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Create Facebook Video Ads Using Image

    If you do not have the video footage to make more Facebook video ads, you can use still images to create them. All you need is some motion.

    Facebook recently added a new feature called Blood to Transform. This production structure was designed to allow advertisers to create short videos with still images.

    You can create four different types of videos using Create to Convert. The following definitions are taken from the Facebook page about Create to Create.

    Creating Facebook Video Ads Using Still Images

    Basics in motion: Create an animated still image by adding just one or two elements of movement in a few seconds. You can also include a call for action (CTA card) at the end to get your desired business outcome.

    Brand In Motion: Use a few seconds to bring the elements of your logo and brand to life. Next, add a CTA to the end to stimulate action.

    Benefit in Motion: Make your message or key benefit come to life with animation. This could be an offer, a testimonial or a product variety. A benefit highlighted will highlight the value for your audience. A CTA at the end of the article will help them take the next step to conversion.

    This ad from Glu Mobile’s Design Home application is a great example of benefits in motion.

    Demo In Motion: Focus on showing how your app/website, service, product, or feature works. Show people how you navigate your offerings. Add a CTA to the end for them to click on your ad and take action.

    You may be wondering if these interactive ads actually work? They make! Facebook testing has shown that with conversions from creativity, the conversion rate of 69 more ads created has increased. These video ads increased conversion rates by almost 500% in one case.

    10 Steps for creating video ads from still images

    What is the best way to use this feature? For these videos to be developed, companies used to have to employ a Facebook Creative team. Facebook announced this functionality to advertisers in mid-2018. Yes, this functionality is already available in your account.

    1. Start a new campaign. Then, choose the “App installs” objective. The current app installs objective only allows you to create videos with still images.

    To use this feature for another purpose, you can either contact Facebook’s Creative Shop or contact a Creative Partner. They will create an advertisement on your behalf.

    Installs Facebook Ad Campaign App for video ads with still images

    2. Next, click the blue “Learn more” button in the Turn Images Into Videos boxes. This pop-up will be displayed.

    3. Click on the “Get Started” blue button. After that, you will be directed to the Format area of the ad-creation process. Click on the “App Installs” button.

    4. In the Format section, choose “Single Video.” Then, on that same page, click “Use Templates.”

    This will give you a list of all the templates that you could use to transform text and images into video. There are several options available:

    -Square, Vertical or Mixed Templates

    -Holidays or Standard Themes

    Below you’ll see all the templates that are available for square videos featuring the Standard theme.

    Square video standard Facebook

    5. After selecting a template you will see a popup screen. Here you can define your video’s opening scene.

    First, select the background color to your first photo.

    6. Next, you’ll need to add a logo and/or a small image. In this case, I added the image to the bottom right corner.

    7. Select the “Scene 2 icon” from this menu. This will let you set the background color and add text.

    In this example, I left my background image unaltered and added text at the top of the video frame.

    The buttons located in the upper left-hand section of each choice allow you to opt-in or off of certain elements.

    8. You can repeat the same steps for Scene 3. You will have the same options available as in Scene 1, Scene 2, and Scene 3.

    9. Finally, set the Effects for your video. You can add frames, new colors, or use a sticker (see the below).

    You can specify the size, position and color of the sticker in the same way as with text and images elements.

    10. To save your work, click on “Use Video”. This will take you to the customization screen.

    You can create Facebook video ads by using still images

    Final thoughts about Facebook Video Ads Made with Still Images

    As you can see, it is easy to make great Facebook videos from still images. You can easily transform images into videos with these top tips for creating mobile-friendly video ads.

    Our Bulksheet Editor for Creative Studio allows you to bulk edit your videos. It provides a guided experience using high-performance video template designs based upon creative concepts that have been used by top-spending Facebook ads and Google App Campaign. This platform lets you edit existing videos quickly and easily using banners, cards, footers or headlines. This editor allows advertisers to save significant time editing thousands of videos with just a few clicks.

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