic devices to provide the purpose of identifying. The typical IMEI number consists of 14 numbers plus one additional digit, which will be essential to validate the 14-digit string in its entirety.

    You may find IMEI numbers with 16 numbers. They are different because they are the version that runs on the device’s software. These numbers are referred to as IMEISV numbers. SV is the abbreviation for the software version. You can conclude that IMEI numbers identify your device from other devices and can be used to monitor and even block your device. The networks use the IMEI number whenever devices are stolen or prevented from being blocked.

    Check the IMEI Number for Your iPhone.

    Can I unlock iCloud using the IMEI? Sure, absolutely. You can unblock iCloud using IMEI for free. Before we go over the method to unblock activation locks using IMEI free, it is necessary to determine the IMEI number before you do that.

    IMEI is the abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity, a unique 15-digit code. It’s a code that distinguishes a mobile device from the other. Therefore, there are no duplicate IMEI numbers, and the device’s IMEI code cannot be altered through any method.

    It is also the case that the IMEI number is associated with each mobile regardless of design or manufacturer. It is a crucial element for devices as you can use it to trace missing devices and unlock locked phones, and in conjunction with that, it can also be utilized to secure a stolen mobile remote.

    So, you can utilize the IMEI number of your iPhone to get around your iCloud initialization screen. But, before this, you must know how to locate your IMEI code. There are 3 methods by which you can check the IMEI number on your device.

    Method 1. Check IMEI Number via Settings. In the past, each gadget had an individual IMEI number; the iPhone was no exception. The About portion of the device contains the specifics of the IMEI. Head to Settings > General > About > IMEI to check for the IMEI number.

    1. Examine the IMEI Number using the Battery. Another method of finding the IMEI number for an iPhone is to examine the Battery. So, it would help if you began disassembling the Battery before flipping it. There will be a sticker on the Battery with the IMEI’s number on the sticker.
    2. 3. Check the IMEI Number in the Box—method 3. Check the IMEI Number from the Box. A majority of people throw out the Box when they unpack their iPhones. If you’re one of the fortunate ones who stored the package in a secure place and secured, you may utilize it to verify the IMEI code of the phone. Flip the Box over and locate it at the bottom inside the container.

    If you’ve identified your IMEI number now, let’s look at the methods to get around iCloud activation using IMEI without cost.

    The traps to avoid for IMEI unlocking iCloud You Need to Beware of

    Many will want to use the IMEI iCloud Unlock options when told how simple they can be. It is possible to stay clear of iCloud activation without cost through IMEI, which appears attractive.

    There’s a chance that you’re anxious, fearing you’ll lose the iPhone is going to be useless, and you’ll lose it. Getting “free” assistance with just an IMEI number seems like a good idea to give it giving it a go. Most of the online IMEI unlocking methods for iCloud are bogus.

    There needs to be more clarity on how anything free could be fraudulent. In particular, these services can be paid for. Many argue that unlocking a phone is free, whereas more difficult unlocking isn’t. This means every phone can be “difficult” to open and requires a cost.
    Certain websites offer a money-back promise to alleviate clients’ fears about investing cash. It’s a problem that the guarantee of money back is usually unreliable. Firms either do not make it happen or state that the purchase was not covered under the warranty.
    Several positive reviews for the scam sites are bound to be available for every one of them. They often boast of unlocking numerous smartphones and claiming to have hundreds of happy customers. However, the web can encourage this misleading. Most of these reviews are false and only open some of their phones, as they claim to have done. So, as a result, beware.

    Does Apple have the ability to remove the activation lock?

    If you can’t connect to the device’s original owner, you could request Apple to assist in removing the Activation lock from the machine. However, Apple can only help when you have proof of purchase, or the device is acquired.

    If you purchased the device, you must provide Apple with evidence of purchase, such as an invoice. This document should include the serial number of your device and your name.

    If your device’s serial number was changed at the Genius bar, you must provide a Service Communication with the details of both the new and old serial numbers.

    If you inherit the device, you must submit the death Certificate with evidence of your relationship with the deceased. It is also possible to show the original proof of the purchase.

    Once you have all the documents, go to and email or call Apple requesting they remove the Activation Lock from the device.

    Request Apple to remove the iCloud Activation Lock on Your Account.

