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Best Solar Companies in The World

    Recent years have seen a global move towards sustainable and clean energy, with solar power at the forefront. Solar energy provides a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to meet our energy demands while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. It can help reduce climate change and our dependence on oil. Here we explore the top solar companies from around the world who are pushing the boundaries of innovation and have contributed significantly to the industry.

    What to expect after choosing a solar company

    This process is different for each solar provider. After you choose a provider for solar energy, what can you expect?

    Initial consultation. Your solar provider will arrange an initial meeting to review your energy goals, discuss your current and future needs for electricity and determine whether solar panels are a viable option for your home. You’ll also receive an estimate of system cost and size. Many solar companies will allow you to make this decision virtually.

    After you decide to go solar, review the system prices and sign your contract if they are acceptable. Solar companies will offer you financing options. This may be purchasing the system with cash, financing or leasing it.

    Solar system design and permits: The solar company then designs and obtains all necessary permits for a custom-made system to meet your individual energy needs. Your solar provider will review local codes, regulations and laws to determine the best system for your property. They’ll also apply for any necessary permits. They will also request interconnection and net metering, if applicable.

    The solar company schedules the installation date once your system has been designed and payment or financing is arranged. Installing solar panels takes one or two days, depending on your roof’s complexity.

    Inspection and activation. Your solar company will inspect the system after installation to verify that it’s working correctly and is generating as much energy as expected. Your utility provider will also inspect the system before granting permission to use (PTO). As long as everything runs smoothly, you can activate the system.

    Backend Support: An excellent solar company provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system runs smoothly.

    Tesla USA

    Tesla should be on every list of leading solar companies. Tesla, best known for its electric vehicles, is a critical player in the field of solar energy. It manufactures solar panels of high quality, as well as solar roofs and energy storage systems. Tesla’s solar product line and the Powerwall battery solution offer a complete and sustainable energy source for commercial and residential applications.

    SunPower Corporation is a US-based company.

    SunPower Corporation, a leader in solar technology and high-performance panels, is known for its innovative solar products. Solar technology is constantly being improved by the company’s vital research and innovation focus. SunPower’s solar panels have consistently ranked amongst the most efficient in the industry. The company’s commitment to sustainable development extends across its entire supply chain.


    Waaree Energies Ltd. has headquarters in Mumbai in, India. It was founded in 1989. In Surat and Umbergaon, it is the only company in India with a 2GW capacity for solar panels. Waaree Energies ranks among the leading players in India when it comes to Solar Panel Manufacturing. Waaree Energy has a presence in over 385 locations across India and 20 different countries.

    Canadian Solar (Canada):

    Canadian Solar has become one of the world’s leading solar power companies. Their products include solar cells, solar modules and solar power plants. Canadian Solar’s dedication to quality, reliability and customer service has earned them an excellent reputation in the solar market.

    JinkoSolar (China):

    JinkoSolar (a Chinese solar firm) has gained rapid prominence and is now one of the largest module manufacturers around the globe. They can ensure quality by using a vertically integrated model. JinkoSolar has a reputation for providing cost-effective and innovative solutions. This makes solar energy accessible to consumers of all types.

    Hanwha Q Cells (South Korea):

    Hanwha Q Cells has a long history of manufacturing solar cells. It is well known for its innovative technologies, like its half-cell design and multibusbar design, which improves solar panel performance and efficiency. Hanwha Q Cells is committed to sustainability, as its recycling program demonstrates.

    First Solar (USA):

    First Solar is a leading innovator in the field of thin-film solar technology. These advanced CdTe (cadmium telluride) modules are highly efficient, reliable, and have a small carbon footprint. First Solar’s sustainability commitment extends well beyond its product line, emphasising responsible production and recycling.

    Enphase Energy (USA):

    Enphase Energy offers solar microinverters, energy management systems and other solutions. Enphase Energy integrates microinverters into the solar panels to increase energy production while simplifying installation. Enphase technology allows real-time solar system optimisation and ensures optimal performance.

    Can I arrange a virtual solar consultation?

    Some of the best solar installation companies will allow virtual consultations. However, not all do. Palmetto Solar is one example. It doesn’t provide virtual consultations. But it does have an online calculator where you can get a detailed estimate about what it may cost to install solar and whether it will reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

    How much does solar power increase your home’s value?

    You can increase the value of your house by purchasing solar energy systems rather than renting them. Energy systems are an asset, much like any home improvement. Most states provide property tax exemptions for any other value solar energy systems add to a house. Click here to learn more about how solar can increase property value.


    Companies at the forefront of innovation and sustainability are driving this global industry. The solar industry is revolutionising, with established companies like Tesla or SunPower joining emerging ones like JinkoSolar. Solar companies have advanced the industry with their commitment to environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and quality.

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