Best Way to Get XP in Minecraft

Our Top Methods for Getting Experience Points In Minecraft Guide walks you through some of the most commonly used ways to get experience playing the game! These are methods that don’t make use of glitches, but instead follow the rules of traditional gameplay. If you’re looking to upgrade or enchant your equipment, you’re going need an effective method of earning points!

As gamers of Minecraft will surely improve their gameplay by using this article. In this article, we’re going to share with you the tips to quickly earn XP on Minecraft. It is a vital feature of Minecraft. To fight bosses like The Ender Dragon as well as the Wither the Wither, enchanted gear is absolutely required.

How to get more XP in Minecraft

In Minecraft Experience points, also known as XP, for short, are gathered by consuming glowing orbs of experience. Once a player has collected enough orbs that the player will “level up,” making their character stronger and able access to new skills and equipment. Leveling up and earning experience is essential because you are able to use experience points to enchant and repair items. This lets you upgrade your weapons and move up within the game.

What Does XP Do?

Experience is mostly used to create enchanting effects, which is a way to give more attributes to your equipment, armor as well as weaponry. It is also possible to utilize XP on anvils which can be used to repair and improve each of the mentioned items. Enchanting is the most difficult task to master as well as that you be at a high level to be able to obtain the highest effect. If you’re looking to maximize the amount of objects and other items you’ll need to accumulate XP.


If they are not averse to the tedious work of mining blocks coal repeatedly mining, it is the most secure and safest method of gaining more XP. Mining is a very simple method to earn quick XP. Additionally, players are advised to seek out coal only since there are typically plenty of blocks to be found in each vein.

Mine Nether Quartz

It’s going to be a risk since you’ll need to venture into the Nether. If you’re up to do it, it’s one of the best methods to gain experience. When you’ve entered the Nether you can look for the blocks shown in the picture above. It’s Nether Quartz, and mining it can yield a lot of XP. There’s a lot of it to be discovered So, make sure to take advantage of it the most you can and remain secure. Make sure you mark your way when you’re out and about in the Nether since it’s easy to wander off.

Mob Farm

The players will need to construct their own farm. This could require some time. Mob farms are the best method for players to earn huge amount of experience points. But, they’ll be rewarded with XP after the project is complete. While it’s not an easy task initially mob farms can be compared to investments that are certain for making the investor millionaire within a matter of hours.

Slay Pigmen

Another Nether farm however it’s an excellent option to increase your XP. Find a few of Pigmen who reside inside the Nether. They’re a bit sluggish at first however, if you attempt to kill one of them, they’ll all come after you! A simple way to stay away from being killed is to stack 3 blocks underneath your feet. They can be accessed using your sword, but they won’t be able to touch you! Use your bow to begin at you, and strike back at the Pigmen until they’re all dead. You may want to bring several swords in case you don’t possess a high-quality diamond sword.


Going out in the night and slaying mobs is an excellent opportunity for players to gain experience before they even begin playing. To take out a lot of enemies with maximum effectiveness, players are advised to employ jump attacks as well as charging attacks. If players want to increase their XP by doing this aren’t required to possess anything other than an iron sword and a lot of patience.

Enderman Farm

This could be seen as a flaw, and I’d be able to understand if you decided not to go with this approach. But, it’s a efficient way to accumulate an abundance of knowledge quickly. The issue is that you’ll need to create an extremely complex device to make use of the game. Additionally, you’ll need to have traveled to The End and defeated the Ender Dragon. If you’ve met these requirements, you’ll be able to follow the video below to set up the farm.

Ender Dragon

Particularly more specifically, the Ender Dragon provides the player with 12,000 XP. That amounts to 68 levels. If a player has to attain level 30 to be eligible for an enchantment, then killing the Ender Dragon is a sure way to achieve this target. Although not the most straightforward method but taking out Ender Dragons Ender Dragon will provide tons of XP for players.

Monster Spawner Farm

If you aren’t at The End yet, then you could create an xp farm for monsters. It is necessary to find an spawning block for monsters, but once you’ve found it you can construct around it to make a efficient xp farmer. It takes a lot of time to create but it’s worth it if you’re experiencing a lot of experiences while enchanting.

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