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Google Workspace Enterprise – who can use this tool?

    Business leaders are nowadays in charge of not only securing a functioning enterprise-grade workplace, but also of re-imagining the way their employees work. Flexible storage options, advanced video conferencing features, and advanced security and compliance, these are only part of the Google Workspace enterprise solutions.

    The suite helps you experience the true benefits of a digital transformation, sustaining a safe hybrid or remote work environment for big corporations with many employees. Find out who this Enterprise edition is designed for and whether its advanced features will make your team more productive and collaborative in the cloud.

    What is Google Workspace and who is it for?

    Workspace is a Google-owned service platform that provides small and large businesses with productivity tools, collaboration tools, and cloud storage.

    With apps like Gmail, Google Drive, text, sheets, and presentations or messaging tools, Workspace can help you streamline internal communications, facilitate hybrid collaboration, ensure transparency and security without straining your budget.

    The pricing for Google Workspace business editions (plans for companies with up to 300 seats and access to all Google Workspace apps) looks like this:

    • Google Workspace Business Starter €4.68 net per month per user – each user in this plan has 30 GB of storage and can host video conferences for up to 100 users.
    • Google Workspace Business Standard €9.36 net per month per user – this plan expands storage to 2 TB and Google Meet participants limits to 150.
    • Google Workspace Business Plus €15.6 net per month per user – an account has 5 TB of storage, and 500 people can attend video calls. Admins gain access to advanced mobile device management options and Google Vault.

    Corporations that surpass the 300 Google Workspace seats can sign up for a personalised Google Workspace Enterprise edition. Get an easy upgrade from Google Workspace Business or a personalised offer for one of the Enterprise plans from a FOTC’s business advisors.

    How do you know Google Workspace Enterprise is the right solution for your organisation?

    For a company with more than 300 employees and the need to accommodate more users on the go, one of the three Enterprise plans, Essentials, Standard or Plus, might be a solution. Corporations in education, gaming, governmental, healthcare or retail need not only scalability and flexibility in accommodating multiple teams, but also more security and admin control tools.

    The Enterprise package is the most powerful edition of Google Workspace and includes unlimited cloud space for each user, advanced management and security options, including Vault, DLP and selection of data regions.

    Here are some of the enhancements you can cross over with your company’s needs to see if this is the right plan for you:

    • All Google Workspace Business features and improved security
    • Unlimited Cloud Storage (maximum single file size 5Tb)
    • An unlimited number of video conferences for up to 500 people with full Google Meet functionality
    • Archive and Retention controls for Email, Chat and Documents
    • Use of Enterprise Data Regions for your data
    • eDiscovery across all Email, Chat and Documents (Google Vault)
    • License includes Appsheet Core version. App Sheet. AppSheet
    • Google Drive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Context Aware Access
    • Gmail Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Work Insights Reports for users and Access Transparency logs of admin activity
    • Enterprise search across Workspace data and 3rd-party repositories (Cloud Search)

    Find out more about upgrading, downgrading or renewing your Google Workspace’s corporate editions with a Google cloud specialised company. FOTC can help you set up Google Workspace and offer you an extended free trial period with exclusive discounts, data migration, and full technical support along the day.

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