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23 Best Free Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes

    Ten years ago, no one could have predicted the incredible growth of websites like Amazon. These days, Amazon and other similar e-commerce platforms have become the leading shopping solutions. And why not, shipping is convenient and websites like Amazon usually attract an incredible number of vendors. It is best known for its extensive catalog of books and electronic products. Starting an Amazon affiliate website is a viable business opportunity with Affiliate WordPress Themes. In most cases, it is viable because there are so many products to process.

    Also, not all Amazon sellers provide the correct instructions or product examples. In such cases, promoting such products on the Affiliate WordPress Themes can help you keep an eye out. You can also insert additional videos and photos, as well as additional product data.

    Not surprisingly, search engines like Google will make your product descriptions more concise. Then you can enjoy more natural traffic. At this point, you don’t have to worry about returning the user to Amazon. You have given them a new way to look at this particular product, which is enough to increase affiliate sales.

    Affiliate WordPress Themes is one of the most profitable niches you can make online with minimal investment. Some bloggers earn thousands of dollars every month using only the Amazon Associates program. WordPress makes it much easier to build and maintain an effective affiliate marketing website.

    For example, WordPress has some useful plugins, such as the WooZone plugin, which allows you to sync multiple Amazon products with your website to pull images, descriptions, and tags and import the products into your affiliate store without hassle.

    We have listed all these themes for free here, so you don’t have to pay even a penny to install and use this theme. All of these WordPress themes are similar in terms of functionality.

    But with a little more attention, we need to find expertise in each subject. You can also create a WordPress affiliate store with the WooCommerce feature that uses these themes.

    Why You Choose An Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes from The List Below?

    Good question! First of all, WordPress has all the powerful features and is very easy to use for novice bloggers without any knowledge of coding.

    You can take advantage of various Amazon Associates plugins, add a WooCommerce store, and write code to perform specific actions or functions. How much can you ignore compatibility with social networks, SEO, and mobile-friendliness.

    Well, there are many reasons to prefer WordPress over traditional websites.

    To get the theme that suits you best, you need to think carefully about your needs and essence. Then you need to match the theme you want to keep in your pick list. I hope you have to be able to find the best one for you if you know exactly what you want.


    Gutenshop’s design is so sophisticated that it is difficult to distinguish this Affiliate WordPress Themes from a real store. In the early days of affiliate themes, it was necessary to put the link directly on the product page.

    It wasn’t the most convenient way. Mainly because it clearly shows that the website is based on affiliate marketing. Themes like Gutenshop take it a step further. Instead of the purchase link on the product page, visitors can add the product to the actual shopping cart. Then, when you are ready to order, you can go to your shopping cart and go to Amazon’s website.

    Utilizing Woocommerce and Blocks, you can create your own landing page with the new Page Builder.You can create a grid, display your products, and add all the content you can dream of to your front page. It is designed to be used as a one-page shop. Can be used for beauty, ladies’ fashion, sports, men’s clothing, electronics, furniture, retail stores, toys, digital products, kitchens, and other e-commerce shops.

    In addition, the theme was awesome page speed/load time and was completely SEO optimized. The new editor is also a multi-purpose theme so you can create any kind of business page or blog. You can also easily use the one-click checkout feature to become an Amazon affiliate store.

    Demo / Download


    Astra is one of the most amazing Affiliate WordPress Themes. You can use this theme to create any kind of WordPress website, not just blogs and affiliate sites.

    It comes with two types, a free version and a pro version. You can start with their free version. Astra is highly recommended. This is a lightweight WordPress theme with 4+ drag and drop page builders.

    This will allow you to design your blog perfectly without any problems. Includes Elementor Page Builder, Brizy Page Builder, Beaver Page Builder and more. You can choose any. And do all you don’t have to buy their pro version.

    With Astra Free Edition you can do even more. It also has powerful theme options that allow you to fully customize the header and footer sections. Overall, I’m very happy with the theme loading speed. They are really fully optimizing the theme code. So it takes less than 3 seconds to load all the pages.

    Demo / Download

    Blog Path

    Blogpath is the latest theme with detailed support for advertising and advertising affiliate links. Many of the more successful membership sites are actually based on content blogs.

    The theme will continue to provide the functions needed to make the membership website function properly. It starts with a responsive design that is easy to adapt to any device.

