Can We Pretend That Airplanes in the Night SKY?

“Can we pretend that the airplanes that are visible in night skies look as bright as shooting stars? I could really do with wishes today.”

Can We Pretend That Airplanes In The Night Sky Meme? The source is a sketchy comic by Mordecai of “The Regular Show” and Twilight Sparkle from “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”. The sexy nature of the shipping characters and fan art makes this a perfect meme. Furthermore, the talent of various artists who remade the comic has exploded it into the spotlight.

Are we able to pretend that planes visible in night skies look like shooting stars?

I’ve seen a lot of variations on this meme in recent times, and I believe it’s worthy of an article. The basic idea was a strange crack ship between a My Little Pony character and Mordecai from Regular Show, using the song’s lyrics, and the meme has evolved into cracking up between different fictional characters that share the same lyrics. For instance, Shrek as well as Shadow The Hedgehog as well as Nagito Komaeda, and Sans.

Recent 2021 tweets: A user on Twitter whose name is Nikki posted a 3D rendering of MordeTwi with the words “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting star” The site has received more than 680K views as of the moment.

In response to this, Hayley Williams, the singer who originally sang the song, responded that she didn’t understand the video’s message.

Can We Pretend That Airplanes In The Night Sky Meme

The meme is the result of Mordetwi, an online group on Deviantart some time ago in 2011—intended to share sanctification artwork of the ship that sailed between Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle. The closest image to the meme was uploaded on August 5 in 2012, by Deviantart user bluedog444. It featured Twilight Sparkle and Mordecai singing outside under the night sky and singing the lyrics from The 2010 B.O.B single “Airplanes”. Notably, the following lines:

Do we believe that aeroplanes that are visible in the sky as shooting stars

I could benefit from the help of a wish right now. just now, make a wish right now

Do we believe that aeroplanes are in night skies as shooting stars?

I really could use the help of a wish right now. today, right now, wish right now

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