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How to Merge Two Chrome Windows With Multiple Tabs

    Sometimes, you want to go on multiple pages within Google Chrome. However, navigating multiple tabs can get confusing. You may not know which tabs are active, need to close several tabs in one go or retrieve a recently closed website. It’s good to know that Chrome has a range of functions and tools to help users more quickly and easily control their tabs.

    It is possible to close any open tabs, save your present one, shut down all tabs right of your current tab, and temporarily pin a tab to the top position to ensure it’s available. It is possible to reopen tabs that have been closed accidentally, move a tabbed webpage into an entirely separate window and then set Chrome to go back where it stopped so that all open tabs will reappear every time. If you have the correct extensions, you can accomplish other tasks.

    How do I Install Tabs to Join Tabs

    Go to the next page in Google Chrome.

    Click on the Plus button.

    You can see the following screen if you are using the old version of JoinTabs.

    Click here to click the installation button.

    You can notice a magnet in the upper right-hand corner when you have installed Join Tabs.

    Select the JoinTabs icon within the Chrome browser to join several open windows. Each open window will automatically join.

    Keyboard Shortcuts to Mix Chrome Browser Windows

    We’ve witnessed the GUI technique to join the active Google Chrome browser windows. If you’re uncomfortable using the GUI approach, connecting all the open pages with a few keys is possible. To do this, however, you must enable shortcut keys before we can do it. The default shortcut combination of keys is not activated. You must enable the shortcut key, and after that, you can join all the open pages using the [M] or [Ctrl] keys. The following instructions will show you how to make shortcut keys available to link the open windows of your browser.

    Just click the Join Tabs icon at the right-hand upper.

    Click Options to open.

    Check to enable Shortcuts.

    After enabling the keyboard shortcut, Press [Ctrl] and [M] to join several Google Chrome windows.

    Join multiple Chrome windows with extensions.

    There are a lot of Chrome extensions that provide the ability to merge your Windows windows with just a single click. One that I recommend is the Join Windows. It’s easy to use and has plenty of options to modify.

    If the extension no longer exists or isn’t working on your browser, check out the alternatives:



    Merge Windows

    Alternate methods that you could explore

    Alongside the two options described previously, other techniques for combining Chrome windows exist.

    Make use of keyboard shortcuts for moving tabs across windows. For example, you could utilize Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move to the previous tab and Ctrl+Shift+T again to open the previously closed tab.

    Utilize tab groups to organize your tabs. Tab groups enable you to connect tabs with similar content and quickly move between tabs.

    Use a third-party window manager to organize the windows on your screen. Window managers such as Divvy and Spectacle allow you to resize and rotate windows across your display quickly.

    You can select multiple tabs when sorting.

    Here’s one of the most exciting options, and that is the option to choose different tabs on Google Chrome. To achieve this, press the CTRL on Windows or Command on a Mac, and select the tabs you wish to select from among the countless tabs you can open.

    How do you accomplish this? After selecting different tabs, you may move them to a new window, right-click them to close them, or even mute the tabs if they make the sound of a rat.

    I enjoy grabbing several tabs related to one project and moving them to the new screen.

    Controlling multiple Google Chrome Accounts

    If you are using Google for work purposes, you might be using a different account. If you do, you’ve experienced the advantages of having distinct accounts to browse. With the device you work on, it’s your list of bookmarks and your history exclusive to the account. Change to your device, and you’ll be immediately connected to the history of your bookmarks.

    You don’t have to ask your employer to create an individual Google Chrome profile for you. Create a new Google account in seconds, and you’ll be well on your way to segregating things. To create a brand account, you need to create a new Google account; click the profile image located at the top of your web browser. Then look down Other profiles. Select to add.

    You’ll likely need to connect multiple accounts from one device. You may have to tackle an urgent task during your vacation, or you may be looking for access to the information you saw online from your house.

    To toggle between profiles on Google Chrome:

    1. Click on your photo and select the profile you want to switch to from the options.
    2. Select the Add Another Account option if it’s not there, and log in with the profile’s email address and password.
    3. When you’re done, click your image again to return to your original profile.

    Open all tabs of the bookmarks folder.

    When you’ve set up an account for bookmarks, you can click on it in the bookmarks bar, which will bring up a menu that displays each tab of the folder for bookmarks. If you’d instead start all the tabs of the bookmarks folder, right-click on the folder and choose “Open the entire folder”.

    A more straightforward method is to immediately utilize Cmd + Click for Mac and Ctrl + Click on Windows to open every tab in your bookmarks directory. If you’re a mouse user, it is easy to press downwards on your mouse when hovering over the bookmarks folder, and it’ll bring up all tabs within the folder.

    Your bookmarks bar will eventually fill with a lot of clutter, and it is the same annoyance to navigate when you open tabs or links, each one at a time.

    Also, you have no control over the arrangement app, appearance and style of your bookmarks’ bars and folders.

    How do I switch between Tabs within Chrome?

    Ans. Select the tab to the left of the screen. Click on it again to toggle between tabs within Google:

    Click Ctrl+Tab to open the tab that follows.

    Use Ctrl+Shift+Tab to open the tab that was previously opened.

    Use Ctrl+ (number of tabs) to change to a specific tab. In this case, Ctrl+2.

    How can I toggle between Two Windows within Chrome?

    Ans. Press Alt+Tab to toggle between two tabs within Google Chrome.

    Our guide helped you merge two Chrome Windows.

    If you have questions or ideas, please message us via the comment section and stay on TechCult to read more exciting blogs.