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Does Google keep your search history?

    Google might be collecting more personal information and data than you realize. For example, every time you search and each YouTube video you stream, Google keeps tabs on your activities. Google Maps even logs everywhere you go, which routes you take to reach your destination, and how long you remain, regardless of whether you own the iPhone or Android. It’s eye-opening and perhaps a bit tense in all that Google has to say about you.

    Google’s tracking of its users has attracted the interest of the attorneys general representing Indiana, Texas, Washington state, and Washington, DC. They claim that the search giant has made it “nearly impossible” for users to block the tracking of their location. As a result, they accuse Google of misleading users and infringing on their privacy. In the end, Attorney Generals are now suing Google for the use of location information.

    For added complication, Google has been storing its users’ search information and activities in databases since they began using web history in 2005. As a result, privacy is crucial, and if you intend to shield your search data from other users, eliminating sensitive data from your Google history is essential.

    This tutorial will show you how to erase the Google browser history and browsing history, and other activities for PC, Android, and even Apple devices.

    What do you think Google has to say about you and what you do?

    There are two methods to obtain a copy of the information Google gathers about your personal information: Takeout and Dashboard. Takeout was designed to allow users to download their data from Google and then transfer it to a different service, starting with contacts and photos; however, it has since expanded into Android devices, settings for your device bookmarks for Chrome, Google Fit activity data and even the history of your Cloud Print history. The creation of the Takeout archive could take several days, and Google provides you with an email to download it when it’s finished.

    The dashboard was developed to help you manage your data; it provides a quick snapshot of the information Google gathers about you when you use its services. This includes the number of emails exchanged you’ve experienced within Gmail, the number of files stored in Drive, and the number of photographs Google keeps for you. But the most critical information is the type of data Google calls “activity data,” including information about your location, search results, and browsing histories. If you’re looking to freak someone, show them your site’s time-lapse. Google Maps keeps track of the places you travel to and when and the photographs taken during the day, and travel times to the minute.

    Do Google Track Search History Even After You’re Logged Off?

    Each time you surf the internet, evidence of your personal information is left, such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, and other distinctive identification numbers. Additionally, the majority of web browsers, websites, and other applications will require you to enable the use of cookies to improve your experience while browsing.

    Even if you’re not signed in to Google, You’re giving away a wealth of data about yourself simply because you’re online. This includes:

    Where you are located in the world physically
    Your IP address
    Details about Google services. Google services you are using and the way you use them according to your behavior patterns
    Which ads do you click on, and where they are in
    Which devices do you use to connect to Google Services, services on the web, and other apps
    Server information
    Information that can be identified through your usage of our service providers

    The information collected can determine targeted (and targeted) ads and search relevance. The data is also accessible to users who have websites monitoring data through Google’s stats instrument, Google Analytics.

    How do I disable or delete “My Activity” in your Google Account?

    Suppose you do not want to restrict your privacy to Google searches and wish to block (permanently) all of your Google activities, including timeline and training. In that case, it is possible to know how you can delete “My Activity” in Google or switch off the tracking mechanism for activities. You can look up and delete all of your activity in this section.

    Turn Off the tracking feature within “My Activity.”
    Visit the My Activity page.
    Click on the Menu () to access “Activity Controls.”
    Turn off all the services you do not wish Google to follow along with time and activity.

    Remove “My Activity” History from Google Account

    Go to the My Activity page.
    Click here to open “Delete Activity by.”
    The change date is changed from “All Time,” and the products changed to “All Products.”
    Click to delete

    How to remove Previous Searches from your Google Account

    To erase previous searches one by one, you need to click on the search bar of Google’s home page, and you’ll see an array of. Select Remove next to a new query to delete it.

    This is a quick way to remove the most recent search results. However, it’s not a good option for clearing all of your previous Google searches. To accomplish this, click on your profile image in the upper right area of Google and select Manage the Account. Google Account.

    You can select Data and privacy from the sidebar to your left. Next, choose your Web & App Activity section from the History settings box. Then, select Manage all Web and App Activity. You’ll find an ongoing log of all the things you’ve performed with Google services in the last few days.

    For each block labeled Search, click the X icon on the right-hand side to erase the item. For example, to allow you to view only your Google Search history, click Filter by date or product at the top, and select only your Search box.

    At the very top of your page, you can look up a specific phrase that you wish to get rid of. Then, select Delete using the right sidebar to remove all of your previous Google search results from predetermined time intervals, such as the most recent hour or a day or from a specific date.

    How to Remove Google Activity on PC?

    If you use any Google service, such as Google Chrome and YouTube, the activity you perform is stored as data in the Google Account. This is to improve your experience and make it more efficient.

    While it’s useful, you might not need Google to keep everything you look up or watch online. It is possible to erase all of your past actions, searches, and browsing history within My Activity.

    Start Google Chrome on your computer.
    If you’re not logged in, you can sign in with the Google account you have created. Google Account.
    Click on the icon for your profile located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
    Alternatively, head to
    Click on the Data & personalization subheading.
    Then, under the Activity and timeline subheadings, Select My Activity.
    Click the three vertical dots within the “Search your activities” search box.
    Choose “Delete the activity” from the menu drop-down.
    Select All Time by using the drop-down list.
    Click Next > Click Next >.

    Why does Google Track Your Activity?

    Whatever you decide to do online is entirely up to you and is your own decision. However, keeping track of you, particularly without your knowledge, is not ethical.

    According to Google: Google keeps the history of your search records to create your profile by leveraging the results of your searches. It assists the search engine is becoming more relevant when it comes to answering your queries in search and helps you discover other relevant search results and options.

    All it takes is your preferences, habits, and interests, which are easily accessed via Your browsing histories. They don’t need to do anything to cause any harm. However, it’s not going to erase the possibility of sharing your personal information with an individual.

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