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Top 10 property management companies

    Investing in real estate continues beyond the purchase of the property for rental. Next, you must find the right management approach that meets your expectations as an investor, as well as the demands of your property. If you are investing away from your home or want to avoid becoming an all-time landlord, employing a well-qualified property management company is an excellent idea.

    There are a lot of firms that manage properties in the US market, and it takes time to pick the best one. In this piece, we looked at a variety of the most reputable companies and chose the six excellent ones in different classes and types of rental. We examined the types of services they provide, the market they offer, the types of properties they oversee, their fees, and what current customers say about them.

    Do You Need to Work With a Property Management Company?

    You intend to purchase several rental properties. Management companies for rental properties become more important when one’s portfolio of rental properties expands.
    It is outside the area of your investment. If the property you are renting is far from where you live, employing an administrator who will keep control of the property is a good decision.
    It’s not a good idea to manage the property. If you’re planning to use your property to generate passive income, it is necessary to employ a property manager who will handle routine maintenance and other day-to-day tasks.
    It is possible to afford the additional costs. The property managers are charged some portion of the rental amount, which seems sensible. This can alleviate landlords from a variety of problems and allow a lot of their time to make investments in other areas.
    There is only so much time. If you do not like managing your homes, you won’t be able to focus on the issue every single day. Employing a rental manager or a rental management firm is an excellent choice to allow you to focus on the running of your company.
    Suppose you own property in an Affordable Housing Program. In that case, most owners will be eligible for tax-free grants, tax credits, and low-interest loans as a condition for leasing tenants with low incomes under these programs. These benefits come with stringent regulations to comply with.

    HomeRiver Group: Best Long-Term Rental Property Management Company

    HomeRiver Group is the largest third-party property management business in the US market. They specialize in small and single-family properties and HOA communities. The company is a full-service permanent rental property management company that takes care of all the obligations of being an owner.

    John Hirschfeld, Andrew Propst, Doug Dale, and Joshua Bangert founded the company in 2016, joining various property management firms across the US. The headquarters of the company is located in New York, NY. The goal of HomeRiver Group is to be the leading homeowner management company for residential properties within the US, committed to providing services for tenants and owners alike.


    If this is your first time using any property management software, you might not believe that software can have such an impact.

    This is especially true in the case of things like QuickBooks or the free property management software TenantCloud, which primarily assists with accounting.

    DoorLoop However, the complete property management system allows you to control the entire portfolio of properties in just one location.

    Lincoln Property Company

    Lincoln Property Company ranks second in managing property, with the 303,900 units that will be added to the 210,086 units in 2024. The company’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas; the firm has a substantial presence within the industry and specializes in military-related properties. Its expansion is due to a good performance in managing properties.


    Greystar, our desirable option for an organization that manages properties, is a trusted partner for property owners all over the globe through their “Beyond Expectations” belief in the quality of service. The company offers valuable services that follow an organized, systematic strategy to increase efficiency, lower risks for investors, and increase performance and profits. Greystar’s Investor Portal Greystar Investor Portal allows owners to keep track of their property’s performance indicators and access the outcome of their financial and accounting management, marketing and reputation management, and regulation and legal compliance.

    Cushman & Wakefield

    Cushman & Wakefield maintains a significant presence in property management and manages 178,105 units. It is a small improvement from 202,145 units in 2024. With its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, Cushman & Wakefield has a stable performance with its portfolio size, indicating its consistent performance in the property management industry.

    Avison Young

    Our most reputable commercial property management firm is Avison Young. The company, with its headquarters in Toronto, is present across 19 countries, ranging from Australia to Vietnam. Their overall management portfolio, consisting of 283 million square feet, is staggering, in addition to their impressive increase of 200% over the last year.

    The firm focuses on three kinds of property: retail, office, and industrial real property. Avison Young has been celebrated for its eco-friendly method of managing property and building operations. The company has won recognition from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and has been included in Canada’s Top Managed Companies over the last 12 years.

    CREM Management

    CREM Management is a full-service property management company operating throughout Southern California for over eight years. The company has offices in Long Beach and Northeast Los Angeles. Their commitment to optimizing their operations ensures perfect usage of the buildings they manage and gives unrivaled customer service, with a no-stop commitment to protecting their investors’ assets!


    Although many are aware of the capital markets or leasing part, the company is also involved in property management, comprising around 205 million square feet. It is involved in most types of properties, including industrial, office, and retail properties, to more niche forms of property, including data centers. In light of its size, the company’s annual growth of 12 percent is especially impressive, putting it in the fifth spot.

    Lincoln Property Company

    The Dallas-based Lincoln Property Company opened for the first time in 1965. Since then, it has operated as a manager and developer. The firm had more than 300 million square feet of space under its management portfolio at 2021’s close, which is a staggering increase of 17% in just an all-year timeframe. LPC concentrates on a vast range of commercial properties, including

    How To Choose a Property Management Company

    Companies that manage property are separate entities that have the freedom to decide which services they will deliver and for what price. You must choose your company wisely, as the service quality and the cost you’ll pay will affect your property portfolio’s financial performance.

    What do you need to consider when trying to select the accurate property management firm to partner with? Take a look at the suggestions below.


    One of the most frequently asked questions regarding managing properties concerns “How much do property management companies charge?” The reality is that the price of managing properties varies widely among different companies.

    When you are looking for a provider, consider the budget you have set. Take note of the earnings you make from your properties and the amount you’re prepared to pay to the company that manages your properties as a service charge.

    If you’ve set the budget you want to stick with, It becomes much simpler to look at your choices.

    The total property

    The amount of property your property has will influence the decision you make. Small, inexpensive companies for property management can be a good choice when you have only one or two properties you want them to take care of and all your properties are within the same geographic area.

    But, if you’re a homeowner with many properties that span several states or counties, you’ll prefer hiring a business with a nationwide service. Though larger companies can have higher costs, they generally focus on providing better quality services.

    What are the top things to consider when selecting an organization to manage your property?

    Personality. A property manager’s staff must treat every tenant respectfully, and there shouldn’t be rules regarding behavior and manners.
    Stringent Enforcement of Rules Ensuring the staff and tenants comply with all rules and regulations is essential to managing multifamily property.

    What are the services that the companies that manage property generally impart?

    Most property management firms impart solutions such as ensuring the property is in good condition, getting rid of non-paying or disruptive tenants, and managing the property (which might involve hiring outside contractors). Sometimes, property management companies can take additional financial responsibility for a property and have to pay for insurance or other costs.

    Managers of property and their teams need to be in a position to manage the asset and, in addition, warrant that they can both draw and keep tenants.