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How to Add a Catalog in WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp Business Catalog is a useful feature added to WhatsApp Business in 2019. This free tool lets you showcase your products and services to your customers through WhatsApp Business. Businesses use it as a mobile shopfront to display their products, including product descriptions, pricing, and photos.

    Businesses can offer additional customers a fun and personalized shopping experience through The WhatsApp Business Catalog. This article will show you how to create an online catalog using WhatsApp.

    What exactly is the Whatsapp catalog of products?

    With its two billion+ users, WhatsApp has created a cult app to shop online. Businesses can respond to inquiries concerning products, and even take orders together. WhatsApp Business could not showcase the range of items they offer to customers. WhatsApp introduced the catalog feature to benefit companies by drawing attention to their products by showing all pertinent details about their product (including pictures) in a slide show or list.

    How can you build an inventory of products via WhatsApp Business?

    This is how you can create an online catalog of your products using WhatsApp Business in 7 simple steps:

    Launch the WhatsApp Business application and then click the More Options icon located in the upper right-hand corner.

    Navigate to Settings > Business Tools > Catalog.

    Click Add new item for a brand new catalog.

    Select the plus icon and add images.

    Select Gallery from the menu and choose pictures, or click on Camera to snap photos.

    Include a caption on your image and add additional information like the price, description of the product, web URL, and product or service code.

    Save the file.

    What are the limitations of a WhatsApp Business catalog?

    Its WhatsApp Business catalog helps businesses increase revenue by recognizing customer behavior. When putting items or services into various categories, companies can help clients browse, buy, or communicate any item they are keen on with the company to inquire about or make orders with family or friends. By using the benefit of a WhatsApp catalog, companies can connect with many more potential customers outside of WhatsApp and other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

    However, a few things could be improved in this WhatsApp Business catalog.

    A limited number of items

    Companies can only add as many as 500 items or services to their WhatsApp Business catalog.

    No inventory management

    WhatsApp Business catalog does not focus on providing an inventory management feature that allows you to monitor inventory and adjust an item when it is out of stock, which could cause customers to place orders for out-of-stock products.

    The checkout does not have any features.

    WhatsApp does not offer checkout options. If you want to check out the WhatsApp catalog, you may have to direct your clients to the website or request that they visit stores in person to make purchases. The purchase process can be slowed down due to friction, including slow-loading sites or crashed applications, which could cause carts to be abandoned. Loss to customers may also cause problems.

    How to Add a Catalog in WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp business catalogs are an excellent tool for businesses seeking to market their goods or services more effectively.

    Below are the step-by-step instructions for adding an item catalog on WhatsApp businesses:

    Open WhatsApp Business, then tap on the three dots icon.

    Tap on Settings. Then, click on Tools for Business.

    Tap on Catalog.

    To begin making your catalog, tap Create a New item.

    Provide product pictures, descriptions, hyperlinks, codes, and information.

    After that, click on Save.

    How do you create and manage WhatsApp catalogs?

    The process of creating and managing your catalog is a breeze. These are the steps you can take to look over, organize, and manage your WhatsApp catalog:

    Create a catalog and arrange your products and services in different groups. Log into your WhatsApp Business Account’s “Catalog” feature and choose “Add Item” to start. Include images with detailed descriptions, pricing, and code.

    Create it available to everyone who uses your services. After you’re pleased with the catalog, you can publish it and distribute it to your clients to ensure they can access it. Select the “Share” button in the application, or distribute it via your social media accounts or any other channel.

    Offer your services or sections to specific clients. By clicking on “Catalog,” you can quickly access a customer’s specific conversation and share the services that they’ve expressed a desire for or consider useful.

    You maintain and update your catalog regularly. Utilize your “Statistics” feature in WhatsApp Business to see how your catalog is performing. It provides critical statistics like views of your catalog, the number of clicks, and other metrics to increase the catalog further.

    Accessing or updating the catalog: Go to the Catalog choice in your app for web or desktop application, or visit “Settings” and find “Catalogs” beneath”Business Tools”; click on the “Business Tools” feature to browse and edit it.

    How to Create a Product Catalog on WhatsApp Business

    Before we begin, make sure you’ve got.

    A WhatsApp Business App Account

    Pictures & Descriptions of Your Products

    10 minutes of free Time

    Step 1: Go to Catalog Manager

    Start your WhatsApp Business app.

    Click here – Business tools.

    Select Catalogue (Or ‘Catalog’)

    WhatsApp takes a couple of seconds to set up your catalog before allowing you to make additions to it.

    2. Add the items in your Catalog #

    If your catalog is now ready, Select Add the New item

    Provide information about the product you are selling:



    Description (Optional)

    Links to the products on your site

    Item code

    After you’re done, choose to save.

    Step 3: Wait for approval

    Each catalog item needs approval via WhatsApp. It can take as long as several hours.

    When your product is approved, it will be available to customers.

    Include more items in your catalog. It is possible to have as many as 500 products.

    Step 4: Review your catalog

    To view your catalog, visit your WhatsApp Business account. This can be done from your number, or have a friend check it out. The account should look like when you have a catalog:

    Who will be able to use the WhatsApp catalogs?

    Every organization, business, or person with some business can utilize, design, and build WhatsApp Business catalogs. For instance, if you want to promote a certain kind of product or service, it is possible, regardless of whether you’re an officially registered business.

    The catalog feature is extremely available, so anybody can create their own catalog without having to confirm the company’s existence through Facebook or other heavy requirements.


    Making a video library of your product is an excellent means to show off your goods and increase customer satisfaction. WhatsApp Catalog can be used to develop a product-related video library by creating a video catalog and optimizing the videos together with subcategories and categories, product details, and video thumbnails, including the opportunity to search or filter. If you take the proper approach, companies can harness WhatsApp Catalog’s potential to create a video catalog for their products that will engage users and increase sales.

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