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5 Best QR Code Menu Software for Restaurants And Hotels

    Today, using a QR code menu remains popular among food establishments. This digital solution makes ordering and paying more convenient and seamless, and it has certainly made a remarkable impact on both restaurateurs and customers.

    It doesn’t only provide a touch-free experience to diners, but it also brings more benefits than you can imagine. 

    Restaurants can use this technology to get more customer information, know customers by generating feedback, access data on daily sales, edit the menu easily, and many more.

    Get to know the best QR code menu for restaurants and its features by reading further.

    Features and pricing of the best QR code menu software today

    1. MENU TIGER 

    MENU TIGER is among the leading QR code menu providers in the restaurant industry today. It has salient and valuable features that provide efficient services.

    These include marketing tools for upselling, cross-selling, running restaurant online promotions, and highlighting high-profit items. 

    The platform has integrations with different mobile payment channels like PayPal and Stripe. Its Canva integration can help you customize table tent designs and other promotional materials. It also has a printer integration which automatically prints customer order receipts. 

    Customers can make dine-in orders by scanning the QR code on their tables. They can also order online through the platform’s in-built restaurant website. They can also choose from multiple language choices for the menu.

    You can customize the QR code’s appearance, add your restaurant logo, and use predesigned templates with a call to action.

    And for better decision-making, MENU TIGER gives you access to its sales and revenue analytics. It can collect customer feedback and gather customer information.

    To experience MENU TIGER’s services, subscribe to its freemium plan or sign up for its affordable paid plans.

    Pricing details: Freemium plan; Regular ($38 per month); Advanced ($89 per month); Premium ($119 per month) 

    2. Bonee

    Bonee is another digital menu solution that offers a QR code menu ordering system. It makes the customer ordering experience simpler and faster as they can order with only a few clicks. 

    It has an automatic menu translation feature, the ability to create an online menu with unlimited food categories and menu items, and features to gather customer feedback. 

    Another key feature of this tool is that you can provide other food details for customer’s information. This includes the price, description, and photos to better showcase the product.

    And for more streamlined operations, you can easily manage orders from the dashboard.

    You can also edit and update your menu content anytime, and the changes will automatically reflect on the customer’s smartphone screen. 

    Pricing details: COVID – only offers catalog ($19); Starter ($39 per month); Basic ($59 per month); Premium ($129 per month) 

    3. Instalacarte 

    Instalacarte’s QR code menu provides contactless solutions for transactions in the hospitality and restaurant industry. It gives customers practical options for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. 

    With its multi-language translation features, foreign guests can easily access a language set in their native tongue to understand the menu.

    You can give customers a visually appealing menu by customizing its designs and choosing from beautiful templates. You can also update your menu content in real-time without reprinting it. 

    However, Instalacarte lacks the following features: QR code customization, POS integration, and a white-label solution. 

    Pricing details: Free for everyone with limited features


    One2menu is an easy-to-use contactless digital menu solution for restaurants of all sizes. This online restaurant tool simplifies menu management by enabling you to edit and manage your menu on any device.

    One2menu offers a QR menu, a QR website, and loyalty and rewards. They partnered with delivery companies to provide customers with delivery services.

    Aside from that, customers can place orders online without downloading any app. The tool accepts and fulfills orders with Stripe as an online payment option.

    Pricing plan: Starts at free (additional 3.5% per transaction) to $99 per month

    5. Menulingua

    MenuLingua is a digital menu provider that streamlines restaurant operations. You can update your menu items’ prices, availability, photos, and content as often as possible without reprinting.

    The software tracks incoming orders on various devices at your outlet, which makes the process more efficient, especially during busy hours.

    Further, its QR menu is simple to use; with a scan of the QR code, customers can place orders right from their mobile devices.

    Other key features of MenuLingua include menu translation for a customer’s better ordering experience and menu design options to make it visually attractive. MenuLingua also offers services allowing you to display your PDF menu online.

    To know more about these features, you can avail of its 7-day free trial.

    Pricing details:  PDF only ($5 per year per outlet); Pro ($21 per month per outlet)


    Many in the restaurant industry believe that QR code menus are here to stay. The advantages these bring to every restaurant business are an influential factor in why more establishments use this tool. 

    Therefore, when choosing the best menu provider to incorporate into your business, remember to focus on its features and see if it’s worth the price.

    MENU TIGER, for instance, offers excellent features for marketing, streamlining kitchen operations, and improving the customer experience.

    This online tool creates a huge and positive difference in how your business operates compared to how it was before. And this will significantly impact your brand and aid your business’ growth.

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