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35 Best Free Folder Mockups PSd

    If you are looking for the easiest way to present your folder mockup design, here is a collection of folder layouts PSD that are perfect for your presentation. Whether you’re a corporate identity designer, branding project, or online presentation, always make sure your design shots are of the highest quality.

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    Presentation folders are used to organize documents and are an important fixed element for businesses/businesses. When designing a company’s corporate identity, it is often necessary to present it in a variety of layouts, including notebooks, business letters, business cards, and presentation folders. You even need to create vivid presentation folders to suit your company’s needs.

    The folder design file that you send to the printer bears little resemblance to the actual folder. It won’t be a fully realized design until it’s printed, cut and folded. Folder layout templates help you understand the confusion by creating a physical digital prototype. This makes it much easier to present the final design to clients.

    Free Corporate Presentation Folder Mockup

    They were an important part of office supplies because they have letterhead and informational literature. The presentation folder has double-sided pockets as well as single-sided storage, most of which can be made from hard paper sheets. In most cases, it acts like a folder for your organization. They can be printed in full color with company information.
    Today we provide the layout of presentation folders available in PSD format. These layouts support smart objects with well-organized layers. This set of folder mockups was created by mockups-design.


    Free Pocket Folder Mockup

    pocket folder layouts that are well organized and easy to customize by adjusting the brightness, highlights and shadow hues of the layers. You can arrange the design of the interior and change the color. Just drag and drop your design into the Smart Objects area and the layout will be completed in 1 minute.


    Free A4 Folder Mockup

    High resolution high quality folder mockup available in A4 size. The folder mockup has three different renderings. Designs can be inserted on all four sides such as pockets. Apply a fill to customize the background or use a textured background to pop up your presentation. A mockup of this folder is created by free-psd-templates.


    Binder Mockup

    The best binder mockups for your branding projects add value to your presentation. Smart layers simplify the editing process so you can insert a logo and change the color.


    Serpentine Presentation Folder MockUp

    Today we are excited to share with you a mockup of this stylish folder to help you create a realistic presentation of your design. PSD files are very easy to use and you can simply replace the image in the smart object with your design and make the necessary changes.



    Two layouts of a closed and an open folder. You can insert the design on all 4 sides, including the pocket. Customize the background by applying a fill or use any textured background to open your presentation.


    Free Letterhead, Envelope & Folder Mockup

    Ultra-high resolution letterhead mockup available in psd format. This mockup includes a letterhead, envelope, pen, and paper-sized folder to showcase your corporate identity. The background color can also be changed by applying a fill to the last layer.


    File Folder Mockup

    A folder layout that allows you to view the front and interior designs separately using these layouts.lets you change the design of folders and pages with just one click.


    Free Folder Mockup

    Folder Mockup allows you to turn your digital designs into stunning real products without spending any extra time and effort. Just use smart object option to personalize it with your designs and well-organized layers for the rest of the customizations.


    Free A4 Size Folder Mockup

    Beautiful photorealistic 3D generated psd folder mockup created to showcase your corporate design. There are three different 3D renders in the folder that display the header and inner page along with the letterhead design.
    All psd files support smart objects and are properly configured for immediate design insertion. The background color can also be customized.


    Free Box File Mockup

    Free customizable box file layout scene. View different stationery designs in one layout. In this layout scene, you can change the design of your box files (front and side marks), paper, book covers (front and binding), and boxes simply by using the Smart Objects option. All objects are placed in separate folders, so you can adjust the shadows and lighting effects of each element individually. This layout also allows you to customize the background and the lugs placed under the object.


    Dual Stacked Presentation Folders Mockup

    The two presentation folders in this mockup are spread flat on a flat surface, making the front cover of the design attractive to the viewer.
    . Both templates can be customized with a design of your choice or creation. The design will be automatically applied to every folder in the layout.


    Binder Folder Mockups

    The binder mockup contains 5 templates with different images to give you the versatility you need to make your project successful.layers simplify the editing process, so you can insert a logo and change colors in just a few steps.
    You can also change the base color of the sheet set by applying a fill inside the Smart Object. Use smart objects to change the interior, spine and interior. Redesign your letterhead and use this layout in your branded designs to add value to your presentation. The background color can also be changed.


    Free Corporate Folder Mockup

    A 3D creation set of four scenes with folder layouts for placing stationery designs and corporate identities. Place a smart object inside the title and folder design and place an image to get a photo-realistic image.


