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40 Best Free Event Calendar WordPress Plugins

    Calendar plugins are in high demand among WordPress users. They help you plan your posts in advance, manage events, and host meetings or conferences right on your blog. To help you choose the right WordPress calendar plugin, today we offer you event calendar widgets and editorial calendar plugins that you can use on your site for free.

    Event Calendars can be used to plan and organize small or large events such as conferences, parties, family gatherings, sporting events, etc. You can have a website that is all about events and event bookings, or you can add a calendar to existing website and schedule events and enable reservations from there. If you are using WordPress, you will be glad that there are many WordPress event themes as well as many WordPress calendar plugins that can help you with this feature.

    They can display events, highlight a specific event, and show the location. And you can usually embed a calendar in any page, post, or widget area. Or plugins can have a lot of functionality, allowing you to do a lot of things. They can make it easier for visitors to book rooms at hotels or other events, or send events.

    All of this will help you create a stylish event calendar for your WordPress site in areas that allow you to manage event organizers. Then depending on the features you need, you’ll also find options to create recurring events, sell tickets, manage attendance, and more.

    No matter what kind of calendar you need to add to your website or what events you want to promote, you must find the right tool in this collection of the best event calendar plugins for WordPress.

    The Events Calendar

    Events Calendar is an easy-to-use and feature-rich plugin that makes it easy to add events and manage organizers and venues. Location locations can be displayed on Google Maps. Upcoming events can be arranged in a calendar grid format with tooltips and descriptions, or as an unusual list or day view. Allows you to customize some display options such as the zoom level of the Google map and currency symbols.
    Want to add your own personal connection? Use the Event Calendar as a basis for personalization. Customize to your liking with a skeleton stylesheet, partial template overrides, template tags, hooks and filters, comprehensive documentation, and a library of free extensions.

    Whether your vision is big or small, you are in good company. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses, musicians, venues, restaurants, and nonprofits post and promote their personal and virtual events using the Events Calendar.


    All-in-One Event Calendar

    All-in-One Event Calendar has three themes for displaying your calendar, and you can customize each one by changing the colors. The online calendar theme editor helps you change the look of your calendar. Theme options are available to assist with further customization.
    Timely events calendar offers full technical support. You can import calendar events from other websites and offer users the option to subscribe to your event calendar.

    Importing and exporting channels from iCalender is one of the most powerful features of the all-in-one event calendar system. Enter an event on one site and it may automatically appear on another site’s calendar.


    Responsive Event Calendar plugin

    WD Events Calendar is an easy-to-use plugin for creating an event promotion website or adding and managing events on an existing WordPress blog. It is a very flexible event scheduling plugin that allows you to create both single events and multiple recurring events.
    That’s not all, with this plugin it’s easy to send event invitations and sell tickets online. You can provide a detailed description of all your events using the WordPress editor, assign categories and attach tags to each one. Each calendar is created as a custom post or taxonomy, allowing calendars to be displayed among standard post lists, such as recent or related posts. The plugin will make it easy to broadcast your events using the social share button and allow your site visitors to easily find events around you by using the external events search option.


    Tockify Events Calendar

    Tockify Events Calendar is the best responsive and fully customizable event calendar plugin for WordPress that can be easily integrated into any website. In addition to the main calendar designed for desktop screens, a smaller version of the calendar is also available. The latter ensures that all content is displayed correctly on small screens.
    Tockify Calendar is a modern web calendar with an attractive and easy-to-use design, ideal for desktop and mobile web. It’s a lightning-fast, rich, customizable image that fits perfectly anywhere. Our simple yet powerful editor makes creating and managing events a breeze.


    My Calendar

    My calendar manages WordPress events with customizable ways to display events. The plugin supports separate event calendars in WordPress Multisite, multiple calendars displayed by category and simple lists of upcoming events.
    My Calendar is a flexible plugin that can be customized very easily. With this plugin, you can sell event tickets. There is an email notification that notifies the administrator of any transaction.
    Do you need to sell tickets for events? Use My Tickets to sell tickets for My Calendar events. Set prices, ticket availability and sell multiple events at the same time with My Tickets.


    Events Manager

    Events Manager is one of the popular plugins for managing your events in a calendar based format. It allows you to customize the settings according to your needs and supports recurring events, all day events, and multi-day events.

    Events Manager also supports RSS feeds and multiple events. In this way, you can import calendars from other sites. The sample files can be customized to control the appearance of the calendars. Template tags and shortcodes are available on your posts and pages.


