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30 Best Free Contact Form Plugins For WordPress

    A contact form seems to be a very common feature that every website should have a web site that is well known for being a web site, every kind of web site for a web site is only available through third-party WordPress.

    Contact form plugins contain many useful tools and options, such as CAPTCHA fields, to help prevent the onslaught of spam that you receive if you display your email address on your website.
    They also simplify the process of designing and structuring your forms and, perhaps most importantly, allow you to determine exactly what information you receive from the user. You specify the fields to complete and decide when you can submit the form.

    These WordPress contact form plugins come in many different forms, so it might be wise to explore the comparison to see which one is right for you. After all, some sites need an expensive and powerful WordPress contact form, while others just need a framework.

    Why You Need A Contact Form Plugins

    What do you look for when your customers visit your website or your customers to find out how to contact the company? The contact form plugin includes many useful tools and options such as CAPTCHA fields to help avoid the flood of spam submissions that you may receive by displaying your email address on your website.
    It also simplifies the process of designing and structuring the form and, more importantly, you can specify exactly what information you receive from your users. You specify the fields you need to complete and decide when you can submit the form.
    This is a great customer service solution, but it’s important to provide multiple ways for your customers to contact you. After all, people are busy. They don’t have time to call or chat with a virtual assistant from all over the world. Especially if this can distract attention from your current work.
    This is reasons email remains one of the most convenient and rational ways of communication, and why it should be an option for your business website. Email forms allow customers to send and reply to quick messages at a convenient time. You can also use the contact form to send an email to the appropriate department for a response.

    This WordPress contact form plugin comes in many different forms, so it’s a good idea to compare which plugin is right for you.

    Everest Forms

    The Everest Forms plugin provides an easy way to create contact forms. Drag-and-drop fields make ordering and form building easy, so even WordPress beginners can create impressive forms in minutes. The plugin is lightweight, fast, scalable, and 100% mobile. Everest Forms is specially designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. Forms setup, admin panel is very intuitive with clean layout, you can design multi-column forms with one click. Using pre-made templates and layout designs, you can create forms that look different but beautiful.


    Simple Basic Contact Form

    The Simple Basic Contact Form is a clean, secure, and ready-to-go contact form for WordPress. The minimally flexible SBCF offers clean code, powerful performance, and ease of use. Direct contact form with tips, tricks, easy to configure and customize Display forms anywhere using shortcodes or template tags Send well-formed descriptive plain text messages Block spam and protect against malicious content Forms can be easily configured By configuring plugins AND offers an incredibly fast and streamlined contact form. The code is lightweight, flexible, and meets standards.


    Form Maker by 10Web

    10Web Form Maker is a drag and drop form builder plugin with an easy to use interface. The default plugin is free, but limited to 7 different form fields. Use four built-in display options, a pop-up window, a scroll box, and a top bar to place your form in the best position for your site. Use a custom CSS editor to give your form additional styling capabilities to match your brand exactly. Easily register users to your WordPress site with our user registration plugin. Form Maker can be too many for beginners and those with no working knowledge of HTML and CSS.


    Contact Form by BestWebSoft

    Contact form plugin for WordPress website is the best solution to receive messages directly to your customer’s email address. Download, activate, and paste the shortcode on a page, post, or widget to display the form. You can easily customize the style and content of your form with pre-build options. Add a contact form to your post, page or widget using a shortcode that is GDPR compliant.
    Data validation before sending, email a copy of the sent message. Receive submissions to your default admin or custom email address.


    Formidable Form Builder

    We created Formidable Forms to bring the “first” solution-centric WordPress form plugin to the market. You can use the drag and drop WordPress form builder plugin to create contact forms, surveys, questionnaires, sign-up forms, payment forms, purchases, email marketing or calculator forms. Make almost anything you can imagine. We’ve also optimized Formidable for speed and maximum server performance. Whether you are filling out a basic contact form on your own site or an advanced form for your customers, you can safely say that Formidable is one of the fastest WordPress form builders on the market.


