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4 Signs That Show It’s Time to Update Your Business’s IT System

    Until something bad happens, company owners might not give much thought to security. After installing security measures like cameras and alarms, for instance, you might think that your company is safe. However, it’s not enough to just install a security system at your company; you can’t just put it up and forget about it.

    Your IT security setup is no different from any other system in that it requires regular maintenance and updates to continue to do its job of safeguarding your company’s data. In addition, unexpected events can arise that compromise the safety of your company. The sudden need to change to remote work during a pandemic is a prime illustration of the unanticipated consequences that could happen at any moment.

    Particularly when it comes to budgeting, small company owners can put off installing necessary security patches until later. You could not think you need it because you don’t believe there’s enough of a danger to warrant an update, let alone an upgrade, or because there hasn’t been much in the way of security breaches. 

    Proactively maintaining the quality of your company’s data storage system is better than only updating it when it’s convenient. Having software and hardware checked and updated regularly might cost you a pretty penny now, but it will cost you much more if you disregard your system’s health and a security issue impacts your organization unexpectedly. In addition, maintaining a consistent schedule of system updates helps you avoid the need to make a large, unexpected investment all at once. 

    The average cost of a data breach worldwide reached an all-time high of $4.35 million in 2022, a 2.6% rise from $4.24 million in 2021. In order to avoid becoming one of those statistics, here are four warning signs that it’s time to evaluate if your company needs an IT system update or an entirely new system.

    Security Purposes

    When hackers are constantly trying to get into your systems, it’s time for an upgrade. Due to their incompatibility with modern security software, outdated devices are often easy targets for hackers and other online criminals. If you want to keep your data safe in an age when hackers are always developing new methods of access, it’s time to upgrade.

    If you’re concerned about the safety of your company’s data and infrastructure, one answer is to work with a reputable colocation and cloud solutions provider, such as Liberty Center One. Your company will greatly benefit from their knowledge of security and data management. With their cutting-edge infrastructure and stringent safety precautions in place, you can rest easy knowing that your most sensitive business data is in good hands. 

    Too Much Downtime Indicates a Serious Issue

    When response times from your systems reach unacceptable levels, it’s time to make a change. Low internet speed and malfunctioning servers might be to blame, but it’s also possible that software programs themselves are holding you back. Such annoyances are too much to bear and might cause your employees to lose motivation.

    The most effective method for gathering information of this kind would be to request input from your supervisors and workers regularly. Insights like these will aid your IT department in identifying the issue and suggesting a solution.

    Greater Degree of Inconsistency With Your Hardware

    Your company’s technological infrastructure must facilitate smooth communication and collaboration across its numerous departments. In other words, the diverse departments have to be brought under a single umbrella through technology. 

    Inconsistencies in this structure make it more challenging to exercise proper control over the various sections of the organization. There will be issues with compatibility and procurement, both of which will result in additional expenditures. A situation in which each department is responsible for its own systems can be improved by having your IT team manage the system from a single, centralized location.

    Costly Monthly Energy Expenditures

    Your energy costs will be driven mostly by the kind of technological infrastructure you have. Are your systems a factor in your company’s low profit margins? The reality is that you cannot function without your IT system. You can, however, fix the problem. Older electronics are more likely to use large amounts of power, so upgrading to newer models can be one solution to a rising energy bill.

    Final Thoughts

    Your company’s IT system is no different from the majority of the other systems you use in your business or even at home; it requires regular maintenance and frequent software upgrades. If you’re the owner of a small business and you find it difficult to keep up with technology and you don’t know when to get an upgrade, you should consider keeping an eye out for these several tell-tale indicators that it’s time for some fresh updates.

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