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15 Best Free AMP WordPress Plugins For 3x Speed

    AMP technology is a necessity in this digital age where technology is everywhere and nearly every aspect of life revolves around digitization. WordPress AMP plugin lets you quickly load websites from mobile platforms.

    If you plan to use AMP for e-commerce on your site, it is mandatory that you use it. To fully support your website, hire a WordPress developer if this is something you don’t know.

    WordPress’ best amp plugin is very useful for people who are passionate about targeting mobile users, those who make content and almost all website owners.

    AMP support must therefore be enabled on your website for your website to appear within Google search results. You can do this by installing a plugin that supports AMP on your web pages.

    This article describes the best AMP plug-ins to speed up mobile pages. Let’s get to the point.

    Google AMP: What does it mean?

    Google AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. An open-source platform, also launched to improve mobile user experience. It’s represented by the glowing symbol in a google search. This signifies that it loads at light speed.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are the best way for your website to load quickly on mobile devices. The quicker your website loads, both on mobile devices and desktops, the more visitors you get and the more revenue you earn.

    These plugins let you integrate functionality into an existing WordPress website rather than rebuilding your site with AMP support.

    This allows users to access the site from their mobile devices by offering a lighter version. Mobile users can access websites quickly and enjoy a high-quality browsing experience. This site is great for increasing traffic and conversions.

    Why is AMP WordPress plugin so important?

    An online business requires different marketing strategies than if you were in a physical store.

    Google and other search engines have become the e-commerce gatewaymasters for small business. Website code and contents make up the majority for online business customers.

    The AMP plugin for WordPress plays an integral role in website visibility according to Google’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

    When a search engine detects that a website is not loading well on a mobile device the suggestion list will not be displayed to the user when they enter the relevant search.

    With the AMP plugin you can load your WordPress site instantly on your mobile site at the same time as your computer.

    The AMP Plugin plugin for WordPress and AMP Themes allow you to integrate AMP compatibility on your WordPress site. Instead of creating a brand-new website, pre-formatted to AMP, the AMP plugin provides all the mobile features that you need for a WordPress site.

    Official AMP plugin

    This official plugin by the AMP Project allows you to publish AMP content to WordPress using seamless integration with the platform’s standard mechanisms.

    The official WordPress AMP plugin allows you to build a user-friendly WordPress website that is quick, secure, easy to access, and user-friendly. A user-focused website provides a positive user experience that increases site success and user engagement.

    Developers and users with technical skills can use the advanced tools of the best amp plugin WordPress to resolve validation issues and achieve full AMP compatibility.

    Whether you’re a developer, a novice user or if your skills are not in-depth, the AMP plugin can help you take advantage of AMP compatibility. It also allows you to create fully AMP-compatible websites with different configurations. You can create a component.

    The ecosystem of AMP-compatible WordPress components continues to evolve. However, there are still many options for expanding the range of AMP-compatible WordPress systems.

    A custom theme or plug-in may be required if you are a programmer or have the necessary resources. The official AMP plugins can be extremely useful as they provide powerful and effective tools for developers that explain how AMP development takes place in WordPress.


    AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

    It is an all-in one plugin that optimizes your WordPress site instantly for AMP. AMP for WP has many extensions, support options and a range of customization tools. AMP for WordPress is constantly updated to fix bugs and add new features.

    WordPress is easy to use, with a reputation for reliability, responsiveness and versatility.

    If you are looking to make your website look like a mobile application and promote digital marketing on it, this plugin is for you.

    Mobile redirects are responsible for over half of all traffic. We have not done anything to improve user experience. This means that it is not up to par with SEO and can lead to lower SERPs. Fast mobile version equals fast user experience. Increased engagement and decreased bounce rate

    WooCommerce can also be integrated with AMPforWP. This feature alone can help you gain a competitive edge if your product is sold online.


    Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

    Yoast’s SEO AMP Plugin plugin is a WordPress plugin for free that adds support to WooCommerce Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

    You can easily mobilize your site with this plugin in just a few steps. Yoast AMP HTML SEO is Google’s open source initiative to provide mobile-optimized content that can be immediately loaded anywhere.

    Additionally, breadcrumb users and other wysiwyg page builders have repeatedly requested this feature. Technically, it is impossible to fully support them due to the limitations of AMP.

    Not allowed are certain HTML tags, inline CSS, and customJS. These WYSIWYG WordPress page creators produce a lot HTML, inline CSS and custom JS that can’t be displayed on AMP pages.

