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7 Web Technologies Every Web Developer Should Know

    While most people associated web development with building websites the fact is that web development isn’t only about building and developing sites. Web developers today have a lot more to handle than in the past. Hence, if you are interested in creative problem-solving and the ability to create something from scratch you should look for options to become a web developer. Also, when you become a web developer you need to be aware of the technologies that would become vital tools for your job. 

    Here are 7 web technologies every web developer should know. 

    IONOS Website Builder

    As a budding website developer, you need to have a good website builder that allows you to create and design websites for small businesses. For this, you need an intuitive website builder that provides easy options to help you design the site and that comes with other options like email, traffic analytics and social media. Having a good website builder allows you to display your creativity when you are learning about web development. To begin with, you can read the IONOS website builder review that would provide you with more details about its features, pros and cons and its overall cost. 

    Chrome Developer Tools

    Various web designers and developers today have to look for options that allow their websites to look good when opened in the browser. With Chrome Developer Tools, developers can view and update web page styles, debug JavaScript code and improve overall website speed and performance. Using Chrome Developer Tools, web developers can audit web pages and auto-generate reports to identify areas of improvement and take decisive action. 

    Sublime Text

    If you are relatively new to the world of web development you need tools that can help you with coding while you teach yourself how to code. Unlike other similar programs, Sublime Text is lightweight and easier and therefore it can help you in the initial days of web development to control and edit several lines of code at once. This web technology provides an all-in-one text editor for prose, code and markup. 


    When you are focused on creative aspects of web designing and development you need tools that would help you with site customizations. This is where Bootstrap comes in. This is a widely-used front-end web development framework used for creating mobile-friendly, responsive and dynamic websites and applications. This toolkit comes with CSS, HTML and JavaScript tools that allow web developers to create front-end design elements for various websites. The pre-built components in the program allow web developers to add themes and icons to their designs. Its predefined grid system also saves you time to create one yourself. 


    You cannot ignore the importance of graphics in web development. Hence, you need to look for web developer tools that can help you design perfect graphics that can cut down your overall time. This vector-based design toolkit can make things easier for web developers to create all kinds of interfaces and prototypes. Also, the toolkit comes with powerful extensions that are supported by third-party plugins and integrations. 


    Being a web developer you also need to focus on app development these days. Flutter is one web development technology which is supported by Google and can help you build custom app designs on any platform. The tool comes with built-in features and options that help you create apps for Android and iOS at the same time. 


    Another important and widely used web development tool and technology that you need to know as a web developer is ReactJs. This allows you to easily write and pre-build components which help in speeding up the overall development process. This program is very lightweight and also SEO-friendly. 

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