    Ninja Forms Contact Form

    Use Ninja Forms to create beautiful, easy-to-use WordPress forms that will make you feel like you’ve become a professional web developer! Never mind. No coding skills required. A dedicated support team can design beautiful and complex forms like the experts behind you. There are not few questions. Fill out the form with a professional team that can answer your questions or solve your problem. Drag and drop the field. Simple row and column layout. Multi-page form. Conditional form.


    Forminator – Contact Form

    It is a free plugin that comes with Formidable Forms. Contact form, order form, payment form, email form, feedback widget, interactive survey with real-time results, “wrong” style buzz feed, questionnaire, the easiest way to complete service quotes. And the registration form with payment options. Use Forminator to collect information, make your content interactive, and drive more conversions. Forminator is proud to be a certified Stripe partner. This partnership allows you to get the most out of your Stripe integration with additional resources, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a plugin that goes beyond just creating a standard contact form. It comes with built-in survey functions and registration form options. You can also create payment forms directly on your WordPress site and accept payments online.


    Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7 not only allows you to manage multiple contact forms, but also gives you the flexibility to customize your forms and mail content with simple markup. Contact Form 7 provides access to an additional section of your WordPress dashboard called Contact. Here you can create new forms and adjust existing ones. Working with the form is moderately easy. So, to adjust the shape, you need to be careful not to spoil the structure. To be honest, it’s not particularly difficult, but neither is it as simple as the other plugins on this list. Therefore, we recommend that you refer to the provider’s privacy policy.


    Kali Forms

    Meet Kali Forms, a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress contact form plugin. Start from scratch with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, or create forms from pre-designed templates with just a few clicks. Completing the form can take time, which is not enough for everyone. So, to make your form filling experience easier and more efficient, Kali Forms has a built-in form template that you can use if you don’t want to start from scratch.


    Caldera Forms

    Caldera Form is a best free WordPress plugin that makes responsive forms with a simple drag . Caldera Forms has a number of free and easy-to-use plugins for beginners and web developers. Caldera Forms visual editor makes it easy to create forms for WordPress. You can define multi-column forms and add conditional logic pages and user response funnels to get more reliable data and related information from your customers and site visitors. Anti-spam, AJAX, email notifications Enable tracking of email and database items by default.


    Visual Form Builder

    Visual Form Builder is a plugin that allows you to create and manage all kinds of forms for your website in one place. The goal of this plugin is to complete the form in minutes without touching any code. It only takes a few minutes to fill out a full-featured contact form and you don’t have to write PHP, CSS, or HTML! So if you are looking for a simple solution, this is a strong competitor. The plugin allows you to add fields with one click and arrange the fields in any order you want using drag and drop.



    When considering using the contact form builder plugin, your first concern is always to be easy to use and really responsive. Therefore, manufacturers have developed weForms with these needs in mind. It is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to use a form builder for WordPress. This contact form plugin is not just a form builder, it can do so much more than you think. In fact, it brings life to every form created in your imagination. Think about filling out any form in your head and you can use weForms to create it hassle-free with just a few clicks. Get the ultimate drag-and-drop form building experience while creating any form of your imagination. Don’t forget about our wide range of predefined custom form templates to help you manage and design any type of form.
    Plus, with more than 20 custom fields, you can quickly create a contact form, lead generation form, event or user registration form or custom form in the simplest way possible without any hassle. Instantly preview the form you’ve created and learn how to search for users.



    The HappyForms plugin makes it easy to create contact forms, comment forms, survey forms, and more. So you can start more conversations and engage your website audience. I heard it was a waste of time to set up complex forms. Complaints about undeliverable emails and disappointment at not hearing leads. That is why HappyForms was created. The plugin provides a simple and easy to use visual form builder for filling out forms. Select a field and click on it. The plugin automatically adds the field to the editor. You can then review the confirmation message, customize the style of the form, and save it. When your form is ready, you can easily insert it into your posts, pages, and widget areas.



