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26 Platform to Get Free Stock video Footage

    Video editors, content creators, designers, and other creative artists often find themselves in time-consuming pits, and spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on good footage in seconds is not an option. However, thanks to the growing community of videographers, many sites frequently update their directories of free stock video footage to serve their visitors and communities.

    If you plan to publish using footage you have created, you should always consider the free stock video footage option. Otherwise, you run the risk of encountering copyright infringement problems, which does not necessarily mean going to court. In many cases, it feels like our videos are being removed from online sources right away, wasting time.

    What’s more, even though we operate our cameras and have enough equipment to shoot video, we are limited or limited in terms of resources to process the video ourselves. There is a limitation that you can shoot the landscapes and settings needed for our project. This makes the Stock Footage site more reliable and, of course, great.

    What is Stock Footage?

    First, let’s talk about what a real stock footage is. Stock footage refers to videos that have been uploaded and archived online and are ready to meet the needs of those who want to use them.
    There are different licenses for stock footage, and these stock licenses are usually available explicitly when you download a stock video.

    You can use the video in any way (private or commercial) without attribution to its creator or distributor.

    In other words, if you use footage, you must credit the creator and/or distributor. As the name implies, stock footage can be used for personal use, but not for profitable projects.

    The biggest benefit of using stock videos is that they are usually free, but depending on your site, certain “upgrades” such as 4K quality or the removal of attributes may cost you money. Due to the surge in demand for video marketing, free stock videos are a great way to keep your video content high, cost-effective, and advertised across social media posts, websites, and even businesses. can.


    Videvo has really evolved as a stock video platform in recent years. Thousands of stock videos have been uploaded to Videvo, thanks to freelancers, videographers, and generous community members who are generally great people.

    The former allows you to use the video as you like. If you do not give credit to the author, you will not be able to upload or share videos online. CC 3.0 requires the credits of the author who shot the video to be displayed, which is why many authors and creatives believe that sharing their footage on Videvo is reliable. This gives them the freedom to expose.



    Videezy is a member of the Eezy Inc. family. If you’re looking for the latest free stock videos shot in 4K resolution, it’s worth watching Videezy again. I won’t regret it. Video categories such as nature, city, sea, sky, and city are popular attractions for those who need category-specific footage.

    However, you can also use the search bar to find the keyword-targeted footage. Much of the content on the site is over a minute long, giving you the freedom to further edit the video footage to meet the needs of your project.



    Pexels Videos offers completely free videos. All videos are licensed under a Creative Commons zero license. This means that you can edit or modify the video and use it for free in your personal or even commercial projects. You don’t need to ask for permission or establish a link to the source. Therefore, that attribute is not needed.

    The types of videos you can find on Pexels ensure that you are ready for a simple, relaxing video footage to use for promotions, website introductions, project demos, or the latest YouTube videos. The most popular categories are nature, technology & cities.



    Pond5 is the largest creative media sites in the world. With more than 70 employees, this royalty-free footage resource focuses on providing great content to those in need. Anyone with creative aspirations can become a paid member of the site and share their work in exchange for a 50:50 share of the revenue earned.

    You serve content and Pond5 serves buyers-as easy as that! All footage comes in several forms. These are standard SD, flexible HD options, and 4k options. There are many categories to choose from: Animal, Medicine, Nature, New York City etc.



    Over 60,000 members enjoy over 600 stock videos, downloading thousands of times each month. The range of videos ranges from simple time-lapse to sophisticated scientific reaction videos that certainly inspire in different directions. All footage is free to us

    All videos are posted on the website. Choose from 9 different categories, pets, technology, animals and more. Also, if you want to see the most popular or latest videos available, filter the videos. The videos are a bit random so if you’re looking for something specific you may not find it here. There is also no option to preview the video, so you have to download it to watch it. The videos are available in .mov format and various sizes.