    Thus, I added the option to cover each post/page content individually. If your website has a complicated layout, but you wish to put the same page on your mobile app, you can create an easy code-free version that includes text, images, videos and other common formats that will only be available on your AMP. user.


    Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

    As one of the best WordPress plugins for your blog, this tool will help you add markup to pages on your website. This will materialize your website as a rich snippet in all search results.

    However, it does support AMP. This is an important point here. The tool also supports 33 types of architectures, such as blog posts, news articles, products, and more.

    If the schema type you use is not supported, the developer says: The tool also supports conditional display fields so you can decide which posts, pages, or other content to mark up. Markup data can also be imported from other schema plugins, including: SEO Presser and WP SEO Schema.


    PWA for WP & AMP

    This WordPress AMP plugin will help you to change your online portal to PWA or progressive web app. Equipped with advanced web technology whistle and bell, this tool will ensure the best user experience.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages is designed to dramatically improve mobile web performance by reducing web page load times and keeping users on the web store.

    With AMP, web pages load instantly across multiple platforms and devices, so your content can appear instantly anywhere, no matter what mobile phone, tablet, or mobile device your users are using.

    The AMP plugin provides an additional benefit, complete AMP support. The tool features multi-site support, cache expiration selection, UTM tracking and more. Plugins consist of services called worker functions that help optimize your website.


    AMP WP – Google AMP For WordPress

    It’s a relatively new WordPress mobile plugin on the market, with an impressive 1,000 active downloads. It’s a very effective WordPress AMP plugin because it loads pages 5 times faster. It also matches very well with Yoast SEO.

    AMP has a pre-rendering feature that renders the page as quickly as the user can see it. AMP only allows asynchronous JavaScript, which helps speed up page execution and rendering.

    This pre-computes the page’s elements even before the resource is loaded, which helps the DOM paint very quickly. AMP also only allows internal CSS, which not only reduces external requests, but also improves both speed and performance.

    In addition, it implements Accelerated Mobile Pages on shop pages, category pages, and most importantly product pages. These two are the most visited and most navigated pages in any web store.

    Therefore, if these pages load instantly without delay, users will continue to be interested in the web store, which is very beneficial to the store owner. The more time a user spends on the web store, the more likely it is. For users who purchase some items.


    weeblrAMP CE

    AMP for WordPress – weeblrAMP CE is the best WordPress plugin for creating AMP with a premium subscription. This plugin is available to both free and premium users, and premium users have a turnkey service to convert their existing WordPress plugins to AMP.

    AMP on WordPress – Use weeblrAMP CE to create an AMP version of your WordPress website that’s engaging, fast-loading and reliable.

    AMP on WordPress – weeblrAMP CE has a professional design and an easy-to-use interface, perfect for professional WordPress website and blog developers and designers.

    It features automatic conversion from Gravity Forms, Contacts Form 7, MailChimp for WP, WooCommerce, and many other premium plugins to AMP format.

    This ensures that your AMP site looks and functions as closely as possible to your parent WordPress site. The premium model of the plugin provides extensions and tools for AMP site replication, customization and data storage. Track metrics for your online site with built-in Google Analytics.

    WordPress AMP-weeblrAMP CE also automatically converts MailChimp sign-up forms so that visitors can subscribe and generate site conversions from their smartphones, tablets, or computers. Click the links below to learn more about WordPress AMPs and watch a live demo.


    All in One SEO Pack

    All-in-one SEO pack is perfect for beginners and professionals developing sites, and offers a number of free and paid subscription options.

    With a wide range of SEO support features available, the All-in-One SEO Pack is the perfect AMP plugin for WordPress site developers who are serious about improving viewership and online presence.

    The all-in-one SEO pack holds a 4.5-star rating and is touted as one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins to date. AIOSEO is loaded and ready to go without a learning curve in the interface.

    Unlike the AMPs above, AIOSEO includes Google AMP support, which automatically notifies connected services such as Google and Bing about changes and updates made by users.Use XML sitemap support.

    Moreover, the free version of AIOSEO is fully functional and ready to use. However, for those who need advanced features, support, and APIs, AIOSEO offers several paid subscription packages for individuals, businesses, or agencies. Incorporates SEO integration for WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms, making it the best choice for online distributors, vendors, and service providers.


    AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

    The AdSense plugin WP QUADS is provided as the best AMP WordPress plugin for optimizing marketing content on web pages.

    AdSense works by identifying and responding to ads according to each user’s preferences, as well as notifying administrators of the number of site visitors using an ad blocker.

