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Divorce Apps: 6 Apps To Help You Get Over Your Ex

    In the era of technology, we’ve got more tools to manage daily issues than ever before.
    When it comes to divorce, there is more than an app for divorced parents to communicate,
    but also plenty of equipment to handle emotional and physical changes at the end of the
    marriage. The pleasant thing is that they all fit in your smartphone and can be used anytime
    and anywhere to sort out divorce-related issues on the spot. Explore the useful programs
    and use them to get over your ex and change your life for the better after divorce.

    Co-Parent Contactlessly with 2Houses

    Many experts prove that no contact co-parenting helps many divorced couples organize their
    lives in a top efficient way and eliminate arguments. This became possible with such
    applications as 2Houses. The app enables you to manage the life of a family living in two
    separate houses due to the parents’ separation or divorce.

    2Houses features shared schedules and calendars, tracked expenses, adjusted platform
    communication, and private info storage. As a result, divorcees cooperate and manage their
    custody without extra live contact but with great outcomes in the end.

    Divorce Apps Manage Your Finances with Mint

    One of the leading free applications for divorce is a financial advisor and organizer Mint. It is
    a perfect choice for those who used to take care of the household and had less interaction
    with money and family budget in marriage. Fortunately for them, the application educates the
    users on how to manage their money correctly.

    Mint can store all your expenses, loans, debts, bank accounts, and other money-related info
    in one place. It will categorize all the expenses so that you know what you spend money on.
    The app will notify you about upcoming payments or low balances. The program will also
    come up with useful tips and money-handling strategies on a daily basis so that you can
    organize your post-divorce financial independence without hurdles.

    Socialize after Breakup with Halmos

    What people usually lack in divorce period is
    qualitative communication. When you are surrounded by people pitying you or disapproving
    of your choice, it is difficult to manage your emotional stability. And there are no other people
    who can understand and support you more than those with the same experience. Halmos is
    the exact place you can visit to interact with other post-break-uppers.

    This social media is designated for people going through a breakup or divorce and seeking
    emotional encouragement. In the app, you are to collect everything that connects you with
    your ex and bury it in the tomb, later you will grow your garden of new life over it. You can
    also add your own posts, read others’, and socialize with people with similar concerns and
    life situations in the app.

    Care About Mental Health with Mend

    Usually, mental health suffers most due to divorce or breakup but the truth is that not
    everyone can afford a therapist to handle the divorce outcomes. That is where Mend will
    come into use. The app supports you through and after the divorce and helps you regain
    your mental health balance.

    You have to log in and provide the details of your breakup so that the customized support
    program is created for you. The app grants you advice and encourages you through your
    post-divorce period. You can track your activities in the app log and check your progress on
    the way to happiness.

    Divorce Apps Feel Supported with Breakup Bestie

    There is more to do after a breakup than scrolling your ex chats. For example, you can get
    subscribed to Breakup Bestie. It will become your best friend to support you through the end-
    of-relationships period with a good portion of advice and encouragement.
    The platform has a blog full of tips for post-breakup time. It also features an online training
    course intended to teach you how to live without your ex and handle daily and personal
    issues without any troubles.

    Recover Emotionally with Happify

    With the increased tension and stress you are to go through after a breakup, Divorce Apps evident that you lack happiness and positive emotions in your life. Although they say you cannot buy happiness, you can purchase one of the applications for divorce that can make you happier
    in the end. Happify is proved to make most of its users feel better eventually.

    The application is created for you to regain emotional balance, handle the post-breakup
    emotions, learn to understand and please your inner needs. You can also track your
    progress and change your personal program according to your reflections.

    Your smartphone can become a perfect tool for you to cover your end-of-relationships stress
    and emotional disorders. Equip it with relevant applications and become happier without
    your ex with no hurdles.

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