    The automated code base is accurate and will recognize the type of device accessing the website.

    Blog paths are one of the best choices when using the affiliate marketing WordPress theme. It has a fully responsive design and browser compatibility. So the browser is not a problem.

    In addition, Blog Path includes a number of attractive features that give it a complete, creative look. Retina display is supported and comes with clean, error-free HTML code. You don’t have to be a pro to use this amazing theme. This is sufficient for beginners.

    Demo / Download

    Savona Blog

    Check out another WordPress theme, Savona, beautifully designed for a variety of uses. You can use it for fashion, travel, fitness, lifestyle, food, news, magazines, blogs, personal, and many other purposes. It’s a fully responsive and user friendly Blogger template for affiliate marketing.

    Of course, this is the subject of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes. With the native Amazon integration plugin, you can start fetching your products right away.

    Simply specify your affiliate username and you’re ready to start selling. In addition, Savona has all the features of Woocommerce, SEO-enabled WordPress themes and RTL are supported.

    Demo / Download

    Advance Blogging

    Advance Blogging is a clean and versatile WordPress theme. It can be used to create a variety of blogs, including lifestyle, cooking, beauty, technology and other blogs. It has a very impressive and responsive design and lots of interesting features.

    This theme is optimized for SEO. Therefore, it always attracts the visitors of the theme. Again, RTL is supported with valid HTML code. Plus, it’s compatible with all modern browsers. For further inquiries, please visit the official website.

    Demo / Download

    Interserver Blog

    Say hello to this Interserver blog. It’s a clean and lightweight WordPress theme for multiple features. It has an elegant look and handsome features. It’s very easy to customize with the great typography system and Google Fonts.

    This fascinating WordPress theme includes a custom menu, custom widgets for header and footer styling along with admin options. Contains RTL language support and one-click demo installation. So now it is completely up to you whether you will pick it up or not.

    Demo / Download


    StyleBlog is a great WordPress theme for different types of use. Light weight and very easy to access. The minimalist design, bright colors and unobtrusive look will also blow your mind. It has a lot of impressive features and functions.

    Style Blog is beautifully designed and developed according to the WordPress standard. Great for creating personal blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs and other websites. The style blog theme is easy to use, easily customizable via the live WordPress customizer and translation-enabled.

    Demo / Download

    Blossom Mommy Blog

    Here’s another great affiliate theme, the Blossom Mommy Blog. It comes with a great look and exciting features. Contains all Woo Commerce plugins. So you can easily create your e-shop and have an extra source of income.

    The theme looks concise and clear, but has advanced and easy-to-use features to help you stand out. BlossomMommy Blog is to share expert fashion tips, recipes you like or create a lifestyle, beauty, wedding, portfolio or food blog.

    Affiliate aspects are provided in the form of advertising placements. The placement of the content itself is very concise, with a lot of focus in the center of the screen.

    You can display an affiliate banner on both sides of your post that will get the reader’s attention. Easily customize your website with typography and color features.

    You can also change the color to pink, black, or any color you like. Blossom Mommy Blog is mobile-friendly, completely responsive, and can make your website look great on different screens.

    Demo / Download

    Blog Grid

    Here is another great multipurpose WordPress theme. BlogGrid. It has an attractive look and great features. While using it, you can enjoy its simplicity & speed. Again, it’s very easy to use, operate, and update.

    Moreover, Very active customer service is ready to help you use this theme. It includes many useful layouts and ready-made homepages. It is also inexpensive and can be operated with any browser. So if you think everything is going well, give it a go.

    Demo / Download

    Blog Personal Plus

    Meet Blog Personal Plus, a beautiful child theme that supports WordPress themes. It’s a fully responsive and user friendly wordpess theme with amazing features. Cross-browser compatible with all other required support.

    A phenomenal addition to the WordPress blog theme collection! Handle all your needs and requirements to create a stunning WordPress blog site.

    A personal blog is the answer to all your problems! Yes, this theme was created and designed in a way that will surprise all users. Not only does it look amazing, but this template contains a lot of amazing features.

    Demo / Download

    ST Blog

    Check out St Blog for responsive design, an elegant, clean, minimalist WordPress theme. IT comes with great features and groups of features. It has all the custom functions that are very essential to affiliate writing.

