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How to View Old Snapchat Stories

    Snapchat has a distinct characteristic sets it apart from other social media platforms. Snapchat’s shared snaps are deleted after you’ve seen them. They disappear in a way. When you capture a photo and send it to your friend, Snapchat can be very strict regarding security.

    The fact that you’re studying this article suggests you’re looking for ways to see old Snapchat images, videos, or stories. Look back at your favorite moments of your time through Snapchat. Well, don’t you ever worry! The photos can be rediscovered, as we will benefit from retrieving their pictures for you.

    In this guide, we’ll show the methods to restore your deleted snaps. Certain methods work with particular operating systems (i.e., Android or IOS); however, some work with any operating system.

    What is Snapchat Memories?

    Snapchat Memories is your album of snaps you’ve saved. Snapchat Memories were announced in 2016 as a response to customers wanting to store the snaps that they snap through the app onto Snapchat’s servers.

    Through Memories, it is possible to create an archive of your Snaps to revisit or share with friends through Snapchat or other platforms. Memories are a feature that Snapchat created. The memories result from the trend of browsing old photographs of family and friends. A portion of the excellent content from Throwback Thursday material can be found in the Snapchat Memories.

    Snapchat users used to have the option of saving Snaps to their phone’s camera roll. But now, Memories lets users save and retrieve Snaps inside the app. Memories are now where Snaps will be saved until you change your settings to save Snaps to the camera roll, too.

    A Workaround for Watching Old Snaps

    If you wish to look through older Snaps instead of saving them, there are a few options. You will have to do it when you first open the Snap.

    Save the camera roll.

    Also, you can view older Snaps anytime when you save the images to your phone’s camera roll. The sender is notified when you’ve stored their Snap. The benefit of this approach is that, even if the the person who sent the Snap deletes it, you can access it through your gallery.

    Chat and then go to the older Snap.
    Then, press it for a long time and select Save to Camera Roll opportunity.
    The chosen Snap will be saved to your device’s camera roll, and it is viewable through the Memories area.


    The procedure is quite simple for a list of recently viewed Snapchat Discover Stories. Just do the following:

    Start Snapchat. Open the Snapchat Application and go to the Settings Menu.
    Press the gear icon. Scroll down until you reach “My Data” in the “My Data ” section.
    When you are in the data section, click on the icon.
    Under the section for my data, click View All. There, you can see your Snapchat Discover page history. Find a plethora of 129 amazing, hilarious, and trendy.

    Retrieving Snapchat and Snapchat Information from iPhone

    At present, there are several software programs available that are and free (such as UltData, for instance) UltData,) and paid, which allows you to retrieve deleted files on your iPhone. The steps for recovering the deleted data, and, in turn, the lost Snapchat media can be described like this:

    Then, the iPhone is connected to the application to restore the lost data. It can be accomplished physically by connecting the iPhone to your computer or desktop through its USB cord. You can also do it by connecting to the contents of your iCloud backup using the software for data recovery. (CAUTION: Beware of phishing scams by verifying that you’re with an authorized data recovery tool.)

    The media can be retrieved once your device has been connected to the program. If your data appears but no images or videos show up, then the press has likely been saved to using the.NOMEDIA format. To correct this issue, name the file and then change the type of the file, as we mentioned earlier.

    How do I View My Recent Story on Snapchat

    If you’d like to see your story currently via Snapchat, then follow these instructions:

    1. Start Snapchat. Move into the Stories tab, then tap the tiny circle that shows your preview of your story on the left upper edge of the screen.
    2. Click on the My Story opportunity to view the most recent stories that you’ve uploaded.

    Does SNAPCHAT focus on providing the same information for everyone?

    To Snapchat privacy policies, Snapchat Discover is not identical for all users.

    We can see from the previous paragraph that Snapchat’s Discover algorithm relies on user curiosity. There is an unanswerable answer to this since Snapchat cannot provide details on how the Discover feature functions.

    What can I do to view my Memories via Snapchat?

    To access the contents of your Snapchat Memories, go to the Camera tab and then click the tiny double image icon displayed when clicking the Camera button (underneath on iOS and on the left side on Android). A new tab labeled Memories will appear below and display a grid of your snaps in case you have saved all of them.

    How long will Snapchat Memories last?

    The information you store in your Snapchat Memories stays on Snapchat’s servers until you erase it. Snapchat Memories are never automatically erased.

    How can I determine the number of friends I have on Snapchat?

    Snapchat does not provide the number of friends you’ve made, but there is a list of friends. Select your username to access your profile, and then choose My Friends.

    Are You able to See Your Snapchat History?

    You can check your Snapchat post by clicking the profile icon and tapping Settings. After that, visit your account’s website and follow the instructions to view information like when your account was established or the number of accounts connected.

    What do I do to see Birthdays on Snapchat?

    Birthdays aren’t displayed on their profile on Snapchat. The only way to know is to check when a cake will be next to their name.

    To conclude

    The various ways to retrieve images from Android or iPhone are listed in the above paragraphs. It is evident that only when you upload your videos and photos to Snapchat memories can you retrieve those files. There isn’t an option to recover deleted Snapchat photos to be restored. We recommend backing up your device regularly to reduce the risk of losing any other files stored in your phone. If you need help remembering to backup, you should have EaseUS MobiSaver on your system. This way, you won’t need to worry about losing your data any longer.