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how long does it take to get into space

    How fast do rockets need to travel to reach space?
    It all depends on what you refer to when you say “into the space.” If you’re looking to orbit around Earth, it is necessary to achieve speeds of at minimum 4.9 miles per second, equivalent to about 17,600 miles an hour. Suppose you’re looking to completely escape the gravity of Earth and travel to another planet or moon. In that case, however, you’ll need to travel faster with a speed of seven miles per second or approximately 25000 miles/hour.

    What is the time it takes to travel from Earth to space?

    Space is located at the bottom of the Earth’s atmosphere, approximately 60 miles up. This is known as”the Karman Line and means you’ve crossed over the Thermosphere and are now in the Exosphere. NASA Director of Launch Mike Leinbach said: “It takes about 8 1/2 minutes to reach the orbit.

    What is the time it takes to travel to space?

    Short answer: Just a few minutes.

    Long answer The official “start for space” is 100 kilometers over sea level, known as”the Karman line. Most rockets reach this place within minutes after launch; however, they take longer to arrive at their ultimate orbit (or another destination). The exact time will depend on the rocket used and other elements. Here are some examples:

    Space Shuttle: Karman line in 2 1/2 minutes orbit in 8 1/2 mins.
    SpaceX Falcon Heavy: Karman line in 3 5 minutes.

    How long will it take to travel from Earth up to Mars?

    between 150 and 300 days
    The journey from Earth to Mars can take between 150 and 300 days, depending on how fast the spacecraft’s launch and the alignment between Earth and Mars, and the amount of time the spacecraft must travel to reach its destination.


    Outer space is enormous; however, an area separates our planet Earth and the remainder of the play. This line is known as”the Karman Line, and it’s only 62 miles higher than our planet! The objects below the line sink back into the Earth’s atmosphere, and those above it are suspended in space. Spaceships can cross Karman Line in just a couple of minutes, so reaching length is the most accessible trip. The journey to freedom is more complicated.


    Finding a place in space, such as an object in length and a space station like the International Space Station, isn’t an easy task. The entire solar system is centered around the sun, which means objects don’t stay in an exact location. This means that spacecraft cannot travel straight towards their destination. Instead, they require spirals so that they eventually meet their orbit around the space station or planet they’re trying to get to. It takes a lot longer than traveling in straight lines!

    How long will it take to reach the Moon?

    approximately three days
    It takes around three days for the satellite to travel to the Moon. In that time, the spacecraft must travel at most two40,000 miles (386,400 kilometers) which is the distance between Earth and the Moon. The precise length will depend on the exact route taken.


    Depending on the location you’re traveling to from space to Earth, it could be an easy trip. If you’re headed towards the Earth’s backyard, you’ll travel between a couple of hours to several days. When you begin looking at how far from Earth with other worlds, you realize how vast space is.

    • International Space Station: 248 miles away from Earth. This trip can be completed in just a single day.
    • Earth’s Moon is 238,900 miles away from Earth. The trip takes about three days.
    • Venus is our nearest neighbor planet is 279,000 miles away from Earth, and the journey takes three months.
    • Mars is a new location for space exploration that is 46,500,000 miles away from Earth, and the journey can take about a year.
    • Neptune is the last planet in the solar system. 2,697,000,000 miles away from Earth, and the journey is 12 years long.

    That’s only in our solar system! Voyager 1 spacecraft was the first artificial object to cross the boundary, and it required 36 years of effort to complete.

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