    If you need help with the above solutions, ask Apple to go to a nearby Apple Store or contact Apple Support for assistance to unblock the iCloud Activation Lock from your device without requiring the password. You must, however, provide Apple with proof of ownership.

    If you have an iPhone If you are the owner of iPhone, provide Apple with evidence of purchase, such as the receipt from which you purchased it. It should include the serial number for your iPhone and your name.
    If you’ve bought a used iPhone, you must prove that ownership transfer has occurred from the original owner, just like the eBay purchase and payment confirmations.
    Apple will check to see if the device is a stolen iPhone. If it were reported as being stolen, Apple would not aid.

    icloud unlocker online

    When we search the internet on the internet, we can find various methods to use the IMEI number to achieve iCloud bypassing online. The challenge is that a lot of ways need to be advised. However, there was one that made us happy with the iPhone IMEI, which is why we chose to suggest it to those interested. To use it, you need to follow these steps:

    After logging on to the iPhone IMEI site, click [Unlock iCloud[Unlock iCloud]
    Choose the iDevice model, enter the IMEI code, and select an email from which you’ll get information on the process.
    You must then select the payment method and proceed to the next step.
    Details about the time frame for unlocking will be sent to you via email.

    UltFone activation Unlock

    UltFone activation Unlock is the most powerful iCloud bypass software, giving the fastest and easiest method to unlock from the Activation Lock. It can handle many situations, like when you’ve lost your activation lock password or want to open a used iPhone. Any user can easily bypass the activated iCloud lock using this. It also ensures the safety and security of your phone and personal information. It works with a variety of iPhone models as well as iOS versions.

    In addition, using UltFone Activation Unlock, you can turn off this Search My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch function without a password. This handy feature lets you bypass lost passwords easily. The tool can also access Apple ID on all iOS devices without jailbreaking. In all, this is an extremely efficient and flexible unlocking tool.

    iCloud Generator v3.2.1

    iCloud Generator v3.2.1 is among the most popular programs to open iCloud activation locks without numerous steps or issues.

    The steps required to utilize it are simple: You have to connect, download, and then give the details > hit the “Remove” or “Remove iCloud” button.
    It is available on every type of iPhone, from iOS 7 to iOS 11.
    iCloud removal tool
    The iCloud activate lock Bypass tool can help solve many problems, but downloading and slowing down your computer could be challenging, so it only gets 3.5 stars.

    How do you bypass iCloud activation by using a program?

    To get around this iCloud activation blockage, several tools can be used. One of the most popular tools is called ‘iCloud Activation Bypass Tools version 1.4. This tool can be used on iPhones as well as iPads. It is easy to utilize. Learn how to make use of the device to get around this lock. iCloud activates the lock.

    Find a website and download the software. Download it to your computer.
    Connect your iPhone and iPad to your computer using a USB cable. Open the application.
    Connect your iPhone and iPad to your PC through a USB cable. Start the program.

    The device is being scanned right now by this tool. The tool will also check the IMEI number for your device.
    Choose the “Bypass activation lock’ button and then wait. It will then use the IMEI number to connect it to your Apple server. After that, it’ll remove the iCloud account associated with the device.
    Select the “Bypass activation lock’ button and hold it for a few minutes. The program will use the IMEI number to connect to the appropriate Apple server. It will then remove the iCloud account associated with the device.

    After the procedure is completed, remove the device from your computer and restart it. After that, the iCloud activate lock is going to disappear permanently.

    What can Apple take off the Activation Lock?

    Apple provides two methods to eliminate Activation Lock from an iPhone or iPad.

    1. On your phone, navigate to Settings > [your name> Find My > Locate My iPhone and turn it off. After that, you’ll have to input the Apple ID password.
    2. If you are on the internet, visit Sign in using the Apple ID credential, and choose All Devices in the upper menu. After that, select the device you’d like to delete from iCloud and remove it from the account.


    If you’ve struggled to gain access to your iPhone device after an activation lock that was applied, consider using an iCloud bypass method to get access might be the best option.

    This week, we’ve examined the iPhone IMEI iCloud unlock free procedure, how it functions, and whether it might be an ideal solution to the need to open your iCloud device without cost. We’ve also examined other options, including using the StarzSoft KeyPass method, which could be a viable and secure solution to your iPhone’s iCloud activation lock bypassing requirements.

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