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Apple TV Not Working on Roku [Fix]

Apple TV micro consoles and digital media players are utilized by many people, however, those who have Apple TV subscriptions can also get similar services on different platforms such as Roku through Apple TV. Apple TV app.
It’s an extremely useful tool for streaming content from the iTunes Store, Apple TV+, and the video on demand. Although a lot of people use Apple TV on their devices, many use the Apple TV app on their Roku devices, a problem has stopped users from using it recently.

Additionally, it appears that the Apple TV application for Roku provides the “Video Not Available” error when watching shows such as Ted Lasso, The morning show, SEE, and many other shows. The problem is widely reported but there aren’t any statements by Apple or Roku regarding the issue so to date.

What is the reason why the Apple TV app not working on my Roku?

A very frequent problem with problems with the Apple TV app for Roku not working after you’ve logged into your account. The reports of damaged movies have been popping up on the internet and in Apple’s Community Forums following the signing-up process with TV+ with your Roku.

Other users have reported similar issues, like receiving a message that specific videos aren’t available or that the device is unable to view them at all for no apparent reason. Finally, some customers have been complaining of not being able to login into the Apple TV+ account, regardless of knowing the password is correct.

How do I solve the issue of Apple TV not working on Roku?

We’ll help you solve issues that result from issues with Apple TV not working on the Roku device. If the first approach isn’t able to solve the issue We suggest you go to the next method.

Using the Right Apple ID

Certain people may have more than one Apple ID. If you own several Apple IDs, you may have entered an incorrect ID for signing in to the Apple TV app. First, you must sign out of your account and then sign in with the correct ID.

clearing of caches on Roku

The best solution to an app that isn’t working for almost anything is to remove it from your device and then reinstall it. However, before you do that, you could try to get rid of the clogs by restarting the Roku first.

  • Click the Home Button five (5) times on the remote
  • Use the Up Arrow at least once
  • Click the Rewind Button twice
  • Hold the button Fast Forward two times

It will restart your Roku within a couple of minutes before you can try to launch Apple TV. Apple TV app again. After restarting the Roku this method, it will instantly clear the cache from your Roku and you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Log out and log in to your Apple TV Account

If you have recently changed the password on your Apple TV account password, likely, your changes haven’t yet been implemented on the account. Start the app, and then log off of the account, and after that, log back in with the new information. After logging out, logging returning to the Apple TV account can re-sync the device and your data. This can help resolve the problem.

Have you got two IDs from Apple?

iOS gadgets, as well as most important, iTunes, have been for quite a while. It’s no secret that many people are prone to creating numerous Apple ID profiles when they cannot remember the password or simply forget.

In some cases, users can use two Apple ID accounts with one ID for iTunes and another one for iCloud. If you encounter this issue, it is important to verify that the correct email or Apple ID is entered into the TV+ application in your Roku.

Reset Roku Remote

There may be an issue with the remote because the app isn’t responding properly. If you’re using your Roku remote, there could be issues with the connection between the Apple TV application and Roku. Reset the Roku remote to ensure that you aren’t experiencing any issues there.


This article offers a comprehensive description of the steps to resolve issues with Apple TV not working on the Roku issue. We hope that Apple and Roku can take a closer investigation into the issue and fix it with future software updates to allow users to use the Apple TV application for their Roku devices with no issues.

However, we will update you with additional stories like this as we learn new information so keep an eye out.

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