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3 Things You Need to Know Before integrating CRM And Google Analytics

    There are many options for connecting with your customers. You can use social media marketing or YouTube videos as well as pay-per-click ads and SEO rankings. It doesn’t really matter what marketing strategy was used. Understanding the return of investment is critical to making strategic business decisions.

    While more data is better, putting it together can be difficult.

    Improvado is aware that many of our clients have issues attributing sales and revenue generated to the marketing source. Problems with UTM tag are usually the cause.

    Here are three problems common to UTM-tags that are attribution-based

    Only Paid Channels Give You Visibility

    You can’t see the revenue that comes from paid channels if you don’t have access to other marketing opportunities that will drive your business.

    Because UTM tags from different sources are not being recognised, it is difficult to identify which sales resulted from social media engagement, SEO ranking, or direct traffic sources at a lead level.

    The majority of businesses have invested heavily in at minimum one of these channels. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see how much of your unpaid advertising efforts are converting clients?

    Improvado gives you visibility to these channels when you work with them. You can build any type of marketing dashboard. This helps you understand where your leads come from and what works for your brand.

    You cannot see the full user path

    We also see attribution-based UTM tag issues. You don’t always see the complete path your users take. Many businesses we work alongside are surprised to discover that many of the leads they thought had come from paid ads were actually brought in through SEO efforts.

    However, it is logical. For most customers, the normal route to your website is via an organic search. Once they have read information about your products, they will go to your site. After that, customers will do additional research to find out more information about your company and then click on a sponsored advertisement (sometimes retargeting) and then they can make a purchase or sign-up for a demonstration.

    You have greater insight into the full user journey so that you can target keywords that drive viewers to your websites and eliminate the ones that don’t work. Improvado clients who have done this have seen a 26% increase on their ROI. This is something digital marketers want!

    You are missing insights into the Account-Level Path

    Our third common mistake is that B2B companies cannot be seen at the account level. B2B has its own unique space because it involves many departments and individuals in the decision-making process.

    Each interaction between these individuals and your brand is crucial. Improvado can help you link every interaction to a B2B lead so that there is a clear path as to how the sale was made.

    This path is split into two main stages: investigation and consideration.

    The discovery stage ends when a company representative books a demo. This initiates the consideration stage. It is a separate section in the sales funnel.

    This distinction is vital because people should not influence the attribution results after they have booked a demonstration. This is the primary goal of active marketing campaigns.

    Google Analytics Best practices

    There are many best practices in using Google Analytics for marketing reporting. But the CRM connection is what you use to store the data.

    Google Analytics is best if you keep your web analytics and CRM separate. They are not designed to provide an end-to–end match. While there are some Google Analytics and CRM features, most of these are designed for different purposes. They are not tailored to your business.

    Consider it this way: Analytics platforms are popularly designed by developers so that many businesses can use them. To create a tailored solution for your business, you will need to combine the data into a separate database.

    ClientID is the best option to link Google Analytics and your CRM software.

    ClientID refers to a unique identifier given to each individual user of a website. Matching your customers to a clientID allows you to see their entire journey to becoming a paying client.

    If you use this identifier to pull data, you can gain valuable insights about traffic sources that lead them to your website.

    How to Get Started

    Are you ready?

    We help a variety companies automate their marketing reporting. Our goal is for you to work together to bring data together, transform it and present the outputs on a visual platform. Schedule a call with us to discuss how we can help you get started.

    Our unique platform is able to extract all ClientID data in Google Analytics. Therefore, we can retroactively produce reports based on historical data. You won’t need to make any tracking code changes, which will save your team considerable time and effort.

    Only one adjustment is required: You must transport ClientID data to the CRM system if you have not already done so.

    We understand that every company is different so we offer a wide variety of solutions for different attribution models, both for B2B and for B2C. You don’t need an engineer to modify your attributions with our tools or Transform module.

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