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How to Save Text Messages from Android to Computer

    Whatever motive you need to move Android SMS to a computer is no certainty crucial. Since SMS is the method we employ to communicate our queries. It’s, however, more complex to do this.

    Although many apps transfer data, including photos and videos, an application capable of sending messages is very scarce.

    Do you want to download a cost-free application to transfer pictures and messages from Android onto your computer? This article will present four options to benefit from the transfer of Android SMS onto your PC. We’ll start with the tool that is the most accurate of them all.

    Backup Android Text Messages on the Computer through Android Backup & Restore

    A reliable tool that was that is designed to take care of Android data restoration and backup tasks, MobiKin Backup Manager for Android (Win and Mac) (Recognized as Android Backup and Restore) concentrates on creating backups and then efficiently recovering the data that was lost in backups. In addition to texts, the program lets you keep copies of a broad assortment of Android things, like photographs, contacts, call recordings, videos, logs applications, documents, and much more, directly onto your PC.

    Connect your device with a PC or Mac with USB or Wi-Fi. Additionally, it has an extensive range of compatibility that supports nearly all Android devices and various Android operating platforms.

    Android backup and restore to Windows Android Backup and restore for Mac

    How do I transfer Android text to a PC using Android Restore & Restore?

    Step 1. Check that your Android backup and restore software is active on your system. Connect your Android smartphone to your computer through USB as well as Wi-Fi. (How do you connect Android to a PC via Wi-Fi?) The app will show a brand new display when connected in the following image.

    2. From the main screen, select”Backup” on the main interface’s “Backup” feature. It will display a list of types of data that are accessible for backup. Choose”Messages” from the “Messages” feature to back the text. If you want, you can select other types of files that will be added to the backup.

    3. To indicate a location to save backup messages, tap the “Browser” button. Once you’ve chosen the preferred location, hit”Back Up” to save the backup “Back up” button to begin an Android text message backup. After that, you cancan take a print of text messages using Android or use them for different purposes.

    How do I download text messages via Android to my computer using Google Drive?

    You can save Android messages to a computer with no extra apps installed on your Android phone. AsAs you already know, you can backup data on Google Drive via the built-in Settings application. You can use this option to complete the transmission of messages. Learn how to make this happen:

    Step 1: Launch “Settings” for Android. Select “System” then “Backup”.

    Step 2: Turn on “Back Up to Google Drive” and tap “Account” to sign in your Gmail account details. After that, click “Back up right now”.

    Step 3: After you’ve finished step 3, browse Google Drive on your computer to sign into the account you created. After that, you can click “Backups” to open the backup file. Then, you can download it to your PC.

    How do you transfer text messages to Android into a Computer Free with Email?

    The ability to send individual texts directly into your accounts is an easy option to create a manual archive of the most important information and then transfer it. This technique is perfect when you’re working with only a few pieces of information, or you need to segregate important conversations.

    Choose the message you wish to keep in the messaging app.

    Hold the text until an opportunity menu appears, then choose ‘Forward.’

    In the “To” field, type your email address.

    Click ‘Send’ and you’ll receive the mail within your inbox of emails, and you’ll be able to browse it on your PC.

    How to save a text conversation on Android with SMS Backup and Restore

    Because Google does not fully engage in the SMS messaging industry and needs to give more importance to the backup of SMS through its platform. But, if you’d like to verify the security of your text messages, you can do it through SMS Backup & Restore. This is the method to save messages to Android using this application:

    1. download the SMS Backup & Restore app via the Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

    2. Start the app and select “Get Started”.

    3. Permit the app to use your telephone number.

    Step 4. Step 4, “Set Up Backup,” select the backup feature you want to set up.

    5. Find the location of storage to store your files by choosing from Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Then, sign in to the drive you want to access.

    6. After that, you can customize the frequency at which backups are deleted, the backup method to be used via Wi-Fi, and the frequency of backups. Click “BACK Up Now” on the right-hand corner of the screen to begin the backup procedure.

    Dr.Fone Android Backup Software

    Install and download Dr. Fone’s Android backup software.

    Connect to your Android smartphone via USB and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Select My Backup on the left side of the screen.

    Go to Backup Now.

    Then click OK within the dialogue box.

    To see the messages, log into Phone Manager and click on the Messages.

    Select Export and save threads in HTML or CSV documents.

    Read Text Messages Saved with XML Format on any device.

    The backup file is stored in XML format. This file can be opened in SMS Backup & Restore. SMS Backup & Restore app. What if you would like to view it from outside the app? You’d like to view text messages exported on your personal computer.

    It could cause problems when you need the right application to open a document in XML format. However, by visiting the official site of the app’s developer and viewing your communications in XML format. Here’s how:

    1. Access the SyncTech site from any trusted internet browser and select the menu View Backups.

    2. Choose the backup file. Drag down the file, then select Apply.

    It is now possible to read your backup data in XML format on any device, with access to the benefit of a web-based browser.

    If you’re concerned about your data security, the creator explicitly states, “All the work is processed in the browser, and the files are never stored on any server.” It’s your responsibility to determine how comfortable you are with this level of security and the safety of your files.

    What is the location where text messages are stored on Android?

    In the end, when it comes to the messages sent via text on Android phones, they’re stored in the default app for text messages. Additionally, saving them within Google Drive is possible if you have turned on Google Backup.

    Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages Android?

    It’s not easy to retrieve deleted messages using Android; however, iMyFone D-Back is among the easiest methods of getting deleted messages back.


    Making a backup of your messages in text is vital for you to warrant they can be recovered promptly after they have been deleted from your default messaging program. However, You can n’t use an account on your Google account to make an archive and then utilize iMyFone’s D-Back to recover the messages. This recovery program costs money, and a trial version can be used to restore texts!