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Brand Awareness In Social Media: 8 Tips For Success

    Social media is a big part of the digital revolution and has now become a content and information hub for many people. It’s no longer limited to newspapers, magazines, television, or radio nowadays. As such, social networking platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are treasure troves in the digital marketing space nowadays.

    Social media is an excellent brand awareness tool because it’s cost-effective and has an immense potential reach. This is because globalization has erased borders to a great extent. 

    Brand awareness is especially important in this competitive market space. People won’t buy something they don’t know. Thus, the more people notice your brand, the more they’ll engage with and buy your product.  

    That said, here are some tips for building social media brand awareness.

    1. Understand Your Audience

    To win at using social media, you’ve got to understand your audience

    You surely don’t want to create content mindlessly. Why? You may fail from the get-go if you don’t know your target market’s needs and preferences intuitively. You won’t be able to tailor your social media to them effectively. Plus, if you aim at everything, you aim at nothing, and that’s not a good recipe for success anywhere. Rather, identify your market, understand its needs and wants, and make specific content for it. You can use your competition as a reference point as well.

    1. Use Influencers

    Influencers can help build brand awareness. This is because some people don’t make a purchasing decision by themselves. They’re usually ‘influenced’ to buy something or use service because someone else referred it to them directly or indirectly. Besides, you can’t buy something you’ve never heard about.

    Influencers usually have a good following on their social media platforms. Instagram is perhaps one of the most marketable platforms available. Influencers can push tailored content to their real Instagram followers, thus, spreading awareness. So, in a nutshell, they ‘influence’ their followers to check out your brand. However, try not to use influencers that your competitors use. Rather, look for others in that niche who can attract a unique audience.

    1. Use Visuals

    You can take advantage of the power of visualizations to both get your message across and attract users.

    Photos and videos make your content more shareable. These days, nobody wants to read lengthy posts. It’s easier to watch a 1-minute video than read a 5-minute article. That’s why many brands are increasingly using visuals in their social media campaigns. Besides, it’s not just about using words. Allow visuals to do the talking for you as well.

    Simply put, good visuals attract readers. They can entice someone to stop scrolling and engage with your post. Even better, they could share it with others. This action increases brand awareness. Therefore, you ought to publish content with excellent visuals.

    1. Be Consistent With Your Brand Theme

    Different brands stand for different things, and every brand has a certain theme that makes it stand out from the rest. This is called differentiation.

    Brand themes are reflected in a business’s values, processes, and ethical standards. These things have to be consistent to prevent confusion. You don’t want your brand to be sending mixed signals to your customers. Thus, you have to establish a theme and stick to it. Consistent brand themes will help make your brand easily identifiable.

    This applies to color themes and fonts as well. Once you’ve decided on a specific pallet of colors, be consistent. You want to get to the point where people can associate colors with your brand. Think of how Apple uses black and white or how Facebook uses blue.

    1. Use Hashtags

    Hashtags are great for increasing engagement. The more people engage with it, the more people notice it. Applications like Instagram and Twitter allow people to search for content using these hashtags. Therefore, using a hashtag increases the chance of your post popping up on random searches. There’s also no limit to how many hashtags you can use as long as they apply to what you’re posting.

    1. Leverage Trends

    Paying attention to trends reveals a brand’s humane side more than anything. So, if your company shows that it pays attention to trends, it shows them you’re human and most people will appreciate that.

    If you take part in a trending challenge on Instagram or Twitter, for example, it will enable your post to be associated with traffic under that trending hashtag. Thus, building awareness. So, you can use trends as an opportunity to build brand awareness in this way.

    1. Maintain Consistency And Good Communication

    To maintain visibility on social media platforms, it’s crucial to post consistently and engage with your followers. People value responsiveness. Therefore, ensure that all your social media platforms are active. Then, if possible, respond to as many comments as you can. Of course, as you grow, it will be much more difficult to respond to every social media engagement. Yet still try to respond to a few ones, at the very least.

    1. Incorporate Humor

    As much as is possible, try to incorporate humor into your content. Humor is a powerful engagement tool in social media. Likewise, people will share things they find funny. Humor can also help people to identify your brand as chill and relatable.


    If you want your brand to shine on social media, understand your audience first. This may be easier said than done. Yet you can use the tips mentioned here to get started. Social media is a treasure trove for today’s digital marketers. Take advantage of the various tools at your disposal as best as you can.

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