    FormCraft is a drag-and-drop form builder for creating and inserting forms and tracking submissions. Our WYSIWYG form builder is fast, easy to use, and offers a wide range of customizations so you can create simple contact forms or complex request forms. Forms no longer need to look ugly. I’ve spent a lot of time on the form builder platform making every form created with FormCraft look as stylish and beautiful as your website. All forms respond by default on all devices. FormCraft form builder is a great alternative to other form builders like Contact Form 7.


    Contact Form by WPForms

    With WPForms, you can create stunning contact forms, comment forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms for your site in minutes instead of hours. At WPForms, the user experience is our top priority. Pre-built form templates and workflows make WPForms the most user-friendly contact form plugin for beginners on the market. In addition, the WPForms contact form understands its importance, so it is optimized for web and server performance. When it comes to SEO, marketing and conversion. WPForms is fastest WordPress contact form builder plugins in the world.



    Sendinblue’s free WordPress plugin lets you access SMTP to improve shipping and tracking. Plus, Sendinblue’s all-in-one marketing plugin lets you store an unlimited number of contacts and tag them with as many events, attributes, and soon tags as you like. Use the drag and drop editor to create a template and use your own encoded HTML template or an email template library of 60+ responsive email templates Use Sendinblue’s email marketing plan Send emails and SMS of offers from your WordPress website Use Sendinblue’s marketing automation By sending transaction emails and SMS, creating workflows, ranking users, etc.



    Pirate Forms is a free plugin that focuses on providing a simple contact form that works. There are no unnecessary complicated settings or overly confusing admin panels. All you have to do is contact the form that does the job. Simplicity is the biggest advantage of this plugin. It doesn’t do too much work and only gives you the features you need to use on your WordPress site and create an attractive contact form. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but it does contain some very important features and CAPTCHA that any contact form plugin should have.


    Custom Contact Forms

    Custom contact forms allow you to create forms and manage submissions the WordPress way. User experience is at the top of this plugin list. Instead of going to a separate area of ​​the site, create a form in Media Manager. Live previews of forms are generated on the fly, making life easier. Custom contact form is an inherited name. The plugin is designed for more than just a contact form. With flexibility and extensibility, you and your team can create forms to drive subscriptions, payments and events. Create text fields, paragraph fields, first/last name fields, email fields with optional verification, address fields. US, international address field, date field, time field, checkbox field, drop down menu, radio field, hidden field, file upload field, phone field, website field, etc.


    Multi-language Responsive Contact Form

    Contact Us Form is a simple WordPress plugin that creates responsive contact forms for your website or blog. Just insert any page, this plugin is English (default), Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. The response contact form on both the backend and the frontend of the site is now compatible with Intranet Plus It is possible. Instead, use this free workflow plugin to better manage your inquiries and avoid emailing contact messages. Intranet Plus allows you to track and manage sales leads, service inquiries, and feedback.


    Redirection for Contact Form 7

    Simple plugin for Contact Form 7-Add option to redirect to selected page after mail is successfully sent, disable DOM events, no AJAX. All you have to do is go to the form settings, select the “redirect settings” tab, set the page you want to redirect to, redirect to the URL, open the page in a new tab, run the JavaScript after the form is submitted, and go through. Form field as URL query parameter.


    WP Fluent Forms – Fastest Contact Form Builder

    WP Fluent Forms is the ultimate easy-to-use and customizable drag-and-drop WordPress contact form plugin that offers all premium features and many more completely unique plugins. You don’t need to code every time you need to embed a form on your website, but you should develop a complete WordPress form builder plugin so you can set it up in minutes. That is why we developed WP Fluent Forms for you.
    A good plugin for form builders is when you can’t easily use it the way you want it to be. We also know how important it is to provide your audience with a website designed with their needs in mind first. So, from time to time, you can customize a contact form or subscription form to suit a specific part of your audience. And here you can see that WP Fluent Forms is the most powerful and flexible form creation tool yet developed.


