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Dance on Top of A Ranger Tower

    With the map below, you’ll need to go to the Lonely Lodge. The Lonely Lodge, the Ranger Tower, is a must-see when you are near it. The massive building can be scaled when viewed from below, or you can slide over it to complete the dance task. In either case, if you fail to make the landing, you can make your way back until you reach the summit of the Ranger Tower to perform the Dance and complete one portion of the task.

    Just fly down and then land on the tower and build it up or climb the steps. Whatever you prefer, once you’ve reached the top, perform some jigs and then move on to the next level.

    The Ranger Tower can be found in Lonely Lodge, south of the lodge and northwestern the abandoned mansion.

    Dance on the top of a water tower as well as a ranger tower and the air traffic control tower in Fortnite

    In the next step, you’ll need to head towards Lonely Lodge. The ranger tower is the colossal observation tower located in the southern portion, right next to the abandoned mansion of superheroes. You can climb the seemingly endless steps up to the top and party to your heart’s desire, as it’s doubtful that you’ll be shot from the top. Three chests could be spawned here too, which isn’t very bad!

    The last tower is the one that handles air traffic located in Frosty Flights. This is the new area located in the southwest region of the map, and it could be home to five Fortnite aircraft within and around the hangars. Ascend the tall red air traffic tower and Dance to complete this three-stage test.

    It is located at the Ranger Tower location.

    If you zoom in, you can see it’s similar to the grand piano featured in this year’s Lonely Lodge piano competition. It’s tough to overlook:

    Water Tower

    In the southeast part of Retail Row, located in the southeast of Retail Row, this Water Tower is a long structure with an oval-shaped shape at its top.

    Air Traffic Control Tower

    The last tower is in Frosty Flights, just by the landing strip. It is necessary to place your landing on the top of this radar beam to finish the test.

    The Ranger Tower

    If you decide to try Solo, Duos, or Squads, be sure to watch your back. If you do spot an opponent who has completed the task, it won’t be a bad idea to let them dance before blasting them by using the blue pump.

    Once you’ve completed your Dance in the Ranger Tower, you’ll move on to Stage 3: Dance on the top of an air control tower for traffic. Find our step-by-step guide to the steps here and hope that the odds are ever favorable to you!

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