    This theme has all the features you need, including translation support, footer style widgets, etc., so it can be a very good companion. Again, cross-browser support is provided for the required social media icons. Now the decision is up to you. Pay more attention to your needs.

    Demo / Download

    VW Writer Blog

    VW Writer is a great WordPress theme for using affiliates and is captivated by its intuitive look and engaging features. This amazing theme is very easy to use and easy to customize. Again, compatible with almost all modern browsers.

    You can also use it to create a literary blog or start an online store for selling music, movies and video games. Attentive to the smallest detail, it has been created with the utmost care to cover every aspect of a literary website.

    This bookstore and writer WordPress theme is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and translations are ready to meet the growing demands of today’s users. This is a search engine optimized theme that allows you to easily direct traffic to your site by ranking high in search results.

    No higher configuration devices are needed. You can use it smoothly on your smartphone. All the social media icons are here so you can get your post to more people. If you think all the features are right, you can get it.

    Demo / Download

    Minimal Blog

    Minimal blogging is a flexible and versatile WordPress theme. It’s very suitable for magazines, newspapers, or review sites. So if you are interested in creating a site for your thoughts and feedback, you can use this theme.

    It comes with some amazing features and a great look. Translation is available. Again, this is a fully responsive and mobile friendly WordPress theme. In addition, there are various widgets, layouts, fonts, color schemes and other options. So, continue to suit your needs.

    Demo / Download


    AllBlog has interesting features and responsive design. It’s actually a beautiful WordPress theme with child theme support. This amazing theme is very easy to use and easy to customize. It is fully responsive, so you can use it on your smartphone.

    This theme includes all modern browser compatibility. All social media icons are meant to bring your post to more people. Full width custom backgrounds and grid layouts are also available. Do you think it’s okay? I think it’s a pretty impressive WordPress theme.

    Demo / Download

    Viable Blog

    Meet Viable Blog, a great WordPress theme developed specifically for your personal blog. So it can be a better option for your affiliate writing. It’s 100% responsive and compatible across browsers. Therefore, it can be used on any browser, not just any device.

    Executable blogs support almost all social media buttons, so they look great on any media device. Again, you can share posts via it. Custom menus, widgets, typography options, fonts and other features all help provide a great experience. I wish you good luck.

    Demo / Download

    Wisdom Blog

    Introducing Wisdom Blog, CodeVibrant’s latest clean and personal blog theme! The fully responsive design looks beautiful across desktop, mobile and all devices.

    Easy installation allows you to start posting blogs right after activation. Themes supported a customizer that allows you to customize and change the design of your blog.

    This amazing theme is compatible with all modern browsers and social sharing options. There is an easy installation option with a one-click demo and a custom menu. You can, so even beginners should use this theme.

    Demo / Download


    As far as the current situation is concerned, there are no more than professional Amazon membership themes for WordPress, at least not in the premium market But that is more than enough to meet your needs.

    Some unique designs are better than just a handful of them. So, with that in mind, we give you your last option, which is the Blogto theme.

    Blogto is a simple and minimal WordPress blog theme. It is suitable for personal or professional blogs and creative portfolios. Blogto is built on Bootstrap’s responsive layout and has fully customizable options. It contains all the functions needed for a complete blog site.

    The WordPress Customizer’s Theme Options panel lets you edit content in real time. This means you can try out the look and feel of your site with Instant Preview before your changes take effect.

    It is the ultimate WordPress blog theme with powerful features, such as one-click import of demo content, support for WooCommerce, and more.

    Demo / Download

    Blog Personal

    The best affiliate websites are those that can offer professional services. In the old days, anyone could bootstrap their own poorly designed affiliate website.

    Quality did not matter because the quantity and availability of the products were the dominant ones. These days, things are shifting towards quality.

    This is probably because digital security has become more and more prevalent in e-commerce. People want to avoid using fake websites as much as possible. Also, using a theme like the Blog Personal is sure to remove these customer assumptions.

    It’s completely free and responsive to any device with smart features. It is also a cross-browser compatible with all social media icons. This amazing theme also includes many progressive features.

    Includes one-click demo imports, custom layouts, custom menus, backgrounds and more. Are you still confused? In that case, please visit the official page for more information.

