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    Do you know what your chances are when it comes to winning a casino game? Here’s something you probably don’t know – some games are based on luck while others allow you to create your luck. Did you know that? When you look at a casino like 777 Casino, it’s evident that there are tons of games you can play. But which ones rely on luck, and which ones can you tweak to boost your winning odds? That’s the premise of the difference between games of skill and games of chance.

    Games of Chance

    Let’s paint a picture.

    • Suppose you spin the wheel on a slot machine. 
    • Think of your chances when you roll dice.
    • Assume you have wagered on red when playing Russian Roulette.

    How likely are you to win? The truth is that you have no say in the outcome of any of these moves. For example, in slot machines, the software determines whether you win or not based on random number generation. And in Russian Roulette, the ball falls anywhere on the table, and you cannot do anything to influence where it stops. So, you will not influence your wins or losses even if you try any strategies with such games. That’s why they are known as games of chance, i.e., games based on pure luck.

    Why does this matter? When you are playing a game of chance like slot machines, you should focus on:

    1. Managing your bankroll: You cannot control the outcome of the game and thus cannot guarantee that you will win your wagers back. With this in mind, you should focus on only spending what you can afford to lose. A good measure is to have a budget such that when you deplete what you had carved out for the games, you walk away and don’t chase losses.
    2. Avoiding strategies: You cannot influence the outcome in games of chance. So, there is no need for you to try winning strategies in the hope of beating the house. Instead of spending time on strategies, focus your efforts on learning the rules of each game. You will be much better equipped to raise your winning odds in this manner.

    When it comes to games of chance, it’s best to go with the flow and enjoy the game. If you win, you get to celebrate; if you lose, so be it.

    Source: Pexels

    Games of Skill

    Consider the following scenarios.

    • You have played your second hand in Blackjack and already hit 15. Should you stand or hit?
    • You can tell your opponent might be bluffing about his hand in poker and want to call his bluff. Should you do it?

    These are scenarios that depict games of skill to a great extent. Unlike games of chance, where you barely have a say in the outcome of the game, you can decide which direction is best for you in a game of skill. As the name implies, you can use your knowledge of the game to win. For example, if you already have a 19 in Blackjack, it makes sense to stand rather than hit. If the dealer has less than 19, you will win. But they win if they have more than 19 and have not gone bust. You get to make a calculated move.

    In games of skill like Blackjack and poker, you can focus on:

    1. Mastering the rules of the game: Your best bet will always be how knowledgeable you are regarding the rules. For example, you can also double down or split in Blackjack, but you won’t know that unless you have studied the game.
    2. Practicing the game: Try many demo games to see how well you understand the rules, and so you can also point out any weaknesses in your gameplay.
    3. Proven strategies: Games of skill can benefit from strategies that go a long way in boosting your winning chances.

    Like with games of chance, be sure to have a budget and stick to it. No matter how good you are at calling bluffs and perfecting sneak attacks, you will always need to have a handle on your finances.

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