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How to Apply for Jobs Using AI on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has launched a new and exciting feature available to premium members. The system automatically composes your first message of contact, or the cover letter if you’re applying for an open job. It’s with advanced machine-learning AI technology known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and is the same technology behind ChatGPT The most well-known AI software that we’ve come to know. It’s interesting to note that both OpenAI is the company that developed ChatGPT and LinkedIn are controlled by Microsoft. The AI-powered feature is based on the description of your job and your profile as well as the employer’s profile, as well as additional information to create an individual cover letter or a contact email. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

    With more than 895 million active users and more than 63 million companies listed firms, LinkedIn reigns supreme as the most popular social media platform for professionals. LinkedIn is a must-have resource for those who are looking for new opportunities. There are millions of jobs advertised, numerous meetings are secured, and networking is thriving as the most recent industry information is made available. With this kind of impressive growth and a huge number of users, it should come as no shock that artificial intelligence has found its way into LinkedIn. LinkedIn world.

    How do you compose an email for the job application?

    It is possible to use this automated to compose an application email for employment, follow these basic steps in the following:

    Apply for your dream job via LinkedIn

    This automation should be run on the LinkedIn job posting page. If this is the first time you’re using this automation, you’ll have to sign up for an account.
    Enjoy the intelligent AI to generate the email draft for you.
    Check it out and, if you’re content with the email, click send

    That’s it! We hope that this article is of help and you land your ideal job as soon as possible.

    How to Apply for Jobs Using AI on LinkedIn

    Today, you have the opportunity to create AI your weapon of choice in improving your work efficiency and increasing your odds to get the job you’ve been looking for. Let’s end the job search with LinkedIn’s search engine powered by AI feature.

    Log into your LinkedIn account and click on the search bar located at the top of the ribbon.
    Press the AI icon that is next to the bar.
    Enter the type of job you’re looking for, including the range of pay, place of work, as well as the name of the company in the section Ask a question. . .
    Click on the arrow icon to broadcast your instructions.
    Click on the Easy Apply button in the outcome provided with the AI.
    Choose the questions provided by AI like creating an introduction letter, or sharing suggestions for preparing yourself for your interview.

    You can then customize and filter jobs with AI on LinkedIn.

    Resume Builders and Optimizers

    Artificial Intelligence-powered resume builder tools such as Resume Genius or Enhancv will benefit in creating an impressive resume. They often have features to optimize your resume for particular positions for posting on LinkedIn making sure you utilize relevant words and keywords that are in line with the keywords that recruiters are looking for.

    AI-Powered Networking Assistants

    Networking is an essential part of every job hunt. AI-powered social media assistants like Crystal Knows, provide insights on how you can communicate energetically with your connections as well as recruiters using LinkedIn. After analyzing the profiles of LinkedIn users These instruments favour suggestions about tone, formality and content that are specific to the person whom you’re trying to reach.

    Automated Job Application Bots

    Personalization is a crucial aspect of application processes, AI-powered robots such as Jobscan will automate certain aspects of the procedure. The bots will be able to customize your cover letters and resume to each job application you submit through LinkedIn by studying descriptions of jobs and identifying the most important abilities and keywords to mention.

    Be Different by Using AI in your Job Search

    AI is no longer an idea for the future. Therefore, make the most of it to leap to the dream job.

    However, when you’re trying to land the next job you want It’s not the only option. There’s a need to contribute your skills as well as education as well as your unique perspective into the equation. Although AI can be a fantastic tool to build a better application, there’s only the person you are and this is something AI cannot duplicate.

    If you need an extra push to get started on the job hunt, then we’ve asked AI to assist you with this too.

    AI Job Matching Tool

    AI-powered jobs-matching platforms have changed the process of searching for jobs using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning methods. These tools improve effectiveness and focus on the right job by looking at your skills work experience, and preferences. They connect you with the most relevant job ads. Three of the best artificial intelligence-powered job-matching websites to look at:

    Pyjama Jobs: This online job site uses an algorithm to match only with jobs that are relevant to you. Just serve the details of your preferred job and add your resume. The AI algorithm will compare your resume and personal information against thousands of job postings which allows for immediate access and communications between you and recruiters. is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that connects tech professionals to prospective employers according to their skills or experience as well as the desired work conditions. Through securing confidentiality, streamlines the connection process and provides relevant job jobs to those looking for work.
    Talentprise: Talentprise provides a job search engine that assesses applicants by five key factors: knowledge, education and experience, as well as capabilities and knowledge. Incorporating qualitative data together with AI, Talentprise facilitates precise match-making, making sure contestants can be connected to appropriate employment opportunities.


    While it’s important to improve your resume, LinkedIn gives you the possibility to take it further and favour a complete picture of your well-qualified image. With LinkedIn, there’s a spot to showcase your project portfolios including endorsements, recommendations and links to conferences blogs, and conference talks along with others. If you’re LinkedIn tasks list seems too overwhelming, it may be a good idea to make use of the power of an AI copilot such as or Teal and ChatGPT instructions to speed up the process.

    Wherever you are on your job experience, taking advantage of LinkedIn as an integral part of your search for a job will significantly improve your odds of achieving success.

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