    Demo / Download

    Perfect Blog

    The perfect blog is attractive and is also classified as the smallest blog theme created specifically for bloggers who are familiar with multifunctional blogs.

    They are experts in creating personal blogs, fashion blogs and food blogs with multifunctional magazines and newspapers as the theme.

    Yes it is perfect. I’m talking about Perfect Blogs, the perfect wordpress theme for affiliate marketing. It’s completely free, no code needed. So you can start using it without paying a penny and without any additional skills.

    This theme is responsive and beyond browser compatibility. Supports RTL in HTML code. Includes easy installation, and active customer support. So it’s entirely up to you to pick it up.

    Demo / Download

    Blog Design Lite

    If you’re looking for a unique touch on Amazon’s affiliate WordPress theme, Blog Design Lite is a great solution to consider.Whether you’re a blogger, news website owner, or online magazine, Blog Design Lite is the perfect tool for you.

    And if you are looking for an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme, then Blog Design Lite will be one too. After all, whether it’s a review or a listicle, you can comfortably include different links in your article. It rocks a minimalist, contemporary look that puts your item in front of you.

    It’s actually a minimal, moderated, modern WordPress theme. Besides, it’s lightweight, fast and optimized for all mobile phones. Therefore, you can use modern browsers to work with it. It also includes custom headers, custom menus, and backgrounds. So are you still not happy?

    Demo / Download

    Personal Blogs

    Yet another great affiliate marketing oriented theme for WordPress users. It is most commonly used to host websites related to daily sales, classic stores, affiliate marketplaces and more.

    Whether these products are proprietary or affiliate-based, they excel at providing users with the most versatile layout choices associated with selling their products.

    The stunning WordPress theme is completely responsive and user friendly. It is thin and minimal. The personal blog is clean and supports RTL. In addition, there is cross-browser compatibility and all social sharing icons. I’m surprised. If no, please visit the official page for more details.

    Demo / Download

    News Vibrant Blog

    News Vibrant Blog is the theme of a modern magazine with detailed support for advertising and advertising of affiliate links. Many of the more successful membership sites are actually based on content blogs.

    The theme will continue to provide the functions needed to make the membership website function properly. It starts with a responsive design that is easy to adapt to any device.

    Clean and responsive. It can be used on any device with smart features. This theme is translation and retina ready, cross browser compatible and has all the social sharing buttons. In addition, the Bootstrap 4 framework supports RTL. So you’ll be happy with the subject.

    Demo / Download

    How To Finding The Right Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes

    Building a successful affiliate website requires careful planning and building the website in a way that shows off professionalism and convinces visitors to buy the product. Thankfully, WordPress makes this process a lot easier. Here are some tips to finding the right amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes.

    You can create different types of membership websites. However, for Amazon members, there are two types of websites that can bring the most revenue. Product review blog and curated product shop.

    No matter what type of website you build, the important thing to remember is to choose a niche market, choose the best products from that niche market, search for hours on Amazon and read dozens of products. This is to make finding the right product easier.

    Once you have chosen the right location to build your Amazon membership site, you need to choose the right design for the chosen location. Different types of product categories and stores require specific types of website designs that are key to promotion and help build permissions.

    For example, if you’re building an Amazon affiliate site to curate luxury brand watches, the best choice is to choose a simple WordPress theme with a dark color theme. Whether you’re creating a fashion affiliate site, or electronics, jewelry, beauty products, or interior design related products, choose a design that complements your product.

    One of the best ways to persuade and influence people to buy a product is to show them that they are also bought and used by other people. Therefore, if you are creating a website for Amazon’s affiliate store, please copy some of the customer reviews from the product page and show them in your own store.

    The process of writing a product description, uploading a product image, and copying a product review can be a lot of work, especially if you build your own website. Fortunately, this is the appeal of WordPress.

    There are a number of useful WordPress plugins designed specifically for Amazon’s affiliate websites, such as WooZone. With virtually no effort.

    The themes introduced in this article are fully compatible with these popular Amazon membership plugins.


    Choose the right Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes to make your life easier.

    Now that we’ve reviewed the list of over 20+ best WordPress themes for Amazon Associates affiliate niche sites, If you have any questions about these themes, please feel free to contact us in the comments below. Choose one of Amazon’s best Affiliate WordPress Themes for free.

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