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HBO max remove from continue watching

    HBO Max streaming is the most affordable way to catch blockbuster series, movies, epic originals and more. You can keep watching a series or content even if you leave halfway through. The Continue Watching section will allow you to continue viewing it until the end of the original duration. But, if the content is not being viewed again, you may manually remove it from the Continue Watching List on your HBO Max Account. The content can also be removed from the list via your smart TV, Smart TV or computer.

    Sometimes you might not be able to stop watching a movie or show. We will show you how to delete that title permanently so you don’t have to see it every time you log in.

    Reasons to Remove Continue Watching HBO Max

    You must keep your HBO Max viewing history secret if you share your account. Deleting your “Continue Watching” list is a good idea to protect your viewing habits. You must know what content you use and when you share it. You can keep your privacy intact by deleting your “Continue Watching.” This will help you avoid any awkward conversations. Either you’re looking for something controversial or want to keep your interests secret, deleting your ‘Continue Watching’ list is a good way to preserve your privacy.

    Everyone has seen something that was later regretted. Whether it’s a film that doesn’t live up to the hype or a boring show, it’s natural to feel embarrassed about what we see. You can ease embarrassment by removing these titles from your “Continue Watching” playlist. It is an easy and effective way to avoid judgments and keep your preferences private. Your viewing history will be free from judgement by removing shows and movies that don’t meet your expectations.

    How to stop Continue Watching at Max

    It doesn’t matter which device you use; the steps to remove shows and movies from your Keep Watching list are identical.

    • Click or tap your profile icons. On mobile apps, it is located in the lower-right corner. However, in browsers on your computer, it is in the upper right.
    • Click “Continue viewing.”
    • Click the “Edit” button on the right side.
    • Select “Remove” or “X” at the right of the movie/show you wish to clear.
    • Once you have cleared out all unwanted content, click “Done.”

    How do you clear the Continue Watching listing on Android or iOS
    HBO Max app

    • Install the HBO Max App on your Smartphone.
    • Click on Profile in the bottom-right corner.
    • Choose the Continue Watching option on the displayed menu.
    • Tap the Edit option in the top-right corner to edit your Continue Watching list. The list of your HBO Max history will be displayed, with an icon for each movie or show.
    • Tap the X symbol and then tap Done. Clear out items that you don’t want from the list.
    • To remove videos you don’t want from your Continue Watching playlist on HBO Max, you only have to hit the “Remove” button.

    How to get rid of Continue Watching on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or Chromebook PC

    It is easiest to curate HBO Max content using a web browser. It works on Macs and Windows, as well as any major browser.

    If you prefer to watch HBO Max this way, we will show you how to manage the Continue Watching Section. Here are the steps:

    • Log in and create an HBO Max account.
    • Click on the account symbol in the top-right corner.
    • Select “My Stuff” from the menu.
    • Click Continue Watching.
    • A new menu will open. Click the “Edit” button at the top right.
    • Here you will see the complete list of all the titles you have started to see. Each thumbnail will display a “Remove from List” button. Click on any title you would like to remove. Repeat this process as many times as you feel necessary.
    • You can delete the Continue Watching list by selecting “Clear ALL” at the top.
    • Once you’re done with removing items, click “Done”.
    • How do I start a new HBO Max show?

    There are many ways to create an HBO Max series. You must first create a new account and search for your desired show. You may also use the “series searching” feature on HBO Max’s website to search for specific shows.

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