    Calendar Event Multi View

    Calendar Event Multi View is an event calendar for WordPress websites that has multiple rendering modes and various predefined styles. Multi View Event Calendar is a fully customizable WordPress plugin that has multiple display modes and predefined styles. Each view is completely customizable. You can control which navigation buttons to show / hide, set the start of the week, add descriptions to events, link events to other pages, and much more.

    The latest update includes a new interface to easily edit previously inserted event calendar views and preview buttons to more quickly check how they will look on the website. You must add more options in the More options field in the Insert Event Calendar area. These options must be separated by commas and override the original options selected for the event calendar.


    Sugar Events Calendar Lite

    Sugar’s Event Calendar focuses on simplicity and retains the core functionality of the event management plugin while excluding less important functionality. You can create events and display them to visitors in a simple Ajax enabled calendar using a shortcode.
    Sugar Calendar is now my calendar due to the ease of adding new events. client is much easier to use than any other event/calendar extension and still offers the features that my clients need most.

    It uses a custom post type to store event information, making the plugin easier to use. This allows you to set the date and time of events and archive events by date of occurrence.


    Modern Events Calendar Lite

    Modern Events Calendar is a comprehensive event management plugin. Modern Events Calendar is a complete, FREE, mobile-friendly, flexible event management plugin that is extremely easy to use and well designed to make it easy to display your event calendar on websites.

    By adding a calendar to your site, you can show its availability and even implement a complete booking system. With Modern Events Calendar Lite, you can do a lot to satisfy your users and keep your business in order. This is a WordPress calendar plugin that you can customize in no time and quickly embed it on your website. With beautiful templates, you can now display your calendar and expand your web space with a fantastic new feature.


    Event Calendar

    Events Calendar is a flexible calendar plugin that allows you to connect to a database and display the days of your events in one view.

    It’s easy to customize and tune the instrument to suit your style. And you really don’t need to touch a single line of code to edit and customize the Event Calendar to suit your project requirements.
    Hence the name, you can now create a complex and responsive calendar with events like a pro. The Event Calendar plugin comes with ten free web designs that you can use as is or customize to suit your needs. You can create a fully functional event calendar in the free version



    CoSchedule is a one-of-a-kind WordPress plugin that allows you to manage blog posts and social media posts on the same drag and drop schedule. In addition to creating a plan for future posts on your WordPress blog, you can also set a time and date when social media posts will be automatically delivered to your social profiles.

    CoSchedule that will put all your projects within everyone’s reach. Create a unique workflow for each project on your content calendar, social media, email, events, and more.
    Help your team design, plan, create, and publish in one place. Organize your entire delivery schedule by embedding it into your blog, email, and social platforms.


    Booking Calendar

    The Booking Calendar plugin can be used whenever you want to add an online booking option to your website. Add a calendar to the interface where users can check availability on the calendar and proceed to fill out a simple form to submit their reservations. They can make reservations for any event. You will receive a notification when a booking is requested and you can choose to accept or decline it. You can search and book reservations and avoid double bookings.

    The free plugin allows you to schedule reservations, but you cannot add input fields to the reservation form. It allows you to customize and insert a booking short code on any post or page using the booking button on the edit toolbar.



    Amelia Lite is a free WordPress appointment booking plugin that allows you to set up a fully functional automated booking engine on your WordPress website and is a useful tool for small businesses and individuals who depend on stable meeting booking processes.

    You can fully customize your business and Amelia will already be actively working on your site. Flexible appointments, easy calendar view, work hours, email notification, and more are just a few of the features you get with Amelia. Keep your business organized and grow to new heights with Amelia.


    Appointment Booking

    Booking Calendar plugin is a beautiful and easy-to-use tool for creating booking systems for your WordPress website.In no time, you can customize any type of calendar that exactly matches your business.

    If you start with the first one, you may even end up using it forever, since there are so many functions and that’s all you were looking for. On the other hand, unlock yet another horde of goodies and get premium whenever you want.
    Some of the features in the free version include unlimited form creation, widget support, fully customizable sync, single booking, multiple options per field, and email notifications.


    Booking Package

    Booking Package is a great opportunity to get the job done without you breaking a sweat. Yes, using, managing and maintaining a time-saving system is very easy with the Booking package. You can use the tool for all kinds of things, such as services, events, rentals, anything, Booking Package has the answer for that.