    Free Nature Stock

    If you are looking for a natural free stock library, then you can use the name Free Natural Stock. All content found on the platform is free to use for both commercial and personal projects. Videos can be up to 30 seconds long, and each video will be at least HD, even if it’s not 4K quality. There may not be the greatest source of content for Free Nature Stock, but nonetheless, what they have in store is very attractive. And you can make it yours and use it for the projects you are working on. Take advantage of stars, fire, snow, water, and all-free natural stock.



    FOCA offers a number of free stock video clips for commercial projects. For websites, social media, blog posts, and templates, FOCA content works for everything, just by naming it. You may not have many available, but you are more likely to find what you are looking for. Download some and save them for future use, and you’ll always have a handy collection of resources at your fingertips. Note: No attribution is required when using the available videos. You can also redistribute FOCA content


    Motion Array

    Motion Array is the ultimate movie making and video editing platform. They offer a vast library of stock video footage, Premiere Pro and After Effects templates, and royalty-free music. Paid members have unlimited access to the entire library.

    You can preview the video from the search results page or click Details and click the video. All videos are available for an unlimited number of projects at no additional charge. The site even stipulates that the footage can be used in Hollywood blockbusters and local ads, at no additional charge. This helped to attract many impressive clients including Universal and EA.



    Distill has a decent strategy to deliver 10 free HD quality videos every 10 days. Of course, if you want to send content, you can also send it. You can search for different categories of free video content including nature, cities, food, people, animals, technology and summaries. The videos you dug can be downloaded directly from the website without the need to create an account. Also, if you don’t need anything yet, subscribe to Distill’s newsletter and do nothing to deliver 10 new videos directly to your inbox.



    Dissolve provides high quality footage for any video. That means you can find something of value in Dissolve, regardless of your project. Editors, directors, and producers can use Dissolve stock footage to enhance and enhance their work. Choose from over 1.3 million stock videos and create amazing ones.

    Just enter a simple keyword and tens of thousands of videos will unfold in front of you. All complement each other with brief descriptions that describe the landscape and location where the video was shot. Quickly find the right material with Dissolve and create new content for your website or blog without a drop.



    VideoBlocks has over 100,000 stock videos. Many of them are currently in full HD and 4K resolution. The annual registration price is $99. This may result in unlimited downloads. In addition, all new content added to the site will be immediately available for download.
    VideoBlocks arguably offers the most compelling stock footage on the market. In addition, if you are interested in sharing content with the whole world, you can become a VideoBlocks contributor right now. Sign up to make money.



    Pixabay is a very large resource for visual content. True, Pixel is also a free stock video site with all sorts of footage. A global community of creative and talented individuals regularly contributes to Pixa’s amazing work. There are four main categories, one of which is video.

    Then, just enter the search function and press Enter and you’ll enjoy the amazing features that are immediately displayed on your screen. You can also quickly see your popular searches, first see the details of advanced searches on Pixel, or navigate from there. If you want to combine something special or inspire you with a short video clip, you can find the right one on Pixabay.

    CheckItNow is another powerful platform that contains endless free stock videos. By the way, is an online video producer. However, the packaging of stock video is so large that is definitely worthy of being included in the list of the best free stock video websites. In short, is an all-in-one website where you can use your creativity to create beautiful videos that attract visitors and users. You can even upload your own media and instantly distinguish it from the public. Make meaningful videos and shine online through



    If you are looking for the best free stock video site, we have a fair bunch here for you. MotionElements is a breathtaking resource of footage and stock video that you can play for online purposes. Instead of taking your own clips, you can find all kinds of masterpieces available for free online.
    Of course, different rules apply to each, but you are free to use the videos you find on MotionElements to entertain your followers. MotionElements content is royalty free. This means that you can use it again and again for different projects that you are doing on your side.



    Coverr is a non-adhesive stock video website with exquisite content. You can choose from different categories of food, nature, technology, people, cities, animals, air, and more. You can also try the search function to see what you can get with your keyword.

    What’s great about Coverr is that it delivers 7 new videos every Monday. And if you don’t want to miss new content, be sure to become a subscriber and join the Coverler community. If you use Coverr videos, first check the easy 3-step process of adding the selected video to your page.