    Front and Inside Folder Mockup

    This presentation folder mockup allows you to see two different parts of the design at the same time: the front cover and the inner pocket/panel. Use when you want recipients to understand the general meaning of folder design with a single image. This Photoshop template can be customized with square or rounded ones and folder design of your choice.


    Pocket Folder Mockup

    The folder mockup has two file folders that introduce the stationery branding design. Designs can be inserted on all four sides such as pockets. Apply a fill to customize the background or use a textured background to pop up your presentation.


    Free Hardcover File Folder Mockup

    Today’s great layout is another handy addition to our site. This is useful for branding and corporate design. Easily place your drawings in a hardcover folder layout using Smart Objects, replace them with A4 paper and fill color inside the folder to present to your clients.


    Ring Binder Folder Mockup

    Ring Binder Folder Layout in your project branding to add value to your presentation. This free mockup allows you to add your drawings to the cramped and open folder and to A4 paper inside the folder.


    Free Folder & A4 Letterhead Mockup

    Super high resolution folder mockup and A4 letterhead. Change the color of the left flap, pocket area and back side with a Smart Object. You can change the pin color as well as the background color using the second and third Smart Layers. After making changes to suit your corporate style, post the letterhead and quickly prepare the layout.


    Office Binder Mockup

    Office Binder layout that you can showcase your ideas on the side. Smart layers simplify the editing process, so you can insert your logos and change colors in just a few steps.


    Presentation Folder Mockup

    Folder Layout to quickly showcase your beautiful designs. Customize the background by applying a fill or use any textured background to open your presentation.


    Close-Up Pocket Folder Mockup

    This layout provides a magnified view within the presentation folder. Great for providing viewers with personalized details of the design details in the presentation folder pockets and panels. It can be used to showcase two pockets, one pocket (left or right), or a pocketless folder design. This Photoshop Template (PSD) is customizable


    Creative Folder Mockup

    Creative Folder Mock up offers four perspective view PSDs and a very simple, lightweight vector shape-based mockup that can be quickly edited using smart object layers.


    School District Pocket Folder

    This cool folder design template with original illustrations of academia icons (books, graduation caps, back to school supplies, glossy red apples, etc.) makes this elegant folder simple, artistic, and stylish. Take a different approach. Personal folders created using this template will be used by the school district or organizations related to children’s education. Especially useful in connection with graduations, PTA meetings and other important school events.


    Branding Stationery Mockup

    Today I am proud to present to you our latest letterhead mockup, which includes 2 business cards, CD, CD cover, folder and letterhead. the value of your presentation. The background color is also changeable.


    Six Design Services Folder

    This design template skillfully uses modern typography and icon style graphics to convey craftsmanship, inventive step and high tech. The front cover is occupied by the number “6” and shows the various design services offered by the brand (though you can easily redirect to others). Similar to the traffic light’s “forward” indicator, the green color of the pattern will captivate the audience with comfort and safety.


    New York City Folder

    Stylish vector graphics of the New York skyline adorn these architectural folders, business cards and postcard templates in a variety of vibrant aquamarine hues. This free download is ideal for architects designing buildings in major cities.


    Ornate Wedding Planner Pocket Folder

    Dramatic black-and-white photos, brightly colored icons, and highly intricate floral patterns all make this wedding planner’s memorable folders extremely memorable. The green callout and accompanying text work well as the logo for the combo label. All you have to do is change the text inside to your name or the name of your wedding planning company.


    Dream Home Real Estate Folder

    This real estate folder resembles a modern magazine advertisement with eye-catching photographs and detailed patterns. The diagonal direction of the line, which combines bright blue and pink, gives it a very attractive look and will definitely grab the attention of the audience. This template is suitable for presenting different options to clients such as documents, photographs, brochures, flyers and more. For potential housing. This is especially useful for young viewers looking to buy or rent their first home.


    Law Office Legal Size Pocket Folder

    This legal-sized pocket folder design template features elegant cursive fonts, printed ribbons and wax-printed elements for a hefty and authoritative vibe. Intricate illustrations are also featured in the background, including the iconic blindfold of the goddess of justice, swords and scales.


    Blue Diamond Logistics Corporate Folder

    A sharp, polished vector logo reminiscent of two interlocking metal diamonds graces the cover of this logistics business design. It is an energetic corporate identity that strongly conveys professionalism and experience.



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