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How to Fix Instagram Audio Messages Not Playing

    There will be an unpleasant Instagram experience if the sound does not work on reels, videos, or stories on the main feed. Instead of using silenced videos on Instagram, use the hacks below to resolve the audio issue that is not working correctly for Instagram reels or stories.

    Various factors may alter the audio quality of Instagram reels, videos, and stories. Several factors can impact the sound quality of Instagram videos, reels, etc. This could be caused by activating the mute button or corruption of caches, Bluetooth, data saver mode, or others. These troubleshooting suggestions will solve audio problems in Instagram reels and videos swiftly. We’ll examine the basics before moving towards more advanced solutions to fix the issue of no audio on Instagram.

    What can I do to fix it? Instagram videos that do not play

    Start to address the issues with Instagram videos that aren’t loading or not playing, depending on the reasons previously mentioned. BeforeBefore attempting competent methods, exploring some simple troubleshooting techniques is recommended. In actuality, you may restart your device, be it you’re with an iPhone, Android, or PC, and then watch the same Instagram video. If the issue is present, attempt the steps listed below.

    Let Instagram make use of the microphone.

    Be sure that Instagram grants you access to the microphone on your phone. If not, it won’t be able to record or play the voice messages you send.

    1. Start the phone’s Settings, then tap Apps and Apps Management.

    2. Click on Instagram to select it and then Permissions.

    3. Press the microphone, then select Allow only when the application is together.

    Enable the Data Saver Mode

    Instagram includes Data Saver, which helps users track internet information when using the application. However, this can also impact the app’s functionality in some cases.

    1. Within Instagram’s Settings and Privacy menu, choose Media quality and data usage.

    2. Switch off the toggle for Data Saver.

    Clear caches to fix Instagram videos that aren’t playing

    This article will explain how you can fix Instagram issues with videos not playing through clearing app caches since corrupted data and accumulated caches will contribute to the issue.

    If you’re trying to remove Instagram caches from your web browser, clearing them from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other browser is easy. The settings menu can be accessed by tapping Settings Instagram > App Instagram > Storage > Clear Caches to clean Instagram caches from Android phones. However, if you must delete Instagram caches from iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod, You can delete and install it again. Learning how to remove the search history for Instagram is also possible.

    Close Other Background Apps and other background applications

    Then, it would help if you were sure to warrant that there isn’t any other application with or without the device microphone running behind the scenes. So, the microphone won’t be utilized simultaneously by an app, for instance, which is the case with voice recording on Instagram. Additionally, removing unnecessary background applications can improve the performance of your device and app.

    An interesting iOS feature (available for some Android phones) is an orange light or dot on your device’s status bar when the app has been with your microphone.

    So, you can use transparent backgrounds by hand and with your Recent Apps and App Switcher. This way, you can troubleshoot and determine if an app causes your microphone to stop working. It’s Not working correctly on Instagram.

    Get rid of background applications for background apps on iPhone x or newer devices for Instagram to correct the microphone issue or note/voice message not working. Either playing or sending messages

    In addition, we suggest rebooting the device (Step 4), which is similar to stopping all background programs connected to your microphone.

    SWITCH from MOBILE data to WI-FI

    This solution will benefit those who use Mobile Data for Instagram. However, if you need help, we recommend changing Mobile Data to Wi-Fi. This can increase your internet connection speed and benefit you by providing perfect speed for mobile data in your current area.

    Change on Instagram Lite or Instagram Web

    If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you need a different method. In this scenario, try changing to Instagram Lite. It’s a stripped-down version of Instagram. It comes with the Instagram application, which includes all the necessary features, such as voice messages.

    Instagram Lite is available only exclusively for Android. If you’re using an iPhone, switch to Instagram Web to play the voice messages you’ve received. Be aware that you can only listen to your Instagram Web voice messages. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow the capture and transmission of voice messages.

    Update App

    Instagram voice messages aren’t playing. The problem could also be due to an old app version with glitches and bugs. Please install the latest app version and see whether it resolves the issue.

    How do I post an Instagram Video with no sound?

    Sometimes, you’d like to share the latest news from your life but want to avoid audio being included in the video. Instagram provides a quick answer to this issue, allowing you to create material to meet your requirements! We’ll look at how to publish an IG video with no sound:

    Step 1. On Instagram, click the plus button on the right to create an account with a brand new story or post.

    Step 2: Choose the video you wish to share, then tap next.

    Third step: click the Speaker icon in the middle of the screen. It will switch off the audio. The icon will change to show the change.

    Step 4. Upload your material, including any tags or comments.

    Are there ways to make voice calls through Instagram?

    You can transmit voice messages via Instagram when you click and hold the microphone feature within the messaging bar on Instagram. The message will be recorded for the duration you press the button. Pressing it releases the voice message.

    What can you do to add audio to an Instagram posting?

    Adding sound effects to the Instagram video content (not an image) is possible. To add a voiceover to an Instagram video post, select the video first, then click the musical note option at the top of the page. Pick a Voiceover to record the narration. If you have a reel, there is a feature to incorporate music using the heading Stickers. Reels may include voiceovers, music, and sound effects.

    How can I remove a WhatsApp Voice message?

    On the WhatsApp application, click the Chats menu and select the message you wish to erase. After that, press and hold the message until you have a choice menu. Select delete.

    Does voice messaging via Instagram have the same smooth experience as WhatsApp?

    The voice messaging feature via Instagram is less slick than WhatsApp. There are few complaints or concerns about the Instagram voice messaging function.