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16 Best Drawing Apps for the iPad & Apple

    iPad drawing apps are available in a variety of formats. There are over a million available, with some of the best (like Paper by FiftyThree), and others that are just plain awful. However, what if you really want to work on an iPad? My iPad should be able to draw professionally on it. I think an app that does one of the following two things is necessary:

    I will work directly in Photoshop and Illustrator. If it’s real work, then I may not even need another app. Let me use the iPad’s incredible technology and UX to draw using the professional tools I already own, just like a Wacom tablet.

    Give me vector or I die – An iPad app that is a professional drawing tool can be used, but it must create vector art that I can export into Illustrator. This could mean a pen tool, editable shapes and boolean commands.

    This step-by–step guide will help you create mixed media art using your iPad.

    Great Mirroring Apps

    The mirroring apps are the first. These apps are available in many different formats, so be sure to spend the right amount. AstroPad is definitely the app I prefer over AirDisplay.

    Drawing Apps for the iPad & Apple Pencil

    The Apple Pencil brings new levels to iPad art creation. The fine-tipped, pressure sensitive stylus has arrived and is ready for action. Check out these six free drawing apps that you can download for your iPad & Apple Pencil to make the most of your Apple Pencil.

    Autodesk Sketchbook

    Autodesk Sketchbook is an essential tool for professional artists. It has many useful features such as rulers, geometries, over 190 customizable brushes, and many other options. I love Sketchbook’s Radial Symmetry Tool, which is currently my favorite feature. It’s super enjoyable – definitely worth checking it out!

    Adobe Illustrator Draw

    Abobe Drawing brings Adobe Illustrator to iPad. There are many useful tools that can be used to create vector illustrations, icons, and artwork. The app allows you to zoom in up to 64x and export straight You can also use the digital ruler to draw perfect lines and curves. You can use layers to keep your work organised!

    Tayasui Sketches

    Tayasui Sketches features the ability to organize and store drawings in multiple notebooks. This is my favourite feature. Sketches free edition is good for quick illustrations and doodles. The paid version adds many more features to make Sketches an even more powerful drawing tool.

    Sketches pro features can be tested for free for an hour to see if they are worth it. You can upgrade to the pro version of Sketches to gain access to additional features, such as surface pressure, layers, types, and brush customization options.

    Adobe Comp CC

    Comp CC is a great tool for creating wireframes and mock-ups. The app is quick and easy to use. It has many premade shapes, image placeholders and lorem.ipsum headlines. Comp CC is a great tool for creating web designs.

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    Adobe Photoshop Sketch

    All of the Adobe iOS App Suite apps work flawlessly on iPad. Abode Sketch shares many of the same features with Adobe Draw. Sketch lets you create more expressive drawings, and paintings. The watercolour brushes available in Sketch are fantastic. You can see colours bleeding while you paint. Or, hit the fan button and dry the paint before you move on to the next brushstroke.

    Evernote Penultimate

    Do you need a place to store handwritten notes. Evernote has created Penultimate. This app allows you write and draw notes, as well as doodles, that you can search within the Evernote application. You can add pages or select from a range of pre-formatted sheets like storyboards. Day planners.

    Penultimate also offers preformatted game pages that were popular before iPads: Hangman and TicTac–Toe, Dots and Boxes and License Plate Game.


    AstroPad, which is the newest addition to this category, is my personal favorite. This app allows you to draw directly in Photoshop or Illustrator on Mac. It also has cool shortcuts that make it easy and there is almost no lag. The app is $24.99, which offers the best graphics available. AstroPad uses the most up-to date LIQUID technology, which ensures that the quality of your image is maintained. Astropad also offers a student discount for those interested, and a free trial.


    AirDisplay comes from the company Avatron and is a great iPad application choice for any artist searching for an efficient mirroring app. This app allows you to mirror what is on your tablet on up 4 monitors simultaneously. It works by connecting via wireless Internet, eliminating any cords or USB cables. This makes it easy to draw and more comfortable. AirDisplay can be bought for just $14.99 and is available for Android and Apple devices.


    Avatron also produces Airstylus, which is an extension of AirDisplay. It allows users to use their mirroring techniques both on iPads and iPhones. The program allows artists use a stylus to draw on their tablet. The stylus is extremely sensitive to pressure and can be used for drawing precise lines or fine details. There are no complicated cords to manage, as the stylus is wirelessly connected to your display. Avatron announced that AirStylus will soon be discontinued. However, older versions are still available on the App store for iPad for $14.99.

    SplashTop Remote

    SplashTop Remote is a popular app that allows users remote control of their computer. This app allows you to control your computer remotely from your iPad. You can also access music and videos from your computer. SplashTop lets users access their favorite art and drawing programs from their iPad. It is a great option for artists who need to be able to move around while working from home or want convenience. This app is available for free when you use your computer’s network. But, if you purchase “Anywhere Access”, it will cost $16.99 per a year.


    iDisplay, which is free for Mac OS X or Windows, allows you to use your iPad as a second monitor. This app allows you to draw using a table. You can connect to multiple wireless devices simultaneously, which gives you more screen space. It can be used with multiple devices and is easily customizable.

    The drawing tools are really impressive.


    Procreate quickly became a favourite among illustrators and letterers around the globe. You can sketch and draw super-realistic artwork while on the move with Procreate’s suite of tools. This includes digital brushes and an advanced layer system. You can also export layered PSD files from the app, as well time-lapse videos.

    Procreate allows you use custom brushes. Many independent designers at Creative Market created textured brush sets that will simplify your illustration workflow.

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    iDraw, one of the most popular vector drawing apps on Android, combines the ease of an iPad with the power and flexibility of a desktop. The app has layers, boolean command, grids and snapping. You’ll find everything you need. All users rate the app highly and find it easy to use. It’s easy to share and modify designs between devices (e.g. iPad and Mac). It offers some very exciting features, such as core text editing and Photoshop import and export.


    InkPad is an excellent free vector drawing application for iPad. Many users love it for its simplicity of text and images with gradient fills. Its tools are similar to Illustrator’s, and it is very easy to use even for beginners. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who needs a powerful drawing program at an affordable price.

    Intaglio Sketchpad

    Intaglio Sketchpad by Purgatory Designs is an app for vector artists that’s simple to use and works really well. This app features multi-touch technology and a full range of drawing tools.


    TouchDraw has been created by Elevenworks. It includes all the features you would expect from a 2D Vector drawing application and more. It can be used alongside TouchDraw for Mac, which has many of the same features as a desktop vector app. TouchDraw was rated among the top vector apps, and its price is very affordable at $8.99.


    iDesign is one of today’s most popular vector apps. It allows you create 2D vector drawings for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. iDesign offers many advanced and in-depth features. The interface is simple. Some of these features include an all-screen board view to ensure your image isn’t obscured. Additionally, offset handles can be used for moving the screen so that your finger does not get in the way. iDesign is available in the app store for $7.99

    Adobe Capture Update CC

    Adobe released a new app in late 2014 to allow you to create brushes on your iPad. Read our step-by step guide.

    Let us know about your Workflow

    Do you draw professionally on your iPad? Let us know about your workflow. What mirroring apps do you use? Are there vector drawing apps like iDraw or Astropad? Comment and tell us what you think.

    Additional cool add-ons for your Ipad

    Color palettes can be created as you go. This is a great resource to illustrators and other designers. Use this add-on for bright schemes wherever and whenever you’re located.

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