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How to Blur Backgrounds on Google Meet

    Virtual meetings have proven to be the lifesaver of many organizations and individuals during the last year when there were pandemic-related shutdowns. However, with convenience comes the risk of privacy. Online meetings allow coworkers and managers a peek inside the confidentiality that we live in, but for many, it’s not an appealing idea.

    Thanks to companies like Google thought of the need to create a distinct line between work and home by introducing their apps for virtual meetings. Google Meet, for example, features a blurring background that allows you to hide everything aside from the individual in front of the camera.

    You may want to cover your messy area or keep your eyes off browsing through the shelves; blurring background within Google Meet is quick and easy.

    Why You Should Blur or Change Your Background on Google Meet

    It would be best to utilize blurred or virtual backgrounds for many reasons during video conferences.

    Don’t fear about it. When you’re together in a blurred background or even a virtual one, there’s no need to be concerned about what’s happening behind you when calling.
    Maintain it well-qualified. Whatever you do, blurred backgrounds benefit keeping all attention on the subject and attendees and not the surroundings.
    Let the stress go. The blurred background could hide the mess while maintaining your private space if you’re in the bedroom or a room with toys for kids and other messiness.
    Get your brand noticed. Virtual backgrounds offer an ideal marketing avenue if you’re promoting your personal brand or for the firm you work with.
    Aid in tackling the issue of inequality. Virtual backgrounds conceal the differences in income. Making blurred backgrounds or virtual ones can help individuals with lower funds from being judged or bullied.

    How to Blur Your Background in Google Meet on Mobile (Android/iPhone/iPad)

    Visual effects are available on the desktop for a while. If you’re unaware, you can also use it with your smartphone! Here’s a simple tutorial on blurring backgrounds on smartphone applications:

    Before a Meeting

    Go to Google Meet and select a meeting.
    Before joining, select Effects.
    Pick your desired blur effect. The second icon blurs your background. The third icon completely blocks the background.
    Once you’ve picked your effects, choose Done.
    Tap Join.

    During a Meeting

    Go to Google Meet and join a gathering.
    In your Self-View, select the icon for Effects.
    Select between blur background choices (slight or even blur) or choose any other result.
    Click the X button and return to the call. Google Meet call.

    How to Blur Backgrounds on Google Meet

    These are the steps to blur the background of videos via Google Meet:

    On Desktop

    Visit your Google Chrome browser and then the Google Meet site.
    Participate in an existing gathering or start a new one.
    Then, select the icon with three dots towards the bottom; then, choose Apply visual effects.
    Go to the Background tab.
    There’s a dual-blur choice with a slight blur or blur.
    Choose your desired blur option.

    Blur Your Background During A Meeting

    To blur the background when the meeting starts using a PC, click on the three vertical dots at the lower right of the screen and proceed to the menu ‘Apply video effects.’ Choose among the available blur settings, and the effects will be turned on. If the camera has been turned off during a meeting, the camera will automatically activate when the background blur is activated. For the same effect in your Android or iOS application, click the Effects icon and select ‘Slightly blur’ or Blur background. Click “Done” to activate the blur effect.

    Background blur can be applied to a wide range of devices but has some hardware limitations. The official page for support, Google, lists the minimum specifications for a system to enable blurred backgrounds when participating in the Meet session. Web users running Windows, Mac, or Linux require Chrome Version 91 or greater or higher, and Chromebook users require ChromeOS version 91 or higher.

    Why Blur Your Background?

    Blurring your background can be beneficial for several reasons. It will hide the clutter around your back for a more competent style. The privacy of your background will safeguard your privacy and the privacy of those at home or in the office. It also is nice to have and helps keep an eye on you instead of the things happening behind you.

    However, if you own an older model of computer blur features, it may slow the system down since it’s resource-intensive. If you notice that it is interfering with the performance of a Google Meet call, you can turn it off quickly.

    One feature that is lighter in weight could be using a virtual backdrop. Google Meet has many options available, and you may also upload pictures.

    How to Use a Virtual Background in Google Meet?

    If you want a flashier background option, download the Virtual Backgrounds software for more vibrant backgrounds. This extension on the web has an incredible collection of backgrounds for all occasions, from business events to lessons for kindergarteners. Here’s how to get it for Google Meet:

    1. Start Chrome, then search for “Virtual Background” in the search box.

    2. click on the search results for the official version. This is typically the first version.

    3. Click on the blue icon in the middle of the details on the right side.

    4. After you’ve installed the plug-in, you can open Google Meets.

    5. Create a new meeting or join an existing one with an invitation code.

    6. Click the extension icon located in the upper left corner. Select “Virtual Background.”

    7. Choose the wallpaper that you like and then click to add the background.

    Why is Google Meet Blur Background Not Showing?

    Google Meet Blu-ray background is available in the marketplace and is becoming more popular and readily available daily. It is possible that there are some glitches or issues, and these could be corrected through restarting. One reason that Google Meet blur’s feature Google Meet blur is not being displayed is that the device or software isn’t up-to-date.

    Why can I not utilize background blur in Google Meet?

    Blurringed background in Google Meet might not be apparens because the application isn’t up-to-date or if the extension isn’t in use. Check with your computer and device’s minimal Google Meet program requirement (the prerequisites are listed earlier on the website).


    It is advised to cover your surroundings to ensure your privacy and concentration and build your image if you have read this paragraph and discovered the ability to blur backgrounds in Google Meet before or during the video chat.

    You can do this regardless of whether you use a desktop computer, Android, or iPhone. Additionally, you can partially or completely obscure the background or blur or change the background. To fix the blurring of the background that’s not working, check your system and browser’s settings according to our guidelines. If you cannot access the feature built into your browser, we hope the new extensions we release can benefit from solving the issue.

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