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ARK: Survival Evolved Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

    There was a time when people used to play video games or virtual games for fun, but now it is no less than a profession and in fact, many consider it as a serious warzone where they have to survive no matter what. This passion of gamers for these new-age games makes them even more engaging and interesting to play. If you are also one of those passionate gamers, but new to ARK, it is important for you to know the hacks to stay alive in the game for long. 

    Check out a few tips below which will help you to learn how to become a pro at ARK and get more Ark Survival Cheats

    1. Focus on resources

    As the game is no less than a warzone, it is important for you to always have enough resources to face any adverse situation. Right when you enter the field, gathering as many resources as you as can should be your aim. The most important resources out there in this game are Thatch, stones, fiber, flint, and wood. For thatch, you can always punch the trees and collect as much as you want, however, for stones; you need to just pick them up on the way. Resources should be your priority to survive in the game.

    1. Know your tools

    Just collecting the resources or having the tools are not enough, you need to have the proper knowledge of how and when to use your tool. You cannot use an axe to collect the thatch and that is common sense. The game offers you some really amazing and powerful tools that are going to provide you with strength when you are in the game.

    1. Find your tribe

    As it is not easy to survive alone in this cruel world, similarly fighting alone in the ARK field is much more difficult than it looks. It is always recommended to find the right people when you enter and form your tribe or join an existing tribe to ensure you have a group to support you while struggling in the game. This will not only provide the strength to fight, but more friends in the game will definitely help you against the enemies whenever needed.

    1. Isolation is better

    Your character in the game also needs due rest just like a human body, and while you build a long-term shelter for yourself to rest, it is important to be more careful. Be aware that your enemy is always after you and all he needs is to spot you once to kill you. It is suggested to avoid building a shelter in a place that is wide open on where your shelter is clearly visible. Especially in the ARK game, beaches are one location that you must always avoid for a shelter. Rather, you should go to an isolated place with trees nearby, so that you can also collect and stock your resources while resting.

    1. Target smaller animals

    Killing animals is one way of earning points in the game that will help you to unlock more equipment and tools. One should always start targetting the smaller animals at the beginning which are easy to prey and you can get a lot of points by killing them. You might feel bad after doing so, but this is how the game works. Once you gain enough points by killing smaller species, now it’s time to unlock bigger tools and powers to target a giant animal. This is how you proceed towards winning the game and are also able to survive for long.

    1. Use engram points wisely

    You always get rewarded when you go up in the game. After clearing a few stages, you start getting engram coins which you need to use wisely as you don’t get them again and again and they are limited. One should always focus on unlocking more and more tools and weapons initially with these points to become stronger and survive longer in the game.

    All the above points are super helpful for those who want to become a pro at ARK, if you are one of them, then get started and use the above tips to succeed. The above tips will surely help you get started well in the game. 

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