    Metform Elementor Addon

    Metform Builder is a plugin for elementor, you can create any form instantly using metform Builder. You can manage and customize multiple contact forms using elementor builder. The Metform Builder Contact Form gives you complete flexibility to fill out your form instantly using metform. Do you want to build a complex? Complex style? You can build any type with metform.You can complete any contact form in just a few minutes. You don’t have to be a programmer or developer.With Metform, you can create stunning contact forms, comment forms, subscription forms and other types of forms for your site in minutes rather than hours. Complete flexibility in your own hands.


    Contact Form Email

    Contact Form for Email is a powerful and easy WordPress plugin for creating contact forms and submitting data email addresses. The commercial version also offers super-powerful visual form builder, file upload fields, conditional logic, multi-page forms, WooCommerce integration, Mailchimp integration, Clickatell and Twilio SMS integration, iCal attachments, direct signing on mouse or touch screen, etc.The CSV file contains the first line of field names, the next line contains one contact form submission for each line, and each column contains a field. In the report section you can analyze the use of the contact form and the data entered here. The first section of the report is a filter section similar to what appears on the message list page.


    Contact Forms – Drag And Drop Contact Form Builder

    Fields in the contact form textbox can be customized as the field position and value etc.It’s time to give your users a better experience with the new Source Code Form plugin. Origin Code Form is a drag-and-drop form editor that allows you to create secure forms for a variety of purposes. An easy-to-use contact form builder with basic features, 4 pre-made templates to make contact form creation easy, 6 elegant themes Visual form editor for every taste allows you to create and design your WordPress contact forms in real time . can. You can easily reposition the form fields using drag and drop. Form submissions are stored in a WordPress database so you can easily view, edit, export, search, or have things to do.


    Contact Us Page

    Contact Page: With Contacts, you can easily turn boring and boring contact pages into amazing, vibrant and professional contact pages. You can create an unlimited number of profiles. Profiles can be people, headquarters, branches, whatever you want. Your profile card will appear in a row on your contact page in Google Maps if you have Maps enabled.


    Form – Contact Form

    Rich is a multi-choice WordPress form builder that lets you create WordPress forms in minutes. As soon as possible, you can create a full-featured contact form without writing a single line of code. The contact form plugin allows you to change all settings such as color, font and size to suit your form standards. Rich Web Form has all the features you would expect from other free form plugins.


    Finding the Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

    All the plugins described in this article will help you create a contact form plugin. However, deciding which is the best WordPress form builder plugin depends on your needs.

    When looking at the best form plugin candidates, here are two solid suggestions that will meet your needs.
    WPForms is undoubtedly the best solution for beginners who want to know how to create contact forms in WordPress. Easy to use and full of advanced features.

    If you have a new company, you can start using the free version. It includes a host of features powerful enough for a small business, and as your business grows, you can get everything you need simply by upgrading your add-on license.
    The contact form is not only a way to keep in touch with your customers, but it also shows you that you are a legitimate business. You are open to communicating with users and can be all you need to sell or get new readers.
    We hope this article has helped you find the best contact for your WordPress plugin. If you want to find more tools to grow your business, check out our collection of the best plugins for WordPress.


    This is our list of the best contact form plugins for WordPress! But we also know that there is more out there. In reality, there are so many contact forms available that it can be overwhelming. I wrote this article to make it easier to find contact form plugins.
    One thing I like is that the standard of free contact form plugins for WordPress has improved significantly over the past two years. It’s usually more elegant, contains more features, and uses a modern and easy-to-use form builder.

    so, try creating the coolest forms! We hope this article helped you find the best form builder plugin for WordPress.

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