    Whether you’re using a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV, the AdSense plugin for WordPress brings all the features of Quick AdSense to your mobile device viewers. And precision. Viewers have the option to disable AdSense and AdSense does not get a cent from ad-based revenue.

    If you already use Quick AdSense on your computer’s WordPress site, the Adsense QUADS WP plugin will automatically integrate all feature settings.

    AdSense has drag-and-drop ad creation capabilities that allow you to seamlessly and easily control the nature of your website ads, both in design and functionality.

    The AdSense plugin WP QUADS offers several support subscriptions, making it the perfect AMP plugin for your entire WordPress ad.

    Beginners of WordPress website development can confidently use the automatic mode for AMP compatibility with AdSense, and experts will benefit from a wide range of customizable tools.


    AMP it up!

    AMP it up! is an AMP plugin required for WordPress that can be optimally used on self-sufficient and self-sufficient sites such as startups, blogs, WordPress sites for editing.

    AMP is perfect for beginners and users who want to get it. Tips for AMP optimization on WP sites. However, for resource-rich sites, finding a support solution for AMP is more difficult than for AMP for WP.

    In addition, users have reported mixed feelings about the design and ease of use of AMP. Website developers with experience building sites on their own do not have the steeper learning curve than developers who are new to page building. AMP requires admins to use the coding required to customize mobile view page features and colors.

    Although the project is open source and may not yet have many of the benefits of being easily accessible, the AMP project is constantly being developed. Users can expect more specific support features for AMP projects in the future.



    Templatic-Google-AMP is the best WordPress plugin for AMP newbies. Advanced Mobile Pages enables you to sell your content to a wider audience and audience through mobile device optimization.

    Templatic created Templatic-Google-AMP to meet the collaborative needs of mobile developers, e-commerce businesses, advertising companies and online publications. This plugin is a amazing solution for an easy & smooth AMP implementation.

    Templatic-Google-AMP is easy to use and designed for anyone, regardless of coding experience. To generate an AMP site page, simply download, activate, and customize the plugin from your WordPress dashboard backend.

    Enter “amp” after the archive, category, details, or page URL and the plugin will automatically generate an AMP version.

    Moreover, styling options, sizing options, colors, and display are all customized and edited on the dashboard of your WordPress website. This plugin is perfect for lightweight websites.

    However, it is not intended to handle large amounts of large amounts of media content such as video and audio. Great for 200-300 blog publications before you don’t have to separate your posts into different categories. Click the links below to read the full description and to see the full list of features.


    AMP WooCommerce

    AMP WooCommerce is the perfect WordPress plugin that integrates AMP e-commerce sales, and tracking tools.

    WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, all from the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to create stores, facilitate financial transactions and manage orders.

    AMP WooCommerce is completely new to beginners and seamlessly creates the corresponding AMP version of your website’s WooCommerce store.

    It provides a professional model and high usability for users of all skill levels. Designed to convert an existing WooCommerce store to a copy of the AMP version.

    The plugin will automatically inherit all the configuration specifications and design options specified in the dashboard options panel of the main WordPress website. Click the links below for more information on the AMP WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.


    Amp Stories for WordPress

    Amp Stories for WordPress is the perfect WordPress website for AMP monetization, marketing promotion and multimedia.

    This plugin is professionally developed to manage and publish content to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages directly from the blog section of your WordPress website. This plugin is built for heavy loads and supports WooCommerce, Google Analytics and more.

    The WordPress feature supports ads on all pages and posts. Easily create an advertising partnership with an agency, add relevant marketing to your site and earn additional revenue from online publications.

    Once installed and activated, WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress creates customized AMP pages for your website content. This will cause the content to appear in the slider carousel at the top of Google’s search results page when accessed from your smartphone or tablet.


    AMP Supremacy

    The AMP Supremacy- Accelerated Mobile Pages are explicitly created to convert pages, posts, categories and tags on your WordPress website to the AMP format.

    AMP is essential for website publications to be competitive on mobile display platforms. AMP Supremacy | Accelerated Mobile Pages is user friendly, easy to install and easy to configure, regardless of your experience with implementing WordPress or AMP.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages features a professional model developed by the manufacturer of Project Supremacy. It provides usability tools to easily convert and copy the entire content of your WordPress site to AMP format.

    AMP transforms the original content into a static HTML script. It is easily cached on a dedicated server that maintains the entire content of the site. When mobile users go to see AMP content, they’ll see the whole thing fast


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