    The order of the reservation package can be arranged from the announcement of the system and the publication of the table hours.Because it is so simple and occurs with surgery, even the beginner does not worry.
    There are many assignments that fit the assignment in each category, such as school textbooks, class books, completing and blaming meetings & programming areas.


    WP Simple Booking Calendar

    WP Simple Booking Calendar adds other add-ons such as unlimited calendar books and a featured story to display next to your calendar. Create a shortcut to display the calendar book on any page or post.

    Do you need a log book that shows you the availability of your resort? If you rent your vacation trip to tourists from all over the world, you must use the Free Program on your website.

    The free version gives you access to all the basic features you might need to track your bookings. For advanced features such as custom legend items and advanced publishing and publishing, you can always upgrade to the Premium version.


    Edit Flow

    Edit Flow is a calendar-based plugin designed to make it easy for website owners, editors, and authors to work together. You can do a lot to simplify workflow on the server. You can choose from modules to suit the needs of your editorial team. The calendar allows you to view your content month by month.

    Editorial comments facilitate discussion between editors and writers, and you can track your content budget. It is also possible to schedule publications.


    Editorial Calendar

    Manage your entire WordPress blog with this free editorial calendar plugin. By embedding it on your site, you will get a detailed overview of future posts. If you need to make any changes to the schedule, you can do it directly on the calendar by simply dragging and dropping different messages.

    An editorial calendar gives you an overview of your blog and the publication time of each post. You can drag and drop posts, edit posts right on your calendar, and manage your entire blog.


    WP Scheduled Posts

    WP Scheduled Posts is an event calendar widget that helps you plan when each prepared post will automatically be published. This plugin works directly from your site’s control panel, so you don’t have to navigate to any other site. Plus, you don’t have to create new messages on the panel and then schedule them; You can perform all actions from this menu of the event calendar widget.
    Take complete control over your content scheduling by creating rules for automatic content publishing. You just need to specify the time slot in which you want to schedule your posts and this plugin will send them at the exact time. You can also set the exact date and time to create flexible scheduling.
    As a content creator, you may have experienced WordPress skipping the publishing schedule for a variety of reasons. However, you no longer have to worry about it because WP scheduled messages take care of the lost schedule and publish the message automatically.


    Nelio Content – Editorial Calendar

    The Nelio Content plugin goes even further. This event calendar widget gives you the ability to not only make blog posts automatic, but also schedule your company’s social media posts. And all this from one board. With the Nelio plugin, you can do some analysis to understand how your work is going and suggest links for posts. The plugin will make your work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.


    Google Calendar Plugin

    This is a flexible event calendar plugin. Simple Calendar lives up to its name. The plugin makes it easy to integrate with Google Calendar Events. You can add an unlimited number of event calendars. It is an intuitive plugin. It comes with advanced settings that make it easy to customize time zones.



    WD Spider Calendar is one of the best free WordPress event calendar plugins. This plugin is extremely easy to use and surprisingly responsive. It includes an event logging and event management facility. It is suitable for all kinds of events: conferences, seminars, meetings, concerts and more.


    The Events Calendar

    Short code and event calendar blocking! This plugin fully integrates with the event calendar plugin. This plugin adds a WordPress shortcode and block to use with the WordPress event calendar plugin.

    This gives you complete control over how your events are displayed and is perfect for nonprofits, charities, businesses, conferences, and anyone else with a WordPress website displaying events.


    Timetable and Event Schedule

    Timetable and Event Schedule is a versatile organizer plugin designed to help you create and manage online schedules for one or more events, customize the appearance of each event, add date, time, description, and display all necessary items in a thoughtful way.
    It’s optimized to look great on different devices. Nice step forward: the plugin now allows you to manually configure how your schedule is displayed on mobile devices and desktops.

    The plugin can be used to schedule different types of events such as various lessons, gym classes, festivals, conferences, ceremonies, case studies, formal parties, concerts, and more.


    Events Calendar Category Colors

    This plugin is unique in that it makes it easy to apply colors to event categories to make them different. This makes the exhibition very colorful and beautiful. Definitely; This plugin will definitely improve the user interface of your WordPress events calendar.


    PublishPress: Editorial Calendar

    The calendar provides a powerful overview of your publishing program. Collaborate more efficiently with PublishPress.With PublishPress, you can work more efficiently. This makes PublishPress the perfect solution for any multi-user site. PublishPress is often used by businesses and organizations, universities & schools, newspapers, and blogs.
    The calendar gives you a detailed description of your publishing schedule. With the edit calendar, you can easily see when content is scheduled and when it was published. You can also drag content to the new post date. By default, you will see all the WordPress content that you have scheduled for the next few weeks.


