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6 Devices That Help Me Write My College Paper

    Academic writing is one of the common difficulties among college students. Not only does it require time and dedication, but also advanced skills. No wonder many students are looking for ways to make this process easier. Some devices and gadgets will do just that.

    Of course, no device will do the work for you. But what if I need someone to paper writing services for me? – you might ask. Well, in such a case, it is better to go to professionals. Academic paper writers can nail any type of college paper with ease. They offer writing, editing, and proofreading on demand, even on the shortest notice. So whether you are struggling with an essay or term paper, they are ready to assist.

    Professional authors have years of experience in this field and know all intricacies of academic requirements. They are also well-versed in various subjects and topics, which allows them to create unique and powerful assignments. This is a sure way to keep up with your deadline and get expert guidance.

    As for gadgets, they can make the writing process much easier. Here are some of the best ones to check out.


    Best Gadgets That Help Me Write My College Paper

    Wireless Keyboard

    Wireless keyboards are great to use in any environment. It is essential to choose a keyboard that is comfortable and ergonomic, so nothing takes your attention from the process.

    One of the best companies to check is POP Keys because they offer multi-device wireless keyboards. This means you can type anytime you want on

    • Laptop;
    • Tablet;
    • PC;
    • Smartphone, etc.

    All you need is for a device to have a Bluetooth connection to sync the keyboard with it. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you think, “I could write my college paper right now, but I do not have a laptop with me,” – this is a perfect solution. Students can also easily switch between gadgets with one button and use it on any major operating system (Windows, iOS, Android, or macOS).

    Cube Timer

    This gadget is useful for those who want to beat procrastination when working on their assignments. It is a small cube that allows focusing on the task and using techniques like Pomodoro, for example. Students can set a timer for a particular task and overcome the frustration that a blank page might cause.

    You can set a timer for 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes and start working. Often it is one thing that can boost your process. Instead of overthinking how to start, you just do it. And when you do something for 10 minutes, your brain gets into a working mode, and it is easier to continue.

    Cube Timer is good for strict time management as well.

    E-Book Reader

    The accessibility of e-book readers is a great EdTech innovation that makes research significantly faster. With such a device, you can have all your sources, books, notes, and articles in one place at all times.

    The benefits of these e-readers are that they hold a battery for a long time, have a comfortable screen for the eyes, and offer a lot of storage space. So students can work on research while in traffic, waiting in line, or simply having a spare moment. E-book readers are also compact and lightweight, which is always a plus.

    For instance, the Kobo Clara e-book reader will last for weeks in terms of battery life. It also has a lot of customization features to make reading more enjoyable.

    Solar Writer

    Technically, this is not a device but software. But it can connect your keyboard to your Kindle. So it combines two gadgets to create a perfect word processor. It works for Android and iOS-powered gadgets as well because it also connects to your smartphone.

    So students can turn their e-book reader into a typing device even in bright daylight. And there are no distractions other tools might offer. So all you can do is work on your college paper.

    If you have a Kobo ebook, you can opt for Kobo writer – a similar solution to turn your device into a word processor. The only downside is that Kobo devices do not power the keyboard, so you need to plug it in to work.

    Reusable Notebook

    This is another gadget that is useful for students in essay writing and studying. Such devices allow you to write notes or ideas by hand and have the digital version of them immediately. This is a revolutionary solution for note-taking, mind mapping, or working on research.

    You can take it and make notes at any moment and save them to cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Cloud, or iCloud. And it feels almost like using paper. Rocketbook is a powerful gadget to try. Also, reusable pages are much more sustainable than traditional paper notebooks.


    Noise-Canceling Headphones

    This is a must-have tool for students to concentrate on their work. Whether you live in a dorm, share an apartment with friends, or prefer working in public spaces – noise can be a huge distraction. Even if you have strong discipline, the brain is going to process all the outside noises and thus give less attention to the text.

    With good noise-canceling headphones, students can write their college papers or do research wherever they want.

    In Summary

    These devices make working on your college assignments easier and more productive. They cut down distractions and give the opportunity to work on the task in various conditions and environments. Whether you want to turn your e-book into a word processor or need to cancel outside noise, these gadgets will be of great help.

    Investing in one or a couple of such devices will go a long way and make your college experience more enjoyable.

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