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14 Enterprise Marketing Tools – Top Marketing Performance in 2022

    Enterprise marketing tools allow marketing professionals to market their company’s products and/or services to other markets, increase sales, and improve the brand image. Marketers reach new audiences and attain new heights through actionable insights and acceleration in marketing analytics.

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    Improvado specializes in marketing optimization and is constantly adding new tools to our arsenal. To find the most effective tools, we’ve examined how popular tools impact the productivity of marketers at companies with more than 1,000 employees.

    Enterprise marketing tools that work best

    Enterprise marketing tools can be used to normalize cross-channel marketing, market analysis, consolidate data from different areas, and attribution modeling. We will review the key features of each software, discuss pricing and highlight the pros and disadvantages of each tool.

    Google Campaign Manager 360

    Campaign Manager 360, an enterprise marketing tool that manages ad campaigns, is suitable for both large agencies and brands. It provides a single platform that allows you to manage all digital advertising campaigns across all platforms. Campaign Manager 360 features a wide range of functions, such as:

    Ad trafficking. This allows marketers upload creatives, select the right target audience and launch ad campaign.

    Marketing reporting. For your marketing campaigns and creatives, set performance goals.

    Verification. You should gather information about the performance and quality of your ads.


    MediaMath’s technology & services allow marketers to reach the audience they desire at the scale needed to achieve the desired outcomes. MediaMath has been helping marketers reach prospects and customers since 2007. This demand-side platform uses a Brain algorithm to predict the performance of your campaigns, and suggest the optimal price for your bidding.

    You can use the platform to launch a successful marketing campaign with a variety of features, such as:

    Campaign management system. You can manage all aspects of your digital advertising campaigns including creatives, targeting, optimization, troubleshooting and optimization.

    Media management. Websites, broadcasters, and publishers offer media deals that can be activated, bought, activated, analyzed, and reported on.

    Creative management. Your ad assets can be easily uploaded to all the platforms.

    Consumer segmentation. The platform’s segmentation tool allows you to create large, better performing target audiences.

    Search Ads 360

    Google’s Search Ads 360 can be used as part of Google Marketing Platform. It is an enterprise marketing tool which allows agencies and brands to manage large-scale search marketing campaigns across multiple media channels. This platform is cross-engine friendly and works with these engines:

    Google Search Ads 360 automates the reporting of marketing results on the effectiveness purchased ads. Automated bidding is also available on the platform to accelerate routine tasks and improve marketers’ workflow.

    Display & Video 360

    Display & Video 360 (DV360), an enterprise marketing platform, allows marketers to create programmatic campaign across TV, audio and other channels from one central location. The platform is structured around five interconnected modules.

    DV 360 allows for you to coordinate media, data, creative inputs, track marketing investments, and create effective campaigns using Google’s machine learning algorithms.


    Sizmek Ad Suite is an ad server that allows marketers to create, customize and measure campaigns on a variety of channels. This helps them achieve their brand and activation goals.

    This enterprise marketing platform offers features such as creative authoring and campaign optimization. It also has Media Rating Council-accredited measurements. Sizmek Ad Suite assists marketing teams in managing distributed campaigns, increasing creative relevance, and maintaining control and ownership over their advertising data. is an enterprise marketing platform that specializes in programmatic advertising. It provides an omnichannel workflow which helps brands and agencies optimize media buying and track it’s performance more effectively and efficiently.

    Final price negotiations for pricing should be made with the seller.’s pricing is lower than average enterprise marketing platforms, according to customers. The cost of a basic license is $800


    Skai is an enterprise platform for marketing that uses machine learning algorithms to help advertisers make better decisions and achieve better results. It’s powered by actionable intelligence. The machine learning algorithms of Skai enable companies to remain on the same page with their customers.

    Skai doesn’t offer pricing information on their product. The product is, however, 28% more costly than the average cross channel advertising platform, according to small businesses. For mid-sized companies, it is 32% more expensive that the average platform.

    Amazon Advertising

    Amazon Advertising is a popular enterprise marketing platform. It brings all advertising tools together under one roof. Amazon Advertising is an excellent platform for brands that are prepared to invest in large marketing campaigns, continuous optimization, and other related activities.


    Adobe Marketo helps businesses manage complicated buyer journeys. This enterprise marketing platform gives advertisers measurable results that help companies retain and attract customers.

    Marketo offers four different plans, each with different features to suit different marketing goals.

    Select. This plan provides 25 users, API access, lead and database databases, custom field data, and much more.

    Prime. This plan includes all of the Select features, plus website targeting, website personalization and predictive content.

    Ultimate. This plan includes all Prime plans capabilities, plus email campaign, sandbox and premium attribution modeling.

    Enterprise. This plan is custom-tailored to the needs of each company, and is discussed individually by sales managers.

    Get involved

    Act-On is an enterprise marketing platform that can be subscribed to. It helps marketers to understand their audience, and optimize marketing strategies.

    The company offers two pricing plans: the Professional and Enterprise. The price of an Enterprise plan will depend on the number and type of prospects that you want to reach. If you have 2,500 active prospects, then the Professional plan costs $900 per month and the Enterprise plan costs $2000 per.


    Invoca, formerly DialogTech, is a cloud based call tracking system. This enterprise marketing platform enables marketers to connect with prospects’ buyer journeys by using phone calls and data collection via trackable telephone numbers. Website tags allow for call tracking and analytics.

    The platform can also be integrated with various services such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and Salesforce.

    Invoca doesn’t reveal its pricing on its website. Nevertheless, some services indicate that the monthly cost for basic services is $1000.

    Xandr Invest

    Xandr Invest powers enterprise marketing platforms such as trading solutions and online advertising marketplaces. Companies with strong programming and marketing skills will find it a valuable demand-side platform.

    Both large and small media buyers can benefit from the platform’s many features. Xandr Invest has many advantages over other enterprise marketing platforms, including automated media buying, campaign administration, optimization tools for different metrics, and advanced functionality.

    The Trade Desk

    The Trade Desk is another platform for enterprise marketing, The Trade Desk is a media buying platform, similar to Xandr Invest. It helps marketers reach diverse audiences around the globe.

    The Trade Desk has a number of tools that can help you increase your marketing performance. Here are some examples:

    Cross-device targeting. This allows advertisers to target the right audience at the right time on the right devices.

    Media planning and buying. Marketers can set parameters such as goals, budget, and geos. The planner will optimize campaigns based upon the parameters provided.

    Measurement Suite. Marketing departments can monitor the campaign’s performance and see clear results.


    StackAdapt, a self service platform that specializes in cross-channel advertising (display, video, connected TV and audio), is our final platform. It allows third-party segments to be accessed through various data providers. StackAdapt’s network enables marketers reach new audiences by allowing them to browse the internet.

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    2. In eCommerce, the key is getting good marketing, a good business grows when they expand and reach more clients. In affiliate business, all sorts of marketing platforms should be used and in recent times social media has been a good platform to sell products through social media influencers.

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