    SplitShire is primarily focused on photography, but the platform also has a lot of free stock videos to offer. There are many beautiful and fascinating images that you can get without spending a dime. Video is very effective, especially if you are looking for content to add to your social account.

    You can also test your content almost instantly by downloading content from SplitShire and uploading it to Facebook, Instagram, or any other active platform. Interestingly, SplitShire is a pretty serious deal, but there is only one person behind the project.



    Only high resolution videos can be found on Mixkit. To increase the hype, Mixkit releases a collection of 10 new free videos every week. They fall into different categories to cover as many projects and hobbies as possible. For example, Mixkit has some videos on coffee, transportation, the outdoors, music, cities, and lifestyle.

    The 11 main categories consist of tons of free videos for everyone to benefit from. Mixkit also continues to grow its community of contributors. So you can be one too. Don’t miss the next free video package, sign up for the Mixkit newsletter.



    If you need versatility, Openfootage is one of the better free stock video sites. From footage and panoramas to time-lapse editing and fireline editing, you can find them, and then find them in Openfootage. You can browse in the main categories on the left, or use the search bar to find more specific ones.

    Each content also contains additional information about locations and tags that can be used to search for other videos and visual artwork. There are four people behind the Openfootage project, making great footage for worldwide use and use.



    Clipstill differs slightly from the other sites on this list in that it does not provide stock videos or footage, it does provide cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are essentially “moving pictures”. They are still due to some minor, repetitive movements.

    If you’re struggling to find the right content for your online presence, you’ll know where to find it. And even if you don’t have it on Clipstill, there are many other places to download as much free video content as you like. This means you’ll never run out of content, keep your web project up to date, and update it regularly. Join us, join our newsletter and get started.



    Dareful is a solo exhibition by creative Joel Holland. At the time of this writing, Dareful’s free stock video collection may not be huge, but you’ll find some really beautiful and interesting material. Knowing that all free footage is 4K, you will find that you only get the best and best of Dareful.
    There are even some really moving clips in the air that are really breathtaking. You can expect new clips to be dropped weekly. Don’t miss the new content that Joel himself delivers directly to his inbox.


    Footage Crate

    Footage Crate is probably the only site on the list today that focuses on serving stock videos in the FX category. Anyone who creates movies and short clips and needs some special effects added to them will greatly benefit from the kind of content footage crates bring to the table. All FX effects available are full HD! In the footage crate.
    There are different types of content categories such as explosions, fire, anime, creatures, horror and muzzle flash. If you need something else, check out our footage crates now and start creating eye-catching masterpieces.



    Mazwai is a simple stock footage site that offers over 200 clips and can be viewed and viewed directly from within the home page. Simply place the cursor on one of the clips and playback will begin. And to find more clips, scroll down to see all the other content available to Mazwai. Maswai delivers really amazing footage, many of which are about 2-3 minutes long. To keep the long story short, Mazwai provides a lot of content to inspire your web space.



    The main idea of CuteStockFootage is to provide you with the material you need to create the best possible video. It’s perfect for any movie or video creator, professional or amateur. You can find a lot of material for your video/sound project here. Explore the website and download as many clips and shots as you need.
    Does anyone want to get a little cute stock footage into their projects? You can do that with the help of the various footage you’ve found on CuteStockFootage, a free stock video site.


    Life of Vids

    Life of Vids is the perfect site to visit if you’re looking for inspiration. All of their videos are hosted on Vimeo, free for commercial and personal use, with no restrictions. However, there is a “Buy us a beer” button with gratitude.

    The only requirement is that the user is limited to 10 videos. This is a way to prevent all videos on your site from being posted elsewhere. The function of the keyword is not so good. I’ve tested it with some common keywords, but haven’t got any results, so this site is great for inspiration. Scroll through beautiful collections based on a wide range of topics including nature, people and cities.


    Beachfront B-Roll

    You know where to stand on Beachfront B-Roll. Everything on the site is free to use and does not require attribution. Just download the video and use it as you like. The videos fall into various categories such as Nature, Technology, Holidays, and more. However, because there is no search bar, it can take some time to scroll to find what you are looking for.


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