    Oasis Workflow

    Oasis Workflow is a powerful and versatile extension designed to automate all editorial workflows with a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface.. WordPress sites with multiple authors who want to better manage the process of reviewing and publishing their content. Industries with strict auditing requirements where they need to track who made the change, when the change was made, and what was changed.


    Spiffy Calendar

    Spiffy Calendar allows you to manage your events with incomparable ease. You can use widgets or shortcodes to display event calendars.Manage and display your events with multiple views, recurrence, widget and responsive calendar.


    WP Google Calendar Manager

    This is an excellent extension, very easy to use. This extension can be used to display Google Calendar events. It’s easy to import your upcoming events directly from your Google Calendar.

    The Google Calendar Manager plugin is a beautiful and easy to use tool to display Google calendar events on your WordPress website as a beautiful calendar with multiple modes. With WP Google Calendar Manager, you can get upcoming events from your calendar from Google


    Simple Event Planner

    It is a very robust event management plugin. Use shortcodes to display events.This plugin is used to manage and display various events on the site. You have several options, including events of different categories. If you have; one event or several events


    Simple Events Calendar

    Simple Events Calendar is a WordPress plugin designed to make it easy for WordPress site owners to add upcoming events to their posts or pages.

    Simple Events Calendar adds a new option to the admin panel where users can add new events or delete existing ones. Events can contain URLs for more information and a separate link for the location.


    XO Event Calendar

    XO Event Calendar is an extremely easy to use plugin. It comes with a variety of colors to show the dates of the events. This plugin is free to use.

    It allows you to create an event calendar that looks great right out of the box. This last part is important because some popular event calendar extensions require a lot of custom formatting to look good.


    Event Organiser

    Event planner adds event management that integrates well with your WordPress site. Using WordPress’ built-in “custom post type”, this plugin allows you to create events that have the same functionality as posts, while adding additional functionality that allows you to manage your events. This includes the ability to repeat your event according to a complex schedule and link your events to venues.

    The plugin allows you to create recurring and multi-day events and includes comprehensive rules on how often events should repeat. It also offers venue support, including integration with Google Maps, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to edit event details.

    Users can also create beautiful permalinks, color-coded event categories, and add, edit, or delete past events from the backend manager. You can also get customizable ticket booking templates with Event Organizer pro so that visitors can buy tickets or book specific events.


    connectDaily Events Calendar

    connectDaily Events Calendar is a fully featured calendar designed to meet your most discerning needs. It offers a huge set of features and plugins that extend it even further.

    There is also a public and private event calendar feature that helps you define different calendars, as well as determine who can post an event on each calendar, who can view each calendar, and who can approve events on each calendar.

    n addition to these features, the calendar offers resource management so that you can allocate and track resources such as rooms, people, vehicles, equipment, and other details related to your event.


    Events Calendar Registration

    Create and manage all your events with ease. Events Calendar Registering and booking with Events Plus allows you to create events and allow attendees to register and pay online. Showcase all your events in an event calendar, event list, event widget, and awesome event grid layout.

    To create a list of events, all you have to do is insert a simple shortcode or use a custom widget. You can also add important information and details to your events, such as the venue, date, time and number of seats remaining for your event.


    How To Choose The Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

    Well, the question arises, what do you want to do from him? You know that all plugins, not just event calendar plugins, are adapted to customize what to book, schedule, update, etc. Each event calendar plugin (free or paid) has its own quality characteristics and the owner should know for sure what he needs when he is looking for the best of the best.
    Look for the free WordPress event calendar plugin. Amelia makes it a great booking plugin that will definitely work at your event. A calendar of events as a good basic option. Modern Event Calendar Lite and Event Organizer.

    If you’re specifically looking for a plugin to help you sell tickets and manage your bookings, then Amelia should be your first stop. It is by far the most robust and fully featured plugin on the list. It can take care of events, service bookings and has the best user experience of all these tools.

    In Conclusion

    After all, using WordPress calendar plugins to share upcoming events with your website visitors is a great way to expand your brand, attract people to your company or business, and even increase your revenue. However, each calendar add-on has its own set of customizable features.

    We hope this collection was helpful and encouraged you to integrate this functionality into your own WordPress site. We also look forward to your feedback. Does your site have a free WordPress editorial calendar plugin? Feel free to share your thoughts with us under this post.

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